Sony Xperia XZ1 review: XZibit one

11 September 2017
Sony was never a company to blindly follow trends, having its own approach to the mobile market. A fact perfectly illustrated by the company's latest flagship duo - the XZ1 and XZ1 Compact, which you only need to look at once to recognize the Xperia pedigree. The 2017 Sony flagships proper combine the best elements across the lineup to try and cut themselves a solid piece of the holiday sales pie.

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AnonD-682242, 12 Sep 2017Huh. I thought Oreo will come with white notification shade... moreSony unified design, it follows the applied theme

  • Anonymous

Sony Fanboy Bitches, 12 Sep 2017I just wanna laugh at the V30's so-called "P-OLED" display ... moreYes,,, Sony Rocks

  • AnonD-682242

Huh. I thought Oreo will come with white notification shade by default :/

  • AnonD-510275

Now imagine they decided to put 3000 mAh or more on the battery.

I just wanna laugh at the V30's so-called "P-OLED" display when it comes to black levels - indeed those are the black levels of an OLED screen LOL.

On a more serious note, if there are two that can make excellent IPS LCD screens, they are Apple and Sony and no other than those two.

XtremE16, 12 Sep 20172700 mah battery test amazing.. They criticized the 2700mAh battery being too small, but they can now suck some piece of a$$.

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2017Oh boy. Here comes the Sony knightsIntelligent people that actually knows a lot about technology, don't you mean?

2700 mah battery test amazing..

  • Anonymous

Oh boy. Here comes the Sony knights

Sony Fanboy Bitches, 12 Sep 2017They didn't vastly improve the camera this time because the... moreEdit:
On the part of EIS, it's supposed to be for videos and not for photos

They didn't vastly improve the camera this time because they can't make their flagship counterpart of the XZ Premium to have better camera than it has. Just like how they didn't make the XZ1 bezel less because the XZ Premium isn't either.

Next year, if the next generation Xperia flagship would have OLED bezel less and insane low light camera performance, then it's pretty damn sure that the XZ2 and XZ2 Compact would also have the same greatness as the Xperia flagship at MWC 2018 (Xperia XZ1 Premium maybe?)

Nonetheless, my sister has an iPhone 7 Plus and that thing takes probably worse low light pics than the XZ1, but I'm not bothered - the XZ1 is untouchable in daylight pics, and that's where most people will likely use their cameras to take photos in.
In indoor well-lit situations like beerhouse, bars, etc., the XZ1 seems to perform admirably OKAY there, so I'd be happy to use it there still.
OIS? I'm sure it'll do some major improvement in IQ there, but I'm having a second thought - Sony's EIS is just superior for photos, and great implementation of it for still photography could easily kill any OIS any day for stills. I'll be waiting for Sony's Alpha OIS though to be implemented on Xperia lineup.
But I also want to see some new sensor technology where the pixels of the sensor would re-arrange themselves as the resolution changes, like it will be purely 20.7mp sensor with 1um pixel size, but when it's set to 12mp, instead of simply cropping the sensor, the pixels would adhere to combine with the other pixels to form one larger pixel and increase the pixel size (1.4 maybe).
It won't work for videos, but 4K videos only uses 8mp anyways, while 1080p uses 2mp, so when the pixels of the sensor are rearranged in that resolution, it will be a great video taker even in low light as well.

  • Anonymous

Gsmarena yo forget to mention how much cool device it is.?

  • Anonymous

BeaSt of Sony flagship cell

  • AnonD-566182

compact review when?

  • MG

It's funny how everybody was bitching about battery life when it was announced. Nominal battery capacity is not everything, there are other factors too.

  • AnonD-96745

My Honor 8 Pro takes better low lights than this, and yes, that phone also dont have OIS. Been use few phones before and the good thing about Xperia is their UI such as good launcher, album, video and music player apps. Its time to apply ois sony, for your low lights and indoor pictures, but keep your eis for video as its better than any branded ois phones. Make me loves Sony again please.

  • Anonymous

Nice battery life, but the phone is not a good choice for enjoying music with headphones. At least the battery lasts long, if I have to say something positive about this.

  • Anonymous

I would like to applaud Sony for coming up with so much marketing jargon that nobody cares for: Triluminos, X-Reality, Loop surface, S-Force Front Surround, Qnovo, Motion Eye.

  • Anonymous

sony produce the best camera sensor, but cant bring phone with better camera compare to other flagship

  • Drickz

People said apple is lazy with their design but Sony bring it to a new level