Huawei P10 Plus review: Eyes wide open

06 April 2017
Show-stealing looks and imaging prowess, the Huawei P10 Plus was one of the headliners at the MWC with good backing on the inside (by a little less special sibling) and not too heavily challenged from the outside. Early in the new season though, the competition is just about starting to hit harder, so the big tests are ahead of the P10 Plus.

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Now this might sound highly ungrateful and probably a bit uneducated, but I feel as if 2017's flagships (so far) have failed to impressed. First was the failed HTC U Ultra, then the utterly boring LG G6, now this pair of P10s. Even the S8/S8+, for all their hype, are full of gimmicks and barely improve over their predecessors.
I call these flagships unimpressive because (a) The jump in performance is negligible, not hing compared to the jump between the flagships of 2015 and 2016; (b) Screen resolution and quality has basically remained the same (not a great issue actually, since current gen. screens are good enough), (c) Cameras are better, but only slightly; (d) battery life, so far, has failed to impress, (e) the ever increasing price tags, and (f), the most annoying one, this new stupid trend in curved screen corners and funny aspect ratios (looking at you, Samsung).
I think 2017's flagships so far lack innovation - there's noting new or revolutionary in them (Personal assistants don't count, there seems to be a dime a dozen these days). They just seem to be slightly improved versions of the 2016 flagships, with more than slightly improved price tags. Tbh, at this point I am only hoping that the new Nokia, HTC U, Note8, XZ premium or OnePlus 4/5 will bring something NEW to the table, something that will differentiate them from their predecessors.
Of course, all of this is simply my opinion so feel free to correct me if you want to.

  • Anonymous

Would rather choose mate 9.

  • Bsbznmzkk

While the talk time, browsing time and video playback time is legit, the endurance rating is pointless in battery tests. The S7 edge with 3600mAh is at 92h endurance rating and yet in real life it lasts like what ? A day and half at most ?

As per real time reviews, the p10 & p10 plus in general will last a day and half in moderate to high usage, with slight improvement over the p9 series. Despite that the endurace rating at 75h is far less than s7 edge reflecting the problem with this test.

As a p9 plus user, the battery life was as expected on the p10 plus. With 2k ips display they still managed to keep the battery life slightly better than its Amoled screen 1080p display p9 plus. But if you want battery king, go for Huawei's Mate 9.

  • Slayer

That SIM tray looked beat up! QC does not seem up to much for it to have chipped so badly in such a short time. Think I'll pass.....

mediocre battery life, 100+ hours of endurance rating was ep*ected from the large battry.

  • Anonymous

Fail to impressed, i'll go for s8+

  • AnonD-632062

Despite everything good about the P10 Plus, it's 76h battery life is a bit hard to digest! BTW, I see new subjects for the Camera tests but I don't remember any female GSMA employees.

It would be interesting to see Summilux vs Carl Zeiss vs G Lens

AnonD-235041, 06 Apr 2017Battery time is more or less the same as P10? Something is ... moreThey say it's probably due to the difference in screen resolution when browsing.

  • AnonD-235041

Battery time is more or less the same as P10? Something is not right! Look at Samsung S7 vs S7 edge battery difference, there was a significant increase, was expecting same here! Well anyway not that I'm ever gonna buy any Huawei phone xD