OnePlus 7 Pro review

14 May 2019
OnePlus has always sort of been a niche enthusiast's smartphone brand which may not be as popular as the majors, but it's carved a pretty nice niche for itself by delivering great smartphone hardware at equally great price points.

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  • webby

Macroni, 01 Oct 20196.67'?? Are you serious OP? What's next? an OP8 with 7'' a... moreIt is the exact same size in hand as the iPhone 11 pro max and that is a 6.5 inch screen... don't know why you're getting so angry, yes it's big but if you've held a ln 11 pro max in hands it's actually easier to hold then the max as it's also lighter. Apparently next year they're going to reduce the size a small amount for easier handling but like I said, the size is manageable unless you have real small hands

  • Yug

The inability to disable this wretched app is the reason I'll never buy another OnePlus.

I'm 49, I don't need a nanny

  • Anonymous

TRIPLEJOJO, 30 Sep 2019Is OnePlus 7 pro waterproof and does have 5g?No 5g

  • Anonymous

Simone, 27 Aug 2019How did you test headphone output if it comes without a jac... moreThat depends on the device. Some phones (like this one) still have a built in DAC even without a headphone jack, so a passive 3.5mm to USB-C adapter (without any integrated DAC) will run directly off of the phone. That's why the review specifically states that using any adapter with a DAC will make that portion of the review moot.

OnePlus' official adapter is passive / no DAC, which is what they tested the device with.

  • Macroni

6.67'?? Are you serious OP?
What's next? an OP8 with 7'' and OP7 Pro 9''?
These are not mobile phones anymore but laptops and soon TVs
Common OP not all your potential customers are gamers, rturn to your senses and go back to 6.4'' max


Is OnePlus 7 pro waterproof and does have 5g?

  • Aidas

Ellams Bliss, 12 Sep 2019Is it that it doesn't have face unlock or what??. OnePlus 7 Pro have face unlock.

Is it that it doesn't have face unlock or what??.

  • Mokabian

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2019I would like to buy one plus 7 pro is it worth to buy?Yes 100%

  • Simone

How did you test headphone output if it comes without a jack plug? The phone is delivering a digital signal, so the audio quality depends on the external DAC used

  • Anonymous

This phone is pretty awesome, especially that display and the 90hz, I can't go back to 60hz screens. The phone's aspect ratio makes split screen usable and readable unlike most phones with 16/9 ratios. It is also incredibly fast, no lag or stutters whatsoever. The stereo sound is excellent and has a decent amount of bass for a phone. The camera I would say is better than my Galaxy S7 which says a lot given that the S7 had an amazing camera.

I only have a few gripes about the oneplus 7 pro, the nightmode is turned off at the lockscreen and has to re-engage every time you unlock your phone so you get blasted with bluelight everytime you look at your phone to unlock it at night. Oneplus's bs reason is that they need maximum brightness for the fingerprint sensor to work but they could have just limited that to the part of the screen where the fingerprint sensor is given that its an AMOLED panel which can shut off each individual pixel, or at least give the option to disable the fingerprint sensor on nightmode.

The second gripe is that the navigation bar is white rather than black so some games that don't fit the format of 19.5/9 have the navigation bar on the side that is in bright white while you are playing your games, its quite distracting and annoying. There is no darkmode for the navigation bar.

The last is that the USB-C cable they include in the box is only USB 2.0 even though the phone supports USB 3.1, so you have to buy a separate USB 3.1 cable to get those transfer speeds. I wonder how much they really saved by doing that.

The phone is water resistant, see Dave Lee's video on YouTube where he submerges the phone for 15 mins and Jerryrigseverything tear down that shows the waterproofing that the phone has. I agree with Oneplus that the IP rating is a bunch of bs given that no phone will warranty water damage regardless of who makes the phone.

  • Anonymous

I would like to buy one plus 7 pro is it worth to buy?

  • Anonymous

One+ seven pro user, 08 Aug 2019I bought this phone at release and have been pretty unimpre... morewater acts as a conductor and for a phone screen it is almost identical to a touch input from your fingies. i suggest you dont use this is the rain or with any water near it especially when its not even IP rated.

  • One+ seven pro user

I bought this phone at release and have been pretty unimpressed, biggest issues are texting with the phone becomes almost impossible if youre sweating or outside when its raining, you can't switch camera when videoing between front and back cameras, it locks itself out in your pocket if the screen is facing inwards, its extremely difficult to send apps to another phone (I've not found a way to do it yet). The screen is obviously good and battery and charging is also above average but apart from that there's nothing to get excited about.

  • JMossman

I have had an Iphone for 10+ years now. Just switched to this badboy and I have yet to be let down. The screen is the absolute best I have ever seen in a mobile device. Much better than my 4K television at home. Camera quality could be improved. As could the sunlight legibility.

The information you offer about OnePlus 7 pro has helped me greatly. Thank you for all of your time & work.

  • Arze

Only snappy....nothing else much different

  • Dubnic

Missing for this phone: contrast ratio: nominal & sunlight. Please add the values.

  • BD

Omid 12 Omidvar, 22 Jun 2019Undoubtedly China has won the smartphones world everyday wi... moreBangladesh has quite a big smartphone density. Economy of this country is booming every year. 3G/4G is already used country wide.

  • AIM-1N

Dina, 03 Jun 2019I really like the oneplus 7 pro. but in Indonesia there is... moreBuy it via online store.