Sony Xperia XZ1 review: XZibit one

11 September 2017
Sony was never a company to blindly follow trends, having its own approach to the mobile market. A fact perfectly illustrated by the company's latest flagship duo - the XZ1 and XZ1 Compact, which you only need to look at once to recognize the Xperia pedigree. The 2017 Sony flagships proper combine the best elements across the lineup to try and cut themselves a solid piece of the holiday sales pie.

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  • Anonymous

omg that enormous bezels

  • AnonD-77443

AnonD-699490, 11 Sep 2017Wow! Impressive battery life, I Like the design and the cam... moreNo its not. The camera is still not great in low light.

  • rex

wow review so quickly

  • AnonD-175235

LG superfan, 11 Sep 2017Wow impressive battery if it truly because of oreo than jus... moreAnd then there’s Sony excellent battery management

  • Anonymous

sort of weird - i mean, to me a big drawback is the lack of wireless charging support without buying a cover and thats somehow not a drawback in the review at all.

the design, is purely subjective (i think its way better than bezeless for ex.) yet its mentionned as an issue. bias...

the photo shots are, as usual, sometimes blurry due to not being taken still. im sure gsmarena will blame no OIS for this but ive taken plenty of shots in bad light with the previous sony phones that are perfectly sharp, so this is both fishy and just not representative.
The noise complain as well, since as said, at 12MP its not noise. Guess what the S8 shots at? yep. So.. thats.. like.. not an actual con vs current phones. Fake news much.

Finally, I do wish it had better low light perf. regardless as its true it looks to be still a bit below competition. I'd have to get my hands on it to confirm though.

  • Anonymous

No manual mode shots?

  • Anonymous

Who jump to read the battery life page first?

  • SZTadir

82 hours of endurance only has 2700 mAh battery. Are they sure they got this of XZ1 and not XZ1 compact?

This makes me even more disappointed. Imagine if Sony actually included a respectable sized battery in this thing...battery life would be phenomenal.

Other than that, typical Sony affair - serviceable camera, speaker, and lower benchmarks. I am good with all of that. But I still don't understand how it can be HDR-ready when it only has 16 million colors, it needs at least 1 billion colors for HDR10.

On a side note, I would love it if Sony made a proper phone with physical keyboard. I know that most people don't care about PKB and it is a niche market, but at this point Sony itself is in niche market. I currently own a BlackBerry PRIV and it's battery life is horrible. I could go for Keyone, but after being burned regarding Nougat, I want to avoid BlackBerry if possible.

  • Anonymous

Waiting to see battery test of XA1+.
I bet it can go 100h.

  • Anonymous

People complain about lack of OIS.

OIS will help when Shutter Speed is slow. Something like 0.5s or slower. Not if it is 0.2s or faster.
People will mostly use auto superior, which in low light will increase ISO like cameras do ( but cams have big sensors, not an issue at all).
Higher ISO equals to faster shutter, so OIS would not have time enough to act properly.

Best low light shot can be get by using ISO between 50 - 80. Auto Superior will never provide you less than 500. It can go up to 12800.

I saw an article that compares Note 8 and XZ1. In low light N8 was using ISO 700, XZ1 using 1200.
This is the problem, not post processing itself.

People from camera division make the software of the phones. Even the icons of Auto and Manual are same of the ones on cam buttons.

  • Anonymous

As far as I know the Xperia XZ1 uses a larger sensor area than the Xperia Z5. The 1/2.3" sensor from the Xperia Z5, etc was for different aspect ratios (, this means that when you only use the 4:3 aspect ratio area it is smaller than a 1/2.3" sensor area. So the new 1/2.3" sensor has a larger 4:3 area than the old one.

  • Anonymous

Antutu score is affected by stamina.
My z4 loses 15000 when it is on.

ithehappy, 11 Sep 2017Same pathetic low light samples, Kudos to Sony once more fo... moreKeeping*

Oh sh1t that battery life!
Just wished it had some more juice and we'll see how monstrous will its battery life be - maybe even surpassing the old Z2 & Z3 at 90h mark.

  • Anonymous

Can't wait to see what Oreo will do to my XZP battery even tho it's already stellar!

Wow impressive battery if it truly because of oreo than just imagine the battery boost on flagships with bigger battery after update GSMArena should do an oreo battery review for some of the older phones like note8, v30, xz premium etc and that motion eye it just lacks ois and needs brighter aperture otherwise its great and somy should have put QHD screen and 3D creator its looks great

  • AnonD-699490

Wow! Impressive battery life, I Like the design and the camera is on par with any other flagship! I think this is the first smartphone to launch with OREO, great job! I was waiting for the battery life review to pre-order this phone, thanks GSMarena.

  • Anonymous

and that new consistent design..

Same pathetic low light samples, Kudos to Sony once more for keep the consistency.