Huawei P10 Plus review: Eyes wide open

06 April 2017
Show-stealing looks and imaging prowess, the Huawei P10 Plus was one of the headliners at the MWC with good backing on the inside (by a little less special sibling) and not too heavily challenged from the outside. Early in the new season though, the competition is just about starting to hit harder, so the big tests are ahead of the P10 Plus.

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  • Germanjuice

Hello guyz,am using Huawei 6x for uber as a driver,it works very well fast in Google map no signal lost for once and has fast charging 3gb ram/32gb but now the Ram is getting full and disturbing Google map. What kind of Huawei good in Google map like honor 6x. 4gb Ram/64gb inbuilt am looking for to. Please I need your opinion

  • AnonD-933812

Hello guys, been using P8 for two years nw...which one would you recommend between Honor 10 and P10 plus....Help guys!!

  • vivo

the selfie cam has AF, your review is wrong

until now, I still using P8 lite, P9 and now i'm adding P10 plus

  • Anonymous

Thats the thing....Huawei is no longer the underdog.....They are 2nd worold phone brand.

  • David

I had the p8 then the p9 and now ive went for the g6 for a change. Hate it ! Screen freezing websites very slow at loading and just feels clunky like a brick lol. Im sending it back in exchange for the p10 or p10 plus. I will never be changing away from huawei again they are better than any other phone ive had including iphones. :)

  • AnonD-487147

WaseemHamdan, 07 Jul 2017I use it for a month , my comments 1- performance is exac... morethank you.

  • AnonD-487147

a Very positive piece.

  • AnonD-672479

very interested in this type of camera setup (monochrome giving luminance info to cut noise levels) and in several of the photo samples the original colour shots had overt noise (e.g. the sky in photos with buildings as the main subject) and that has been brilliantly cleaned up in the combined photo (colour + mono data)
I think it shows the strength of the combination but not necessarily the strength of the P10 Plus because the 12MP originals seemed a bit rough for day time images so I can only imagine adding the mono sensor to something like the 2016 Pixel phone or the S8's original sensor

  • Barbo

AnonD-669206, 14 May 2017Well, i think the p10+ is a better choice than S8 with the ... moreXz premium has way much better specs than p10+

  • aksdoh

Huawei p10 is far better then I phone 7 plus , compare yourself what thing you do and which is better.

  • AnonD-333292

ANON, 13 Apr 2017So every os up to this point has been named after a candy a... moreOreo :-) they did it with Kitkat, so why not.

  • WaseemHamdan

I use it for a month , my comments
1- performance is exactly the same as p9 plus for normal users.
2- Over heated after few minutes of usage , after 20 min it get upnormal, specialy from sides.
3- front camera performance was less than expected.
4- Video.Video. 4k record was not good , specialy when display in TV screen.

  • AnonD-682446

No comment..... :v

  • Anonymous

Ramy, 26 Jun 2017does the phone has a protective screen pre-installed on it ?Yes, it does

  • Ramy

does the phone has a protective screen pre-installed on it ?

  • Anonymous

Mobilemaster, 27 May 2017Hi! What about sound quality via earphones??Hello,
I don't have any data about the frequency response and THD of my phone but when I connect it to my headphone amp, it sounds great. Sound processing is fantastic. I feel like it sounds better than my V20.
GSMArena probably got a pre-production model or something since they complained about the sound and screen ghosting, which I don't have.

  • Sultan

Very good fone but price these fone I'm waiting

Jb, 26 May 2017Good phone I must say. But the set back is NOT be able to f... moreHi! What about sound quality via earphones??

  • Jb

Good phone I must say. But the set back is NOT be able to find accessories e.g. good phone protective covers... good screen protectors too.