Asus Zenfone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy A80

02 August 2019

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  • 04 Aug 2019

what is life, 04 Aug 2019u are silly. we r comparing the price first then the specs... moreHe means that zenfone 6 is way better because it has flagship cpu

    SNA1970, 03 Aug 2019Meh .. you cant compare a midrange CPU phone with a TOP END... moreu are silly.
    we r comparing the price first then the specs second
    price about the 'same'

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      • 04 Aug 2019

      This is a comparison between two midranger. Flagship comparison should be note10/s10+ vs rog 2.
      Asus policy to put High end chipset on a midranger isnt 1 st. Remember pocophone that was considered as midranger.

        SNA1970, 04 Aug 2019And this site is giving Samsung the reward ! by comparing i... moreIf you can't understand my previous statement, this is its simplest version:

        That "superior phone" you're talking about is so much cheaper than the A80. Let that sink-in for a moment...

        Samsung can do whatever they want with their pricing BUT as soon as their midrange pricing coincides with the products on the flagship of other manufacturers, these type of comparison is inevitable.

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          • 04 Aug 2019

          Asus division for smartphones is pretty wierd and unreliable, with exception of gaming phones.

          After an update for the camera z6 started crushing and ultamtely dying after few reboots. Asus address this as "faulty devices and please visit your asus repair to get it fixed"

          Phones were ok till the update appeared. Thrn on this review i see camera 4k60fps become jittery all of sudden with an update.

          Its like trying to fix an issue that wasn't there, or try to add more stuff without much testing, ultamtely killing the phone... Gotta be carefull ASUS, people are not test dummies.

            DroidBoye, 03 Aug 2019Yes they can, in fact, anyone can. Why? Because Samsung is ... moreAnd this site is giving Samsung the reward ! by comparing it to a superior phone ??? They are not comparable at all. and Samsung Pricing should made the site ignore that product all together.

              DQ, 03 Aug 2019You just described the ROG Phone 2... except for the "compa... moreROG Phone II doesn't have Ultrasonic Finger print scanner and rotating camera.

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                • 03 Aug 2019

                A80 Tiny battery no Jack worthless

                  Drvenbly, 02 Aug 2019This not good You have to compare b/w 2 equal's This is ... moreThe article is not an insult to any of these phones. It even shows facts of each FYI, it's just that these facts became an insult for you because they do NOT coincide with your pre-judgement. Price-wise, the Zenfone is even more "midrange" than Samsung. Zenfone is even the underdog in this comparison. LOL.

                    chats, 02 Aug 2019Now how you gonna compare a flagship with a mid ranger? is ... moreLOOK at their target price points, but technically, the comparison is because of their "flippy" cameras. Pricepoint-wise, the Zenfone is much more "midrange" compared to Samsung's A80. lol.

                      Anonymous, 02 Aug 2019Of course people compare based on price because that's the ... more"Flagship" based on only pricing? Nahh... Flagship based on specifications were lot more objective and better.

                        SNA1970, 03 Aug 2019Meh .. you cant compare a midrange CPU phone with a TOP END... moreYes they can, in fact, anyone can. Why? Because Samsung is selling this phone on higher price-point, basically anything below or equal to it in pricing can be compared to it reasonably. It just that in this case, the underdog (price-wise) is so much better overall (not just the camera). It's NOT the fault of the underdog rather it was Samsung's target price-point that let the A80 down. If the A80 is priced lower, then we could say that it's understandable but it wasn't.

                          The last Oracle, 03 Aug 2019You're right. The review and comparison is slightly unfair.... moreSamsung does not need "cheaper displays" just to make their phones cheaper. AMOLEDs were already proven cheaper to manufacture compared to IPS LCD so Samsung as the sole manufacturer of AMOLEDs can lessen their manufacturing cost if the want but they won't because there's no major competition in this field, we would say that BOE exists but they're not a threat to Samsung. The only thing that I would think that Samsung midrangers were expensive were to recuperate their fundings for research (and development (hardware/software)) and improving AMOLEDs and Isocells. The 2nd thing would be due to their extensive heavy marketing. Samsung hires lots of famous actors, korean pop stars, an d many more to advertise their brand new phones to social medias, billboards, Youtube, etc.. All those funds for ads were recuperated by marking-up the price of the phones as "flagship" pricing for midrange specifications.

                            SNA1970, 03 Aug 2019Meh .. you cant compare a midrange CPU phone with a TOP END... moreYou're right. The review and comparison is slightly unfair. Also Samsung needs to use cheaper displays in its smartphones. Especially for midrangers, and reduce the price by atleast $100 (by getting rid of any over the top components). Samsung has some very high overheads (expensive design team, top management probably draws an extremely high salary). They need to find ways to reduce the prices of phones, especially the mid range and lower end phones. The A80 seems like a good phone, but its price is just not justifiable.

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                              • 03 Aug 2019

                              SNA1970, 03 Aug 2019Meh .. you cant compare a midrange CPU phone with a TOP END... moreBut that top end costs less than that mid-range phone though

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                                • 03 Aug 2019

                                Blutbad-fuchsbau, 02 Aug 2019Gift your love, your OP7, take the Zenfone 6 for yourself. ... moreWell Op7 i will use but yeh m giving Asus as gift and after few months I will swap the phone. .My friend using Asus and it feels like a rock solid brick with enormous feature , I even put Asus over op7pro ( only gud point is its night shots which are amazing ), as the screen is so fragile for pro that It can b easily broken with a fall. .

                                  Meh .. you cant compare a midrange CPU phone with a TOP END CPU phone what so everrrrrrrr

                                  This comparison is silly

                                    Both phones have advantages and disadvantages.

                                      Again, if one sees the night photos, the Samsung bumps up its ISOs higher than the Zenphone, despite having slower shutter speeds. And HDR seems not to be engaged in the A80 at night.

                                      Curiously, the A80 has a 12MP (4000x3000) resolution for night photos, whereas the Samsung has a 12.19M0 (4032x3024) for night photos, which means the Samsung is not engaging its EIS for night photos (and this is unable to use its HDR mode for night photos. The algorithms are created by programmers who were probably drunk when they made them.

                                        The Zenfone and A80 have an f2.8 and an f2 aperture, respectively, which makes the Zenfone brighter by 1/3rd of a stop. But, the Samsung, for some curious reason, is using neatly double the shutter speed, for many shots, thereby Unnecessarily using a higher ISO. If Samsung can fix this via a firmware, and try and keep daytime ISO between 25 and 40, it could have way better dynamic range and details (except perhaps the corners).

                                        Also, curiously the supposedly Zenphone's 12MP photos are of 4224x3136 (13.24MP) resolution and the A80's are of 3264x2448 (7.99MP) resolution. Which means the Samsung, for come curious reason is cropping into the photos (for digital image stabilization?). The crop along with the higher ISOs is a bad idea.