Huawei P20 review

17 April 2018
A strange bird this Huawei P20 - a headliner without a spear. The omission of the triple camera is baffling, but as long as you give it a chance, you may be surprised. And if you don't dwell on what didn't make the cut, you should be able to see the P20 for what it is - one dazzling flagship.

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  • AnonD-745991

Processor and gpu 2017
Bad autonomy.,
It has no sd, water resistance, chargue qi,
mid range screen sdr,
cheap copy iphone x,
bad video camera.
I do not buy it with your money

I don't see a reason to buy the P20 over the now cheaper mate 10 & mate 10 pro

  • Anonymous

davidletterboyz, 18 Apr 2018Finally a proper review to compare the P20 and P20 Pro's ca... moreMarketing ploy to push customer to the pro ver. Many big brand do that, samsung with s9+ and iPhone also with plus model, even Sony with regular xz2

So P20 Pro camera is not much great compared to this its only useful for 5X hybrid zoom thats it anyways great camera from huawei as expected with one of the best camera app though I liked older camera UI more

  • Hoffmann

The camera on this phone looks stunning

  • Foundation

Anonymous, 17 Apr 201875h ... Ridiculous Low overall endurance score seems to be caused by only decent stand-by time. If you look at the individual endurance scores, this one is considerably better than Xperia XZ2 and on par or marginally below the regular Galaxy S9.

  • AnonD-709336

I hate notch. It looks horrible.

  • ZloiYuri

This phone could be good too, but notch making it crap. Sorry huawei, but no.

  • davidletterboyz

Finally a proper review to compare the P20 and P20 Pro's camera. Quite a number of reviewers mentioned the P20 has an inferior image quality but I personally compared their outputs, I could not find any difference at 12 and 10 MP. In fact, sometimes the non Pro's 12MP has slightly more details!

The only part which this review forgotten to write about is the 4GB RAM. IMHO, this is the only deal breaker because 4GB is just adequate nowadays. Not as future proof as 6GB.

Anonymous, 17 Apr 201875h ... Ridiculous Believe me, battery indurance will improve after day by day usage using their emui AI learn system. Just like my mate 10, the 1st week spot on as gsmarena mention, but after a month its about 100h battery endurance!

  • AnonD-738292

mir, 18 Apr 2018So the 40mp camera on the Pro model isn't really that much ... moreFor noise yes definitely. Nothing new there

Great camera quality. Lose the telephoto, 5x lossless zoom and a bit better low lights in pro. The size is good and in my country, u can have this p20 for $490, 2 years contract with local telco for 128gb version. Such a bargain.

  • Foundation

mir, 18 Apr 2018So the 40mp camera on the Pro model isn't really that much ... moreWell, extra resolution is used for 3x hybrid zooming and downsampling in low-light photography I suppose. Only P20 Pro can hit ISO 102400 (which sounds insane, but it is actually usable in small image size).

  • Lccy

On the penultimate page it says you'll be limited to 2x rather than 3x lossless zoom on the pro, but the pro has a dedicated 3x telephoto sensor and 5x lossless zoom.

  • Anonymous

mir, 18 Apr 2018So the 40mp camera on the Pro model isn't really that much ... more1/2.3" is not big..

Pixel.size does not matter. Photographers that comment on DPREVIEW laugh a lot when they read tech sites writing that.

12MP / 1.55 micron sensor is nothing popular among all phones.
The 12MP/1.4 is used much more.

The 13MP/1.12 micron is the most popular sold by Sony.

So the 40mp camera on the Pro model isn't really that much better than the regular model's camera. Big sensor and less pixels is the way to go.

  • Anonymous

No stereo speakers is only cons for me.....
price is good tho....

  • Anonymous

I think the P20 Pro must have a slight noise advantage, if the pinning binning works well. The P20 Pro's main camera captures 40% more light and both phones use about the same image processing.

  • Anonymous

"there's little it can do against motion blur. This is how long-exposure pretty much works, so this is not a criticism, we just wanted to clarify that."
Then you also should have clarified that Huawei's terrible ghosting artifacts are not how long exposure works...

  • Anonymous

75h ...