HTC U12+ hands-on review

23 May 2018
The HTC U12+ has a tall 18:9 display, no headphone jack and a dual camera with 2x zoom, but skips one trend - the notch. We go hands-on.

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Better specifications than the LG G7. Cameras have OIS. Also EIS, and hybrid stabilization? Hopefully FM radio? Larger battery, dual speakers,but 3.5 mm audio socket?
The rear mounted fingerprint sensor can also be used with various front screen authorizations, as usual.

phone is awesome , design is also beautiful , should buy

  • Levy

Not liking the overly shiny mirror finish at all; it looks tacky and cheap.

KaneJ, 23 May 2018It's a shame, the phone is way too large, thick bezels spoiling ... moreGet a notch phone then.
This phone's bezels are reasonable, and just in line with the flagships in 2018.
Besides, the extra bezels do add some grip to the phone.

  • Anonymous

hope they could reduce the bezel, otherwise wouldn't buy it....

Great. No notch, that makes it one of the best phones out there at the moment.

This is an amazing phone, now in days all great phones comes with less bezels, Snapdragon 845 and a lot of cameras, now is time to improve in the design. This phone is just beautiful in every aspect. I have a Galaxy S7 and this HTC will be my next phone. Sorry Samsung this time i go for the Taiwanese.

This is by far the most beautiful phone of the year. I'll be getting one once the price drops for sure.

Wow, 23 May 2018This phone is really making me think about upgrading from my U11... moreBut would you be able to adjust to that rear fingerprint and the on screen buttons??!!

AnonD-145316, 23 May 2018Are you insane thick bezels really???!!!Compared to almost every other competitor yes. Samsung S8/9 series, Huawei, LG, etc...

  • Hoffmann

The only good thing about this phone is, that it doesn't have a notch.

AnonD-230272, 23 May 2018As a U11 owner, this U12+ gets me excited. After countless of... moreI've also a Htc 10 and a Htc u11. I love my u11 and its years ahead of Htc 10 in almost all aspects....less one...size (and sound, but lets focus on size). I miss Htc 10 size and weight. I wish they make smaller bodies with larger screens (iphone X almost got it right...but that notch). Htc 10 body with 85%-90% screen ratio would be a no-brainer for me. Htc 12+ is taller than Htc u11 and that is a fail for me. I don't like how it feels on the pocket of my pants when I walk with it. Htc 12+ would be even worst and it's heavier. I'm still pretty happy with my u11, and when I compare to other flags that my friends have they all look and feel inferior to u11. not only talking about the design and build quality but also the experience using it. I guess I will pass this year upgrade and wait for a real upgrade when 7nm processors come. That will be a game changer (even better than when they pass from 14nm to 10nm. For those who want to upgrade this year. I would definitely prefer this to any Samsung, Lg phone, or from any other Chinese brand. Btw, i'm on htc club and they sent me email of 10% discount for the preorder (i bought my u11 with that discount last year) so if your interested join htc club to get that discount.

  • Jman

Wow, 23 May 2018This phone is really making me think about upgrading from my U11... moreIt's a sign of the times, I found it hard upgrading from the S7 Edge to the S9. There really aren't a lot of improvements these days.

  • Jman

noone, 23 May 2018HTC??? isnt that brand dead already?Obviously not. *facepalm*

I love that red color, tempted to get a stock android phone for my next upgrade as 8 have the S8 already, have had stock android phones but. Not flagship stock plus I live for the solar Red color. Maybe I'll just get the HTC u11 in red

For me sound from the U11 with the U Sonic buds sounds too artificial coming from the HTC 10 with Sennheiser or Beoplay H3. And I've just seen that the 3.5mm adapter will be an optional extra now no longer a boxed accessory

  • AnonD-170381

Jojo, 23 May 2018Really nice to see that they have their own design, camera looks... moreYa glad to see lg have this new design across their line up .

  • Wow

This phone is really making me think about upgrading from my U11. The new edge sense capabilities seem great. The translucent blue is beautiful. 4 cameras, actual but slim bezels, finger print on the back and HTC's website mentions a face unlock feature.

The only thing holding me back is that I am still really happy with my U11...

  • Henry

I don't think they're big at all

  • AnonD-234961

Fitbri, 23 May 2018I love HTC and my A 9 but I can't take to these over shiny candy... moreAgree ! These Chinese-toy looking colors cannot be used by someone who is not a the big