Nokia N95 review: Nokia’s crown jewel

01 May 2007
This is the our detailed test of Nokia N95, the best equipped phone on today’s mobile market. Nokia N95 is among first mobiles to have a built-in camera with a 5 megapixel resolution. Among its lures are also an integrated GPS module, HSDPA support, two-way sliding construction, and a very handy 3.5 mm jack connector for earphones.

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  • T
  • Tom
  • N90
  • 01 Jul 2007

The phone does not have what (features) we are led to believe it has. I bought a Nokia N95 mainly because I wasled to believe that it has a built in PS Navigator (Wayfinder) which works like a Garmin.I discovered that my phone could not connect to any satelite and has no access points. In a way, I actually paid a lot of money for nothing.I have called Nokia,Vodacom,Nashua with no luck. Im currently using this phone to call, calender, sms since the reson I bought it for is not served.

    • r
    • rehamer
    • SYq
    • 29 Jun 2007

    Just got mine last night. I have reformatted my Micro SD Card? there any pre-installed applications on it? huhuhu...m afraid. Please, anyone confirm there's none.

      • T
      • Tran
      • 4iw
      • 28 Jun 2007

      This phone is a world It will work in Lebanon and Bangladesh..because it caries all it works even in Korea and Japan..
      One thing I don't like about this phone is it's size..too bulky to put in your pant pocket ...

        • r
        • rehamer
        • SYq
        • 28 Jun 2007

        Will the price go down after iPhone's release this friday?

          • M
          • Mike
          • MR3
          • 26 Jun 2007

          Will GPS work in countries like Lebanon?

            • S
            • SE_NOKIA USer
            • v04
            • 24 Jun 2007

            I Think this phone is Great!! trully Great..!!
            Even its not equiped with QWERTY Keypad...., but it is needed so badly?
            Just buy a Bluetooth keyboard instead..and you can have the feature of QWERTY keyboard when browsing the Internets thru this phone over a WiFI Connection..
            Some peaople who bragging about low Battery life..! Why dont you prepare to buy a spare battery, right?!
            The Camera function is Great..even its flash doesnt good as K800i.
            I'm not to care about the size of its Megapixels... coz in 3 Megapixel Resolution, it can produce great Macro Shots and Hi Quality Images...Why Bother with the Megapixels Res...

            and Why do The people often campare it to SE K800i?
            Its far more better N95 than K800i...Except the Flash part..
            I Owns Both of Them...I prefer taking the picture in daylight using N95..then in The Night time i'm using K800i...
            but when its come the Internet feature ..N95 owns all..

              • B
              • Brigant
              • Lxj
              • 24 Jun 2007

              Do you know if nokia is working in a best battery for N95? If you want to buy this phone is 'cause you want the best of the best; with this problem (battery), this phone continue in the "regular" ranking

                • F
                • Fuji
                • 2F2
                • 22 Jun 2007

                Will GPS work in countries like Bangladesh?

                  • m
                  • mostafa
                  • mJD
                  • 21 Jun 2007

                  excellent analysis excellent review thank you alot and waiting more from you

                    • T
                    • Tarek
                    • PRN
                    • 18 Jun 2007

                    I'm having a lot of problems with phone stability which is making the whole usage experience very poor. I see from the comments that my problem might be due to firmware version. Can someone please advise about how to know which firmware version I have & which is the latest one? Thanks

                      • s
                      • steven
                      • MJT
                      • 11 Jun 2007

                      is the sat nav on this fone free? mines being delivered as we speak, just interested in the sat nav... anyone know how exactly it works and how much it costs?

                        • J
                        • Johan
                        • Nxs
                        • 10 Jun 2007

                        This looks great. Will it be possbile to download the South African Maps (eg. City Select Map from Garmin) to this phone to be able to use the GPS facility to it fullest in South Africa?
                        Want to be able to locate Points of Interest on the N95. How many waypoints can be stord on the phone ?

                          • c
                          • caf
                          • GRe
                          • 10 Jun 2007

                          Agree with Sean. Version 11.0.026 really makes a big difference with previous firmwares in overall stability and picture quality.
                          This device is something trully unique. Without being as powerful as a stand-alone GPS, camera or mp3-player, it really is a great overall replacement for all of them. The more familiar you are with the way the phone works, the better you know how to optimize its performance.

                            • s
                            • sean
                            • QgP
                            • 09 Jun 2007

                            For all persons complaining about the phone hangins and other problems please qoute the firmware version of the phone as this directly affects performance.
                            Phones with the latest firmware (mine) are considerably more stable than those with the older firmware

                              • h
                              • he_stheone64
                              • men
                              • 08 Jun 2007

                              I just don`t understand all the buzz around the N95. It surely is a feature rich phone, but why the hell they don`t equip it with areasonable qwerty keyboard. Using all the features without qwerty is just a pain. I would love to merge the features of the N95 with the hardware of the double slider Samsung SGH-F520. THEN we would have a GREAT phone...

                              Shame on Samsung, that they are not equipping that phone with WLAN...

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • Pv9
                                • 05 Jun 2007

                                had mine since may 10th its the BEST phone ever... i am impressed by in call time.. 5 hours!!! 10 hours for music 5 hours for video. those are average for EACH device of it kind. i just wish it was a bit better it could handle those numbers + 24 hrs of standby so i would not have to charge before going to sleep.

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • nT3
                                  • 02 Jun 2007

                                  at this time n95 needs a lot of improvement - battery life, ic connection, always hanging. it is expensive yet it is not as useful as in the advertisement. nokia company action now before its too late. i bought my n95 only last may 15 and now it is in the repair shop. since i bought it i thought it is a very nice fone but i was mistaken in my decision to buy this n95. hurry nokia company do your best to make this series the best among the best.

                                    • *
                                    • *sTrAtH*
                                    • RJd
                                    • 01 Jun 2007

                                    i wk for a fone company. this fone is a piece of crapas, the navagation software is slow, infact the whole fone is slow. why buy this? cos it looks good well ppl dont be fooled by its looks if you want a nav fone nokia bought out a 6110 it is so much faster and beta with so many more features a lesser mp of camera but nokia really did put some effort into this its like an e65 with a nav

                                      • r
                                      • rdmac
                                      • mph
                                      • 30 May 2007

                                      I got the N95 and although it sure is great the incredibly poor battery life is surely a major flaw.Battery duration is so far removed from Nokia's spec that you have to question whether this phone is fit for purpose and that Nokia have duped us.Come on Nokia give us a more powerful battery and fire the dopes who were responsible for the battery fiasco.The N95 is supposed to be a premier product but is akin to buying a top of the range BMW and later finding it only had a 1 gallon capacity fuel tank!

                                        • i
                                        • ibaf
                                        • PG3
                                        • 28 May 2007

                                        nice phone but the price is too high