Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 review

01 February 2019
Redmi Note 7 lineup is the first one branded only as “Redmi” and the sub-brand company wants to come in strong. It advertises flagship-worthy build quality, great 48MP main camera on the back and powerful enough SoC no matter which Redmi 7 device you choose - the vanilla Redmi 7, the bigger Note 7 or the Pro. The one we have with us is the Redmi Note 7 - perhaps the most sought after model due to its low price and big screen.

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  • ANU
  • u14
  • 10 Nov 2022

I bought this phone in march 2019 and i must say that aim surprised. bcz using this phone for 3 years without any peripheral damage. I must agree that it is little bit slow as mine is of 32 gb...i must have bought of 64 GB...IAM SO SATISFIED

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    • gav
    • pmM
    • 02 Jun 2022

    Me and my wife have this phone. I installed custom overclocked kernel and my performance went up by like 50% from like 166k antutu to 210k+
    My 18W charger failed after 3 years i replaced it with some power delivery PD 30W charger and now it charges even faster then the original xiaomi charger wierd... xiaomi 18W like 1600-1800mv now it hits 2430-2460mv.
    Camera and video is decent. Want to replace it with either Mi 11, edge 20 pro or neo gt 3... was thinking about motorola g200 also idk...

      I bought this phone in 2019 june . Today approximately 3 years have been and this phone works fine.
      A month ago this phone was good but i updated the software and it made the phone slow. So if we don't update the phone then the phone is a beast.

        Got it for like 5+ people including me. All happy even after 3 years of usage. One had to replace battery and it will still last 2 more years easily.

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          • nel
          • sUS
          • 15 Jan 2022

          very good phone . i used it for two years now.

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            • aman thapa
            • ttw
            • 14 Jan 2022

            after updating my redmi 7 devices my whole apps not working which are supported by google apps like gmail,google photos,playstore watsapp and even my gps not working..this is the main issue in redmi and xiaomi devices...after knowing all the issue redmi and xiaomi device is the hatest device amoung every brand cell phones..nobody gonna buy your phones after knowing that everything which are supported by google apps not working in redmi and xiaomi device

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              • Ola Kash
              • Nu7
              • 08 Jan 2022

              Very good phone 📱 but the ba3 life very poor

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                • benitez
                • fnE
                • 28 Dec 2021

                Anonymous, 18 Jun 2020Please what health issue? I'm considering buying d phone so... moreHi,i have heard that redmi is good through a friend who has it,can you give someone that phone as a gift by paying just a little amount of money, i would like to try it and see the good features in it, i live in Kenya

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                  • Rba
                  • PGH
                  • 22 Nov 2021

                  Brandy Kessler, 09 Jun 2020This phone is the devil. It has caused me significant healt... moreSame with me. Before i replaced the screen, i had freezing issues. Had to press the side buttons repeatedly but when it appears, in less than a minute it freezes again.i can hurt someone if i throw this at someone ,in anger

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                    • Gigabreak
                    • TST
                    • 21 Oct 2021

                    The only thing that bug me when I use this device is that the battery health is awful. I think it is because of my habit that I always leave my phone charging overnight. Also, I only use it to join my online classes and most of the time I overcharged it because of very long class session and I don't want to miss out. Because of my habit, my phone battery is bloated and surprisingly it happened not nearly than two years when I calculated from the time I bought this device. Other than that, this device is good for daily use but sometimes it lagged although I only use it for social media use. * Sorry for my English*.

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                      • Guillielmus
                      • p67
                      • 14 Aug 2021

                      Is a fall to the ground enough to lose all "vocal/speak"-effect. All the other functiions stay correct. Unbeleavable no??

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                        • gamer15260
                        • 3Vh
                        • 14 May 2021

                        Tabibito, 12 May 2021That's strange... mine is doing fine ;/same, atleast with the international version (dont know what others use but that might be a sign of issues)

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                          • Tabibito
                          • mxE
                          • 12 May 2021

                          Zero, 05 Jan 2021It's awful. I have music on this device and it gets de... moreThat's strange... mine is doing fine ;/

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                            • Zero
                            • i8V
                            • 05 Jan 2021

                            It's awful. I have music on this device and it gets deleted without my permission, chrome sucks, and the thing has an own will

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                              • Anonymous
                              • 4n1
                              • 03 Dec 2020

                              I'm surprised people think the day photos are good. They lack detail and look computer generated like from a video game. The snail pics look 2-dimensional.

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                                • CBrett
                                • nue
                                • 29 Nov 2020

                                I moved to this model from previously owning an old/cheaper LG Nexus 5X.The phone is good In almost everything BUT I am very disappointed with the camera to be honest.... I really miss the camera on the Nexus even for it being an older phone, it was amazing and I only changed it due to space capacity and other old specs.

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                                  • Kai
                                  • uSV
                                  • 16 Nov 2020

                                  Had this phone since it was locally released in our country and I loved it. It was very good and adequate for everything that I do daily, camera is superb and improves even more upon installing GCam. It has become a bit sluggish overtime with different updates and bloatwares. But slapping a new ROM gave it a new breath of life, it's snappy and good as new.

                                    I've owned this phone close to 18 months! I have no problem with it! It's fantastic, but my problem is, we've waited for so long to get the MIUI 12, considering the fact that, millions of people are using this phone globally, than any Xiaomi phone!

                                      This phone is JVC about video chat via WhatsApp, imo, Google Duo, Viber, etc., etc., etc.
                                      JVC = Just Very Crap

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                                        • Hana
                                        • 7Xd
                                        • 15 Aug 2020

                                        I love the phone but I have one MAJOR problem. The camera is VERY BLURRY when in a video call on Messenger. The camera is clear when using the default app and even third party camera apps. It's just Messenger... I have never encountered something like this on my old phone, which is also Xiaomi but Redmi 4X. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Messenger and cleared camera cache. Is anyone having the same problem? :(