Huawei P20 review

17 April 2018
A strange bird this Huawei P20 - a headliner without a spear. The omission of the triple camera is baffling, but as long as you give it a chance, you may be surprised. And if you don't dwell on what didn't make the cut, you should be able to see the P20 for what it is - one dazzling flagship.

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  • Ziga

Happyernest, 09 Apr 2021I own this phone for almost 3 years now. Its incredible Im... moreSame here. After 3 years and one battery change it's an amazing device.

  • Happyernest

I own this phone for almost 3 years now. Its incredible
Im really bummed Huawei got blocked from Google services because i really wanna buy only Huawei phones from now, its durable, doesn't lag, battery charges incredibly fast, haven't had any major issues with it whatsoever. I hope the harmonyOS will be useful outside of china.

  • KingInTheNorth

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2020Not recommended Need to take the phone to a service cent... moreSo like every modern phone battery ever ?

  • Anonymous

Not recommended

Need to take the phone to a service centre to replace the battery. Deliberate design to charge for Labour as well as the battery.

  • giorgi

what is right distanse for self camera

  • JHE

not recommended phone

  • 1 year with the p20

1 year with the p20, playing Pubg everyday with no problems. if u are not interested in photography buy the mate 10 pro, more battery and better screen (oled)

A great phone in many ways but one glaring problem. Notification and Ringer volume controls are not separate. And for whatever reason Huawei refuses to fix it, a known issue for at least 6 months. A basic feature on any Samsung, Motorola or HTC Ive owned. Returning my phone after 6 days of use.

At the beginning was ok. But now everyday i found a glitch. After fingerprint sensor replacement still not ok. After another 2 month it is loosing data connection des pite carrier sign is present. Need to toggle on and off with mobile data, and airplane mode. Huawei seriously???? So my trust in this device is gone.

Two weeks ago I have buy the p20 and by the first power on for activatiecode she update to Android pie verry fast. At this moment I have only compliments for these phone because the p20 work's so smooth and quick and she 's a beauty. The power time with one charge is for me verry good and the absolutely number one on this phone is the superlative awesome good camera. Never i have see so nice quality such as taken with the p 20. I have decide now that I have for the first time a phone without external sd card support that minimal 128 GB internal memory give's a much better, quicker and smoother phone experience. By example I explore that YouTube music starts directly up but when I used in the past with the downloads on external sd the app frozen continous and was slow.. My p20 have really surprised me and she work very great with the gorgeous Huawei watch GT.

  • hwei?user

Helpmepls, 23 Nov 2018Can anyone help me: Huawei P20 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro p20 way better..... redmit note 6 pro is better than p20 lite

Got my P20 4 months back and it is o.k. Just the home screen on the bottom when you type seems to be in the way and you always tap on it when typing, making it go out of the app to the home screen--frustrating. Then, the battery is losing too much power even in eco mode with back ground apps off-this is frustrating for such an expensive phone. Camera is good.

  • Anonymous

Helpmepls, 23 Nov 2018Can anyone help me: Huawei P20 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro P20 is better in everything
But how did you found them at the same price ?
Note 6 pro is a too cheaper

  • Helpmepls

Can anyone help me: Huawei P20 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

  • DocJameL

This is gud

Hello, i disapointed in p20, because have a fake 3k video recording, When i post video on youtube i have just 1080p video recording. what can i do?

  • greystorm

Camera, design, test results…how about real-life test?

This is the worst ever smartphone, according to business. The built-in email client is outdated by decades. There is absolutely no integration with cloud (except Huawei cloud). In order to sync both ways with cloud anything, you always have to use 3-rd party apps, which got killed by AI for battery sake… It turns out, you have to be software engineer to opt your apps not to get killed and keep running.
What about the UI – slow, with lots of lags and bugs. If you wait enough (I mean lose time), labels for unread emails from the icon and status bar will go off, missed call to, so there will be no need to open the app 3-4 times, to realize you have already done these 5 times…
Dual SIM… - Another outdated future. No default dial number per contact, UI and 3-rd party apps, interact only with SIM 1…
Wake up HUAWEI!!! Software update is crucial, if you want to go ahead…

  • Anonymous

Gsmarena: "but there's little it can do against motion blur. This is how long-exposure pretty much works, so this is not a criticism"
That's nonsense. The P20 doesn't take a long exposure, it's ghosting due to multi frame noise reduction. You don't get such horrible artifacts with a normal long exposure!!!! Furthermore Google proves that multi frame noise reduction is possible without noticeable ghosting!

  • Julian Ryder

My P20 does not overheat at all under GeekBench.
I Think it was a softer glitch that got solved.

  • Sharp

I cannot explain how much these phones today bug me with rounded screen corners, just to follow the design of a phone. Don't do that! Don't make too rounded phones, also!!!