Huawei P20 review

17 April 2018
A strange bird this Huawei P20 - a headliner without a spear. The omission of the triple camera is baffling, but as long as you give it a chance, you may be surprised. And if you don't dwell on what didn't make the cut, you should be able to see the P20 for what it is - one dazzling flagship.

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  • Anonymous

I think the P20 Pro must have a slight noise advantage, if the pinning binning works well. The P20 Pro's main camera captures 40% more light and both phones use about the same image processing.

  • Anonymous

"there's little it can do against motion blur. This is how long-exposure pretty much works, so this is not a criticism, we just wanted to clarify that."
Then you also should have clarified that Huawei's terrible ghosting artifacts are not how long exposure works...

  • Anonymous

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