OnePlus 7 Pro review

14 May 2019
OnePlus has always sort of been a niche enthusiast's smartphone brand which may not be as popular as the majors, but it's carved a pretty nice niche for itself by delivering great smartphone hardware at equally great price points.

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"But if you ask OnePlus, these are not omissions, but deliberate decisions of avoiding inflating consumer prices with features that it doesn't think will add enough value."

Despite the fact that these are exactly the features that OnePlus users keep asking for.

sriganesh, 14 May 2019It can do better with the pricing. I believe it is better t... moreS10 is smaller, poor battery life and poor camera performance. you should compare OP7+ with S10 5Gconcerning display size

Screen is unnecessarily curved.
Selfie camera is unnecessarily pop-up.
Battery life is bad in 90 Hz mode, better in 60 Hz, but in 60 Hz mode it's almost identical to OP6T - which has lower battery capacity and less efficient SoC - thus it's a ridiculous result.
And its gestures navigation is worse for one-handed use, than in Xiaomi's MIUI 10.

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Whackcar, 14 May 2019DxOMark just rated it 111, putting it on the 3rd spot. M... moreBecause in reality, does not matter if your phones deserver 88 or 90 for colour, 100 or 98 for AF, 86 or 87 for Flash, 90 or 91 for exposure.

And zoom with 70mm, 80mm or 100mm will get more score than those with 52mm.

But there this differences matter for final score.

The phone in last page's first picture is Huawei Mate 20 Pro, not the Oneplus 6

Also it's kind of funny when you look at the con's in review and compared them to Galaxy S10 (699$):
No official water resistance rating - IS present on S10
No wireless charging - IS present on S10
No headphone jack - IS present on S10
Non-expandable storage - IS present on S10
Does not include earbuds or a 3.5mm audio adapter - IS present on S10 (high quality AKG earbuds)
Wide-angle camera falls short - better on S10

Rest in peace OnePlus, it was a fun ride.

It can do better with the pricing. I believe it is better to spend those 100$ extra for galaxy s10 for much premium experience

Hurm seems like OP7 Pro not squeezing the Sony IMX586 camera to its fully potential...its just, above average, still not flagship quality. Even the older Honor View 20 has that 48mp ultra clarity mode, and its price $400 now.

Eyes locked on next IMX586 device Honor 20 Pro, a direct OP7 competitor, both on specs & pricing. Oxygen OS is superior though.

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Shots with nightscape are worse than auto mode

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Still too much chin.

  • mobilemans

naah,no good..

and i wonder, where is Sunlight contrast ratio score???
no explain,just where is it?

its taken 6t model but some odd reason or not 7 pro...i smell some cover things....

anyway, looks clear that oneplus 7 pro is not highend phone,not even close,so price should go max 600$...but i guess oneplus start and try more...creed.

i picking these negatives:


- phoneframe both side glass, so very sensitive fingertips and easy broke one..bad!
- no 3,5 mm audio jack.. i feel srongly ,that this trend leave it off, is only way to save money form manyfactor,nothing else. bad!
- no SD card
- no wireless charg ,bad!
- no IP-sertifiointia,bad!
- no info light, bad!
- 4k record limited, telling clear, its not high end phone!
- Netflix apzz cant remove, bad! gettingmoney for onplus,all harm include owner.bad!
- average batter life,lausy i say...
- Sunlight contrast ratio,bad!
- popup front camera,excellent!!
- ok screen
- Snapdragon 855, good!

its maybe oneplus high end phone but its not users one,average phone,under 600$ clear must be price.

  • ho

not a flagship killer anymore, just another flagship. another one bites the dust.

  • Anonymous

DroitwichGas, 14 May 2019If it had those then it would lose some of its price advant... moreWith a price over 700 usd it needs to have those features
Plus there is wireless charging up to 20w so it is fast

no, 14 May 2019I think the OnePlus 7T pro must have wireless charging and ... moreIf it had those then it would lose some of its price advantage, anyway if it can charge from 0 to 50% in 30 mins do you really need wireless charging? IP is pretty meaningless if insurance is still invalid for water ingress.

The big question is whether the Pro is worth $150 over the base 7, I'm not really sure that it is.

[deleted post]P30 Lite price: 290 EUR
OP7 Pro price: 700 EUR

Keep it real buddy!

DxOMark just rated it 111, putting it on the 3rd spot.

Meanwhile you can see the reality in sample images... lol

  • evlo

Are they making fun of people? Still no notifications with display off - no led, no AOD? SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

  • Anonymous


I think the OnePlus 7T pro must have wireless charging and OP rating to crush the comptetion.