Our editors talk: Best phones, worst phones 2017

27 December 2017
As 2017 draws to a close, we take a look back at the phones, which impressed us, and the ones which disappointed us. This end-of-year edition of our Editors Talk series will give you a glimpse at the love-and-hate relationship we have with smartphones and their design and features.

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Sam, 28 Dec 2017I agree with Kaloyan on most aspects and I do think that Prasad ... more"I find the G6 to be a snappier phone than the S8 because it picks up 4G+ signals when the S8 barely has internet 3G. " can you explain whats the meaning of this? im a little confused now

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2017You can not say that the iPhone 7 Plus *cough* I mean the OnePlu... moreDude did you even read my comment ?

Where did I said the iPhone 7 was bad designed or that the 8 isn't good looking ?

I said I liked the one plus 5t the most because the anodized aluminum is a much stronger material than the glass in most flagships (including the iPhone 8) The aluminum body iPhone 7 was actually a better designed phone than 8 IMO .

Also the iPhone 8 is just the opposite of one plus 5t in many ways : big price ,small specs, fragile materials , restricted os vs the exact opposites for one plus so it makes sense for me to call one the best and the other the worst IMO .

Read better next time . Cheers !

  • AnonD-721786

"Apple doesn't make phones for everyone just like Lamborghini doesn't make cars for everyone."

Ouch, that one stung!

Downright Pixel 2 XL for me. Because I had high hopes from the phone.

  • Anonymous

All I want is for common sense to come back: make phones that fit in your hand, bring back the features you removed, make them thicker if necessary as a thin phone with terrible battery life is pointless and if anything, focus all your efforts in coming up with a decent camera, it's ridiculous that $1200 phones still take worse pictures than digicams you bought for $30 fifteen years ago.

  • Sam

Sam, 28 Dec 2017I agree with Kaloyan on most aspects and I do think that Prasad ... moreI forgot to mention the HiFi Quad DAC and the bundled B&O headphones. My G6 has it, but I am guessing the V30 will be better in that regard too.I too wish that more phones retained the removable battery and the IR blaster. A bigger battery would be nice too.

  • Sam

I agree with Kaloyan on most aspects and I do think that Prasad is a beet of an iSheep (no offense). I personally think the LG V30 is the best phone of the year. It just seems to be an uncompromising all round champ with a flat screen (this is important for me). I am currently using a LG G6, and I have to say I am loving it, especially the screen and the wide angle camera. I find the G6 to be a snappier phone than the S8 because it picks up 4G+ signals when the S8 barely has internet 3G. And the fingerprint scanner location makes my G6 a clear winner, especially because I use it so many times a day. I am thinking about changing my phone soon, but I cannot decide easily. I am pretty scare to choose a phone with an AMOLED screen because I hate burn in. Any recommendations are welcome. I have been lucky to see a few Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s , and I have to say, it's the best looking phone I have ever seen (I have seen the iPhone X).

  • Baudolino

SidStar, 28 Dec 2017Nobody seems to be talking about a nifty little feature called t... moreI liked your comment about picking a phone. You are describing my feelings too. Can I ask you what is your favourites phone(s) ?

And another worst trend: flagship crossing $1000 mark

Best All Round Phone: V30, Note8 and Mate 10 (non-pro)
Best Display: Note8
Best Sounding:Razor phone
Best Camera (pictures): Pixels
Best Video phone: V30 (because of manual video)
Best Looking: All look the same
Best Camera Setup: Mono+RGB and Normal+Wide
Best Cheap Flagship: Oneplus 5, Honor 9
Best Mid range: Honor 7X
Worst Camera Setup: Oneplus 5T
Worst Phone: Razor Phone
Fastest Phone: XZ Premium (waiting for objections)
Worst Trends: no 3.5mm jack, same looking phones
Best Trend: Dual Camera
Looking Forward to:
Under Display Fingerprint scanner
More Cameras
Larger batteries
3D Facial Recognition ( yes I want to see more of.it)

  • AnonD-696687

Let's be honest, some "reviewers" here are clueless. How can Essential PH-1 be in the worst phones category? Don't forget that for $400 (Amazon Deal) you'll have a hard time to find a better phone, even with its shortcomings. Some disappointments don't qualify as the worst.

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2017Don't trust reviews benchmarks and other craps. Use Sony phone y... moreI don't trust reviewers or benchmarks. In fact, I have Sony Xperia Z and till now its working well and the battery is good, even I sleep the charger is on the phone though its dangerous but Thank God it never explodes. I only trust what I see in my eyes.

  • Anonymous

r33fd, 28 Dec 2017IMO the best designed phone of 2017 has to be the OnePlus 5T and... moreYou can not say that the iPhone 7 Plus *cough* I mean the OnePlus 5T is the best and at the same time that the iPhone 8 is the worst. If you were not biased and all about that fancy bezelless trend, you would know that the 8 is a perfected 7 and how beautiful it is.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2017Well now it is my turn. Best phone? It is Sony XZ Premium. Why? ... moreChristmas is over bro. And your reasons for iPhone X being the worst are absolute bs. Typical Sony fanboy, nothing new. Even worse than the pseudo-experts who use a Samsung TV, Samsung Laptop, Samsung tablet, Samsung phone, Samsung smartwatch. Or those who think that the Nokia 6 completely annihilates the iPhone 7, which is yet not able to keep up with the Xiaomi Redmi 4 for 80€. Look it up on C4ETech

  • Anonymous

jefire411, 28 Dec 2017Some phones already use Li-Polymer batteries which is safer.Yeah, some hi-tech phones like the iPhone 4 from 2010. it is basically the same, don‘t get fooled by anybody who says one is better than the other.

  • Anonymous

KamAbdi, 28 Dec 2017Your right bro and I said the same to some people I know and don... moreDon't trust reviews benchmarks and other craps. Use Sony phone yourself it is amazing.

Some phones already use Li-Polymer batteries which is safer.

xXENDER FREAKXx, 28 Dec 2017One thing that is weird from all the reviewers is that they said... moreYour right bro and I said the same to some people I know and don't worry let them start a fight but I don't really. HATERS ARE GOING TO HATE WHAT EVER SONY DOES EVEN IN THE IN THE FUTURE!!!!!
I think this site also despise SONY!!! same as the other reviewers.

  • Anonymous

I have learnt nothing at all other than Will looking cute

  • AnonD-471230

There are several really cracking phones out there that I'd consider except that they have for me personally a few fatal flaws in that they don't have a memory expansion slot, user replaceable battery, a radio (useful for emergency information if you're outside of network coverage).

I've had to go with a Galaxy S8+ as it was the best compromise I could find at the time that I needed a new phone. I most certainly didn't want an iPhone (iOS) as I find the Apple stuff too restricted and you can't bluetooth stuff (files/music/pics) between handsets as easily as you can for Android. I also object to being ripped off by Apple for having an extra large memory capacity on the phone, whereas you can just insert a cheap SD card into Android phones and get more memory.