Nokia 6 (2018) review

25 April 2018
The new Nokia 6 (2018), also known as Nokia 6.1, trims the bezels around the same 5.5" screen and employs a modern and powerful Snapdragon 630 chip. The main camera benefits from a new Zeiss lens and it can now do 4K videos.

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Camera performance worthy of that resolution&aperture. Most important, better pattern reproduction than 40mp from p20pro. good job

Loved the fancy style and good overall camera performance, I don't care about the lack of dual camera setup, if the single one in the rear is good enough I'm good. And this one delivers.

How many times have you dropped your phone by accident in the water? It's nice to have waterproofing but it's not a deal breaker, at least to me. I can be careful enough to not drop a single drop of water in it, even with my current phone being waterproof.

However, the price will be a tough call for the sino-finn, the MiA1 is a great phone for the price if you don't care about it's ugliness, and another great device is the Moto X4, now it must be a lot cheaper than it was in it's release date.

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Kaku Diego, 25 Apr 2018water resistance is not important for me and i cant count m... moreNokia nad moto are dead comoanies belonging to the past.

Software uodates are overrated, you can install custom software if you want to be up to date all the time. Else it doesn't matter. The apps (you know the things you actually use) *are* upgraded all the time. The os level changes are so small at this point that is hould be a ccounted as a secondary feature.

Never buy bad hardware hoping for good software. All software is relatively good at the point and differences are small, but differences in hardware are still overt. Look at P20 pro quality compared to others ... not even same universe...

water resistance is not important for me and i cant count more than 5 careless users who damage the phone with water.
squeeze thing, are you joking righ?!
in US xiaomi is nothing
so its Nokia 6.1 vs Moto X4, Sony XA2, HTC U11 Life and Huawei phones dont have the same software updates, so isnt competitors.
its nokia 6.1 better build quality and android P and Q

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I found Gorilla Glass 3 more solid than GG5. I dropped my older Motorola G4 a few times on concrete and it never cracked

Pretty surprised that this phone's camera remained unchanged from it's previous gen.