Lenovo Z6 Pro review

23 Aug 2019

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  • Bj

As being lenovo k8 note user, and former k3 user, i dont recommend for lenovo bcoz it does not provide new updates to enhance its features. And there is always some problem with mobile after a while such as heating, screen problem, also always need to flash mobile due to reatart problem.

Nice review thanks! But I believe there are some omissions:
1. What ROM version did you test? Anyway if it's "vanilla" it should be a Global version.
2. About maximum brightness: did you enabled 'Brightness enhancement' in 'More display settings' (for me it kicks in when I'm outside in the sun)? I never had issues with visibility.
3. About sound loudness: I'm surprised you said bellow average, for me it's about as loud as a Samsung S9+. Maybe it's a ROM issue (I have Chinese ROM)...
4. About sound clarity: what preset you said it has "the sanest frequency response"? Dynamic? Music? Movie? Anyway I agree that Lenovo should offer a toggle to disable the Dolby Atmos equalizer.

  • 123

356 $ and free shipping to everywhere
Aliexpress right now
Thats some super offer

My old phone "lenovo vibe k4 note" have stolen before 3 month ago. Now! I am happy because Lenovo will be launching some good smartphone in India. I love lenovo brand's accessories.

  • Troya

You know what.. I don't care about the cons of this cellphone.. Because I don't need everything on the cons list in this article..

  • So SStylez

Yes, it is the Best....of all Times. I wish people could realise.that flagship doesn't mean over 1000 euros/dollars...

  • Anonymous

naveen, 26 Aug 2019Lenovo already had an almost complete device, Vibe X3. had a fro... moreI agree with you. Even the k4 note is almost perfect. They should have just followed the path they set with the x3 and k4 note.

The problem with Lenovo devices is poor software support, availability of very less custom ROMs and kernels though I am reading this in an ancient Lenovo smartphone :)

Kaloyan, 25 Aug 2019Monday ;)Thank you.

naveen, 26 Aug 2019Lenovo already had an almost complete device, Vibe X3. had a fro... moreThat was quite unrefined, you mean the ZTE Axon7 right?

Just slap some updated specs and you're golden:

- AndroidOne (10 Quiche ?)
- 150 x 75 x 8mm very compact (~75% Screen-to-Body)
- 120Hz-1080p 5.5in IPS screen (no burn-in)
- 4,000mAh battery (but removable)
- Sony IMX 856 rear camera
- Sony IMX 355 front camera
- Updated QuadDAC, Speakers, Mics, Antennas, Ports etc etc
- Latest SoC (QSD 855, 8GB DDR4X, 256GB UFS 3.0)

  • Anonymous

Everybody seems to be forgetting the word "translucent" to describe"semi-transparent" objects.

  • naveen

Lenovo already had an almost complete device, Vibe X3. had a front facing stereo speaker and a great looking design. dont know who told them to discontinue that concept.
anyways, keep drowning Lenovo.

Lenovo has a garbage Ui and buggy software.
I would rather go with anything else.
Lenovo should scrap their software department completely and join the Android One program.

Man Lenovo wasn't joking about that hyper video, for just a 2mp camera that's THE best low light video I've ever seen on a smartphone

Hopefully other manufacturers copy this implementation/approach

Akashraj, 25 Aug 2019Please do a full review on Mi 9T pro (K20 pro).Monday ;)

Please do a full review on Mi 9T pro (K20 pro).

viano, 24 Aug 2019"They've also been able to flash different radio access (LTE Ban... moreJust Google it.
Everytime I post here with a link, it gets removed by the system/moderators. You need to use Google Translate cause my Russian is pretty bad.

Kangal, 24 Aug 2019The phone is good "as is". But if you want to undo some of the n... more"They've also been able to flash different radio access (LTE Bands), ..."

Any proof of that???
or do you belive in tales yet?!

  • Totoro

Hyper video with no 60FPS...

  • Anonymous

This could have easily be a Motorola. Yep the NFC is an omission but apart from that....It´s pretty great..