Nokia 6 (2018) review

25 April 2018
The new Nokia 6 (2018), also known as Nokia 6.1, trims the bezels around the same 5.5" screen and employs a modern and powerful Snapdragon 630 chip. The main camera benefits from a new Zeiss lens and it can now do 4K videos.

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Moz, 12 Jan 2019I bought this phone 3 months ago and now it is not worth it... moreTake it back to the service and stop whining. If I were like you my experience with HTC M8 would have been hellish.

  • Oof

The phone is pretty good, and for me it doesn’t lag. On 4gb or ram version

  • Moz

I bought this phone 3 months ago and now it is not worth it. When I get call then screen goes black and I cannot receive incoming call. Time changes itself , sometime goes 1 hour ahead. does not charge regularly. it is just waste of money.

  • Nasser

Carol, 27 Dec 2018After pie update the device is faster, battery better and, ... moreHow long does the battery last ?

  • Carol

After pie update the device is faster, battery better and, the whole performance is much more stable.

  • manila jo

primary complaint : slow to focus when taking pictures

bought in april 2018. now experiencing full charge notice on less than full battery. stopped charging even if battery is not yet full.

  • Demi

Is the speaker better than that of the Nokia 7 plus?

  • Naners

epukiro, 22 Oct 2018Has it got a notification light for missed calls, messages, etc.?No

  • KillerTuna

Got it 2 days ago, I love it. No complaints.

Has it got a notification light for missed calls, messages, etc.?

  • IK

excellent phone

  • Anonymous

Nokia 6.1 has a very low battery life I was disappointed after buying the phone.
Nokia is known to have long Battery life so they should work on their battery life.

  • Chan

my Country Rs 40000 i'll buying Next week..

  • Aze

What a disappointment from Nokia 6.performance of this phone is seriously very low compared to expectation.i can't play PPSSPP on my phone.......

  • kenowi

difficult sometimes to take calls, freezes often, does not record sometime, camera comes blank often. quite a disappointment in the light of modern technology. However, the phone ear piece gives clear voice sound when taking a call.

  • Usman

Nokia 6.1 (2018) is a very very wast. Hanging. While charging restarting.

  • Aj

Worst camera return my money back u nokias

  • HermitCrab64

Sean, 14 Jun 2018Am sorry but i really wish people on these comment sections... moreHi Sean, So would YOU suggest the NOKIA 6.1 (2018) worth buying ? I have a OPPO R7 plus & ZTE AXZON 7. Actually the Axzon 7 really isn't a great phone, so NOKIA Surely is better than atleast that. Thanks.

  • stepashka

Did anybody change the grid size for home screen and app screen from 5 icons per row to 4 per row?
Changing display size doesn't help :-(
When I try to do it in the sample pictures the icon count per row changes. But then when I get to the home screen the icon count per row is still 5. it is disappointing because icons are small and app names are often cropped. Difficult to understand.
Any ideas how this can be done?

  • Jon

I bought nokia 6 and it a big disappointment for me. First, it has no own music player and photo gallery. it is relying on the google photo and music player. Second The signal while using data the signal is not stable. Third every time I'm in call, the call is automatically hang up every time the phone is going to sleep mode.