Meizu Pro 6 Plus review: imPROved

18 January 2017
Meizu Pro 5 used to be an excellent device and when the company didn't follow the same formula with the Pro 6 it left many of us surprised and its fans disappointed due to the choice of specs, which didn't seem to make it a true successor to Meizu's top dog. Today, the new Pro 6 Plus brings back the big 5.7" AMOLED screen and also comes with 1440p resolution. It comes with the top-end Exynos chip by Samsung - the same one that powers the Galaxy S7 series.

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The reviewer said:
"The Pro 6 was the first to go with the less intrusive bands, but the iPhone 7 lineup made those famous. "

I thought it was Zenfone 3 who came out first than iPhone 7 and introduced the near invisible antenna lines?

AnonD-442781, 19 Jan 2017But what's the price? Chinese sites have it for stupid expe... moreI checked AliExpress and some are selling the 64GB version @ almost US$500

  • AnonD-442781

But what's the price? Chinese sites have it for stupid expensive prices like $600.

And the lower clock speeds is most likely because Samsung sold the lower binned chipsets to Meizu.

Nice phone and results, now waiting for Le Pro 3. =D

  • AnonD-629997

Hey does anybody know where/when can I buy a meizu pro 6 plus ? The provider I was going to check, honorbuy, ain't got them yet.

  • Anonymous

Seriously, please stop using Geekbench 3. Just stop already. Thanks

  • AnonD-629997

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2017I wish GSMArena would put more emphasis on the LTE bands wh... moreI go first thing to the performance page ;D and then the battery page .... usually. But I've been checking GSM arena everyday since monday last week, waiting for this review, so i read it start to end :D

  • gokishor

Excellent review. I really like the meizu phones for its simple design, mback button and clean flyme interface.The only drawback for its earlier phones was use of mediatek chipsets resulting in mediocre battery life n performance. This particular phone is sigh of relief for me since it uses exynos chipset and im really looking forward to buy it.

Also, If meizu can deliver phones with qualcomm chipsets that would be an execellent buy for customers.cheers.

  • AnonD-604614

AnonD-234961, 19 Jan 2017Is it only me that immediately after seeing a new review go... moreI hear you, bruh. That's my usual habit. Lol

  • Anonymous

I wish GSMArena would put more emphasis on the LTE bands when dealing with Chinese phones. Bands 38-41 are TD-LTE which for the most part is only used in mainland China (by China Mobile, the largest service provider) so you're only left with 3 FD-LTE bands and the only reason they put these bands in the phone is to make it compatible with China Unicom's and China Telecom's 4G networks (the second and third largest service providers).

  • AnonD-234961

Is it only me that immediately after seeing a new review goes directly to the battery life section, and if it's bad, give up reading anything else about that phone ? :)

Luckily on this phone, battery life is actually very good thanks to the Samsung Exynos chipset.