Nokia N95 review: Nokia’s crown jewel

01 May 2007
This is the our detailed test of Nokia N95, the best equipped phone on today’s mobile market. Nokia N95 is among first mobiles to have a built-in camera with a 5 megapixel resolution. Among its lures are also an integrated GPS module, HSDPA support, two-way sliding construction, and a very handy 3.5 mm jack connector for earphones.

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  • j
  • jayR.phil
  • bed
  • 15 Aug 2007

wats the point of havin everything in one device if u wanna buy 3 different devices just for the same price? nokia is tryin to make an all-in-one phone, camera, player, pc whatever device that u can hold with one hand. get the whole point?

    • c
    • caf
    • 4FW
    • 12 Aug 2007

    "you end up paying more than twice the value of the phone in GPS maps/services"
    "this thing's a brick!"
    "reception is mediocre"
    "Get yourself an excellent 7MP digital cam, a good tiny MP3 player and a real cell phone all for the price of the N95"

    ... Great and accurate remarks that show your how deep your actual knowledge of the phone is. No comments

      • B
      • Bla
      • kxD
      • 10 Aug 2007

      "Bravo again Nokia!"

      Here's a phone you need to charge every few hours, you end up paying more than twice the value of the phone in GPS maps/services (if you'll use gps - watch your wallet!), it's big enough not to fit in any pocket comfortably - this thing's a brick!, the phone magically restarts/reboots itself (sometimes during conversations), reception is mediocre...

      ... yes, bravo indeed. Nice concept - but that's all it really is. Get yourself an excellent 7MP digital cam, a good tiny MP3 player and a real cell phone all for the price of the N95.

        • h
        • highrave
        • nEg
        • 09 Aug 2007

        I think the battery life is very bad when u go on the internet :(
        should be better because the phone is very good

          • a
          • atef
          • iDm
          • 08 Aug 2007

          plz ,i want to buy N95 ,i'm in egypt,but i need to know how can i use this free GPS ,and is it true that by GPS i can know the place which the one who call me in ,or the one who contacted him ?i need the use of the free built in GPS ,not the payable one? Thanx in advance

            • T
            • TND
            • Mcn
            • 05 Aug 2007

            Can any tell me if this phone will play DIVX movies or can DIVX software be download on to it?
            How good/bad is the battery life. Sounds as if it won't even last one day?

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • mr5
              • 03 Aug 2007


                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • NhL
                • 31 Jul 2007

                it is such a great phone with a5 migapixel camera i want to buy ut

                  • A
                  • Andrew
                  • ibj
                  • 29 Jul 2007

                  can any body tell me haw to use the GPS, i had try many time is dont work.

                    • K
                    • Krimixxx
                    • 4xk
                    • 29 Jul 2007

                    Hey guys i wanted to know b4 i buy the phone does ithave msn and yahoo messenger in the phone?

                      • c
                      • caf
                      • 4$r
                      • 14 Jul 2007

                      New firmware update for the N95: 12.0.013
                      Includes A-GPS (assisted GPS): locking the satellite signal happens much faster now, even indoors.
                      Overall stability further improved... Bravo again Nokia!

                        • ?
                        • Anonymous
                        • PvW
                        • 13 Jul 2007

                        this phone looks so great. i want one. i hope my boyfriend feels the same way that i feel about this phone. i want it for christmas. pleasssssssssssssse, honey.

                          • s
                          • sAm
                          • Mw8
                          • 13 Jul 2007

                          hello i just buy Nokia N95 it's great every think is perfect but bettery timming is very bad i have to charge 2 time in 1 day :(
                          if u use it like lision songs etc
                          but maximem it work 1 day that's not good :(

                            • b
                            • buFung
                            • TC{
                            • 12 Jul 2007

                            I don't know why people said the software like MAPS, GPS Data, web.. doesn't work..

                            I use the web browser to surf even gsmarena before.. My Maps working fine, my GPS data even can show my speed when I am driving in my car....

                            What I think is probably people don't know how to use the phone. Don't even want to learn how to use and start complaining..

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • PVg
                              • 09 Jul 2007

                     are complaining about N95 doesn't Have a capalibites to edit office Document..
                              You Wrong Dude...
                              Try to install and Use the OFFICESUITE for Symbian 3rd..
                              Feel the difference...even it cannot edit Powerpoints..but it can edit n also Produce Words Docs..Excel Docs...
                              Just Update the firmware...nah!!

                                • f
                                • fmfm
                                • nCM
                                • 04 Jul 2007


                                i am not denying the phone capabilities, but do you think that its by far the best phone in the world?

                                I am saying that it’s not fare to call a phone the “best in the world “while there are others that are the same!!

                                And even if there is no competitors, do you think a phone like this raise to the title of the “best phone in the world” ??

                                  • c
                                  • caf
                                  • 4$r
                                  • 04 Jul 2007

                                  Why is this review biased? They are pointing out the strong and weak points. Are you only giving credit to the weak points and ignoring the strong ones? Is that not being biased?
                                  When I read some of the very harsh comments in this forum, I wonder whether some people can be objective.
                                  This is a world-class phone. I think the statement "the best equipped phone in today's market" is indeed 100% accurate. Maybe it is not the best web-browsing device, or the best camera, or the best mp3 player... But it has all that, all very good.
                                  Also, for people who complain about the gps functionality: it works perfectly! I live in San Francisco, and I use it as my every-day gps device in my car.

                                    • f
                                    • fmfm
                                    • nCM
                                    • 04 Jul 2007

                                    OMG, i never seen i bias review like this before, how can the writer declare this phone as the best in world after just mentioning some disadvantages that are very serious.
                                    A phone that doesn’t edit office, no usb charging, battery life and most annoying thing from my point of view is the opening mechanism.

                                    When paying such money for a phone like this, I thing it deserves to be good built and at least with decent accessories OEM.

                                    I am still amazed from this review and how GSM people allow such bias. At least you could discard the disadvantages.

                                      • A
                                      • Adam
                                      • myR
                                      • 03 Jul 2007

                                      The N95 is brilliant except for one thing - the build quality of the slider. The slider mechanism came out of a cheap toy factory. For such an expensive handset this is unacceptable. Yes I want features but build quality is also a necessity for me and the N95 doesn't provide that. Such a shame as they have a potential winner on their hands.

                                        • P
                                        • Phill
                                        • N90
                                        • 01 Jul 2007

                                        Nokia N95 is advertised with perfect features like maps, GPS Navigator which everybody wants to have/access. No indication on the description and advertsiement says individuals have to buy the software by downloading. Clients only gets to know after the paid for downloads after signing a contract with the service provider.When a client queries or states concerns, needin assistance and support they get thrown from one place to the other without really getting any service of clarification till they give and live with what they are given and not what they want and need.Thats what Im experiencing currently.Nokia callcentre could not even tell me how much in rands the software is not how to get or buy it.Vodacom & Nokia also forget that its not everyone who has access to Internet as they tell clients to go to the internet for information and downloads. THE PHONE IS NOT USERE -FRIENDLY AND NOT EQUIPPED WITH NECESSARY FEATURES AS ADVERTISED.SOME OF THE FEAURES ICONS ARE SHOWN ON THE PHONE BUT THEY DON'T REALLY WORK, LIKE GPS DATA,WEB,MAPS,DOWNLOADS.If they happen to work in certain phones a simple connection takes too long and it finishes battery in no time. What i have discovered is that some of the phones are working fine but some instruments have problems and between Nokia and Service Providers no one wants to take the blame and solve the problem. A client is stuck witha 2-year contract and a phone that really doesnt serve any purpose.