Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 review

01 February 2019
Redmi Note 7 lineup is the first one branded only as “Redmi” and the sub-brand company wants to come in strong. It advertises flagship-worthy build quality, great 48MP main camera on the back and powerful enough SoC no matter which Redmi 7 device you choose - the vanilla Redmi 7, the bigger Note 7 or the Pro. The one we have with us is the Redmi Note 7 - perhaps the most sought after model due to its low price and big screen.

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Only think not impressive is the main part Display and what about carrier aggregation?

  • Anonymous

Now I'm waiting for the review of samsung m20 and a comparaison between the two to see if samsung has improved and we need to know it they cut out some sensors like they were doing with j series

Why does Xiaomi put such low-quality displays on their budget phones? This phone has the same light-bleeding problem that the Pocophone had...

That aside, it seems like a decent phone. Camera is good for the class.

  • Anonymous

Wait plastic sides? Are you sure? You are not always right about the built material

  • Anonymous

Everybody bow down to the king !! \o/

  • nogohut

Truly impressive camera for the price

  • Anonymous

Why these cheaper Xiaomi phones always have such bad contrast scores? They should up their game in this department.