Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 review

01 February 2019
Redmi Note 7 lineup is the first one branded only as “Redmi” and the sub-brand company wants to come in strong. It advertises flagship-worthy build quality, great 48MP main camera on the back and powerful enough SoC no matter which Redmi 7 device you choose - the vanilla Redmi 7, the bigger Note 7 or the Pro. The one we have with us is the Redmi Note 7 - perhaps the most sought after model due to its low price and big screen.

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  • bobh

@shana campbell when your phone fell in the water just immediately take out from the water and submerged immediately in a sack of rice.... i already made it 2 times, one fell from aquarium and second from a splash of one full glass of water...that was happened 3 years ago and luckily my phone still working until now... the phone was iphone 4s but
i think that is applicable to all phones

  • Rahil

Get a Redmi Note 7 instead of Redmi Note 8. Then unlock your bootloader, install a custom recovery like OrangeFox and flash the latest build of Pixel Experience ROM (Android 10) which comes with Google Camera Port.
Forget to sell your phone for at least 2 years.

  • Shana Campbell

My redmi note 7fell in a sink of water yesterday my phone shut down and I don't know what to do now I don't have a phone

  • Moonbek

Good evening
I'm user of Redmi Not 7 the phone's SIM CARD not working. Is it should be registered to IEMI

  • Rabiul islam

Rawuds, 07 Jan 2020Redmi Note 7 or Redmi Note 8 ? Which one better?How processor of redmi 8?

  • Masiha

Rawuds, 07 Jan 2020Redmi Note 7 or Redmi Note 8 ? Which one better?With no doubt note 8!

  • Rawuds

Redmi Note 7 or Redmi Note 8 ? Which one better?

  • abas

Sonu, 18 Dec 2019What to buy ? A50 or Redmi Note 7?redminote7

  • å½&iexc

Sonu, 18 Dec 2019What to buy ? A50 or Redmi Note 7?A50

  • Sonu

What to buy ? A50 or Redmi Note 7?

  • Roberto2525

Britta, 13 May 2019The ads are killing me! I have the global version and have ... moreI read you have to disable the ads in each app's settings

which camera sensor? isocell or IMX?

  • Holly

alejandroalcala, 11 Oct 2019Dual speaker at bottom bro. Left microphone and right speaker

  • Anonymous

Which one to buy? Redmi note 7 or Redmi note 7 pro?

  • Hami

I will never recommend this phone internet connection is too much weaker I was using Huawei y9 2019 that is a superb phone redmi note 7 too much dissatisfaction only the better thing we can say is 48 megapixel camera for rest all is a big ZERO

  • Syir

sangHYANG, 27 Oct 2019Hi guys, readers,users and especially Experts... tell us (... moreBased on my own phone(redmi note 7) that i compared with my friend's(realme 5 pro), i recommend you to choose realme 5 pro.A lot of things realme got better than note 7 especially with its quad camera and better chipset.

  • sangHYANG

Hi guys, readers,users and especially Experts...
tell us (readers) which one is best or Better between Redmi note 7 and Realme 5 Pro for Performance and Multimedia???
i haven't decided yet which one to choose for buying

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2019pls is Redmi note 7 a good phone I need some body to tell m... moreI currently own the redmi note 7 and it's absolutely brilliant. I found no particular letdowns by this device, except maybe it overheats a bit too quickly. Besides this, there is absolutely no major flaw in the device. The build quality is MIND BLOWING, the glass feels so good in the hand. It ticks all major boxes and brings in amazing battery life even when i am gaming. The display is nice and sharp and i the display notch and bezels never really upset me. The cameras are also really goo especially with Gcam.
All in all would definitely recommend it, A great buy

  • Yen

Shroom, 21 Sep 2019I just got my xiaomi rn7 2 days ago and i am kinda disappoi... moreHye, sorry for interrupting. But i disagree with ya point bcs im using my note 7 for a whole week now and im very satisfy with the battery life as it could last longer than 12 hours. I charged my battery early in the morning and im charging it again on tomorrow morning. And that gives that maybe it could last for 21-23 hours battery life.

Ive been using RN7 for almost 7 months. Still a good phone, even RN8 haS just released, but i dont think its a wise choice to replace my RN7 to RN8 over some little upgrade from RN7. My RN7 still works perfectly, no issues, except to that annoying screen retention. Lowering the brightness didnt fix the issue, so the only solution I might do is to replace the screen in the future.