OnePlus 7 Pro review

14 May 2019
OnePlus has always sort of been a niche enthusiast's smartphone brand which may not be as popular as the majors, but it's carved a pretty nice niche for itself by delivering great smartphone hardware at equally great price points.

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  • Omid 12 Omidvar

Undoubtedly China has won the smartphones world everyday with the new innovation creation and ...Price there is minimum amount but when comes toglobe , it becomes at least7 ttimes.Aren't other countries chances of creation ! In X country the price was for a smartphone 1200 money but now is $ 4000 ! Why don't give a chance to Bangladesh, Pakistan,African ...under developed countries !!!? In a country a worker gets $2 daily and never has a chance to even see a cellphone !!! Where is justice in UN !!Hopefully third world countries are abe to have progress too ! Justice Rights is the only cures worldwide and support of gsmArena for worldwide people !!!

  • Anonymous

NickTheDude, 12 Jun 2019you can buy s10e for much cheaper price than this one . thi... moreToo bad it forces you to use trash bixby

  • NickTheDude

miko, 04 Jun 2019Too expensive! other devices with same specs (aprox.) are m... moreyou can buy s10e for much cheaper price than this one . this is funny : )

  • hellcatrydr

I was Samsung for life but then the gobs of bloatware made me switch.
This is the snappiest Android phone I have ever used.
I don't even need to root it to make it perform.
Very satisfied with the One Plus 7 Pro.

UFS 3.0 rocks in cpdt

  • miko

Too expensive! other devices with same specs (aprox.) are much cheaper. Premium products (Sammy, Iphone... ) are for rich people; I'm a siple man with limited budget. I'll don't buy it.

  • Dina

I really like the oneplus 7 pro. but in Indonesia there is no store available. how do you buy it?

  • Yash

Swanand7893, 26 May 2019Please re-upload camera review because OnePlus has started ... moreYes i also agree

  • Anonymous

thanks gsmarena for the review. it's very objective as usual. in contrast i feel dxo is not very trustworthy.

Funny thing though. I hear people like mkbhd and unbox therapy say that the camera on the phone is 'meh' but that's subjective more than objective. What are the parameters for their comparison? I have the OP 6 and they said the same about it and I take very good pics on mine. That's subjective as well. So do we leave the judgement to DXOmark? Which says it's 1 point below S10 + and P30 pro. Who do we trust, people looking for views on YouTube, a company who may be paid to review phone cameras or just say " it's neither here nor there" I like it and that's all that matters.

  • Swanand7893

Please re-upload camera review because OnePlus has started rolling out firmware update for camera.

  • nug

Senoniuq, 23 May 2019You have to understand guys, this is not exactly going stra... moreIt's a flagship all around, not just regarding oneplus. Same exact processor as Galaxy S10+, same size battery, same size RAM, 3 times more MP on main camera, both amoled displays etc. The only big difference is wireless charging and that S10 has an official IP rating. Oneplus seems to still be water resistant tho..

Oneplus is misleadingly reporting 3x optical zoom while clearly having a blend between optical zoom on the tele and normal lens photos in order to obtain the final picture.
If you analyze the pictures taken in a sequence on 1) portrait mode and 2) normal photo using tele, you will see a difference in lens distance which means different zooms were used to take those 2 pictures. More than that, both pictures are reported as being taken at 6.95mm, but one has 12MP (portrait) and the other 8MP (tele).


  • Senoniuq

You have to understand guys, this is not exactly going straight up against the heavy hitters like Samsung and Apple, yes in the one-plus world this is ofc a flagship but just not one to go up against the big boys. Now to really show why the 7 pro is worth it lets take it up against the S10e and IP10R, Samsung and Apple's "budget" option. already the 7pro's screen beats it all especially with apple going back to LCD for the 10R and while you cant deny the S10e has a beautiful screen, with a hole punch notch, no curves, and no high refresh rate, its hard not to go for the pro. Now UI, charging, and even the camera are mostly user conducted opinions, some may love it some may not. Lastly the price, you are getting a hell of a lot of features on the pro even more so than the other 2 phones. Now for 8gb or ram + 256gb of storage at $699 it still cost less than the base model iphone 10 r with 64 gb of storage $750 and the Samsung S10e at 128gb or storage at the same price. So imma just leave this here for the neurons in your head to click and see the bigger picture.

  • Senoniuq

So i gotta say i got the O+5T and that phone is absolutely amazing. Very good camera, awesome screen resolution and aspect ratio, whole day battery life with some of the fastest charging I've ever seen, a clean UI with stock android, to me the fastest face unlock I've ever had. It had no wireless charging, no IP rating, one okay speaker, and little storage (that was mainly on me for not getting the larger GB version but i digress). Now take the everything i loved about the 5T and make it better. Now i have one of the best looking screens with a 90hz refresh rate, a plethora of storage, an in-display fingerprint scanner, 3 cameras at high resolution and clarity, and still keeping the cleanest UI from Oxygen OS. And even if there is no IP rating there is still some water resistance, and last time i checked i never keep any phones near water anyways so im cool with that. in conclusion this phone is everything i need in a phone with extra goodies and a much cheaper price.

Way to many hardware features omitted from this to call this a flagship. A good camera, screen and best available SoC doesn't automatically make a phone a flagship. Looks to me like O+ blew all their budget on the screen and had to cut corners to make sure it was priced at their obligatory annual price increase.

O+, the eternal "almost but not quite" phone company.

  • greg

how usually with oneplus: much noise-less essence. They create marketing noise but hardware is on a average level.

WillNonya, 19 May 2019I really don’t understand some of the comments being made. ... moreYou do realize that wireless charging does not mean no fast charging, right? it is possible to have both, and not all wireless charging is as slow as say on iphone (7.5W?), you can charge in up to 18W wirelessly, last time I checked.

I have wireless charging pads at my office and at home. It's very convenient to have and to use. Phone still supports QuickCharge 4.0+ as well.

It really is not an expensive component, so leaving it out of the oneplus 7 (pro) was a strange decision.

  • WillNonya

I really don’t understand some of the comments being made. They read like a list of thing I wish my phone had that I’ll never really use.

I remember wireless charging from my Nokia Lumia days. It has a cool factor but fast charging is much more practical. The convenience factor of wireless charging is laughably small. Being able to plug in a quick charger after a flight, between meetings or when I bet back to my office after a day of bouncing between worksites is much more useful. Like removing the headphone jack wireless charging is mostly just a way to sell overpriced accessories while saying you have the latest and greatest.

Would I like to have the option of an SD card? Yes, definitely. Not at the expense of the second sim though like the Samsungs. Having seen the performance hit S9’s took from SD cards and living without one for years has shown me this really isn’t a problem. Without an SD card I have offline maps for a dozen countries, tens of gb of mucic, tens of gb more of videos and more than enough room for all the pictures of my kid he can stand for me to take. It would be nice to have but no practical downside.

The 3.5mm jack is another “would be nice to have” but I honestly don’t use the one I have unless I’m on a very long flight while the wireless buds are recharging.
The alert slider is something I find surprising useful but not something you find on my Android phones.

One plus cameras have always been good but admittedly not great. Better than other lower priced phones but not top tier. Historically that’s been offset by their lower price. While they still have a price advantage it’s been narrowing significantly. For the way I use a phone’s camera Oneplus have performed well. Since I can’t remember which year I last used the front camera on my phone I’ll gladly take the pop up camera over the senseless notch designs.

When you buy a OnePlus what you end up with is a good phone that is faster and more fluid than the S10’s, offers a more well thought out user experience than the pixel 3’s (and galaxies) and leaves a few hundred dollars in your pocket while it does it.