Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 review

01 February 2019
Redmi Note 7 lineup is the first one branded only as “Redmi” and the sub-brand company wants to come in strong. It advertises flagship-worthy build quality, great 48MP main camera on the back and powerful enough SoC no matter which Redmi 7 device you choose - the vanilla Redmi 7, the bigger Note 7 or the Pro. The one we have with us is the Redmi Note 7 - perhaps the most sought after model due to its low price and big screen.

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  • XiaomiManiac

Really good device for the price but what we need is mid range phone with Amoled and NFC. I dont need a flagship with fastest cpu, I need a device with good endurance, amoled for best sunlight contrast ratio and NFC for Gpay ... maybe Mi9 lite?

For everyone talking about display , It's ( of course ) not the best and also not the worst . it's just very good for most people and its slightly lower performance than its other competitors in the tests doesn't mean that it is bad or disappointing because if you look at other phones ( from realme , honor , ... ) you will see that they have worse build quality or less impressive design ( but still good ) than the redmi but they have slightly better displays or smaller bezels and it's so hard to find a phone that has everything you need under 200 or 250 USD and finally , the real world difference is very small between them and you will feel the real difference if you compared IPS to AMOLED displays.

Just buy the phone and be happy with it.

S9, 01 Feb 2019So, in the end.. Is is back panel made of plastic, or glass... moreback panel is made of glass ( 2.5D curved gorilla glass 5 ) and the frame is plastic .

  • Anonymous

The 48 megapixel sample images are clearly just upsampled 12 megapixel photos. There is the same moire pattern that 12 megapixel sensors have in this condition. I guess Xiaomi didn't want to optimize their image processing for the 48 megapixel mode, so they just decided to upsample the 12 megapixel jpgs..

  • Tee

Great phone for that price. Xiaomi is eating away the competition. I own the Poco F1 and will plan to upgrade to the F2 and stay with Xiaomi if they keep producing great value phones.

It's pretty obvious that flagship phones in general cannot compete with battery life of mid rangers and budget devices , its not a surprise that the redmi note 7 does so well in terms of battery

  • Anonymous

Wow the night shots looks as good as flagships

This phone is really unbeatable espicially for its price.
Good job Xiaomi , I mean Redmi. and we are waiting for the Redmi note 7 pro.

  • S9

So, in the end.. Is is back panel made of plastic, or glass, because in spec says plastic back panel, but later in review says, glass? What is it.
I know that frame is made of plastic, but what about back panel.

  • Anonymous

That's a huge upgrade over redmi 5 plus and redmi 6 pro

  • Anonymous

Gsmarena "Effectively, the camera shoots at 12MP with large 1.6µm pixels, which capture more light" This sounds a little bit misleading. Of course a single large pixel captures more light than a single small pixel because the area is larger. But of course the total amount of captured light doesn't change when you choose 12 or 48 megapixels because the lens and sensor area don't change. For low-dynamic range scenes in good light conditions the total(!) amount of captured light (sensor area) is relevant, not the pixel size, unless you want to compare images at pixel level (but this is often not very useful when the images have a different resolution).

Only think not impressive is the main part Display and what about carrier aggregation?

  • Anonymous

Now I'm waiting for the review of samsung m20 and a comparaison between the two to see if samsung has improved and we need to know it they cut out some sensors like they were doing with j series

Why does Xiaomi put such low-quality displays on their budget phones? This phone has the same light-bleeding problem that the Pocophone had...

That aside, it seems like a decent phone. Camera is good for the class.

  • Anonymous

Wait plastic sides? Are you sure? You are not always right about the built material

  • Anonymous

Everybody bow down to the king !! \o/

  • nogohut

Truly impressive camera for the price

  • Anonymous

Why these cheaper Xiaomi phones always have such bad contrast scores? They should up their game in this department.