Lenovo Z6 Pro review

23 Aug 2019

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It's a shame, actually,for Lenovo.
I mean,they did almost everything right:design,display, chipset,cameras,battery life..How bad actually that ZUI OS is?Worse then Samsung's or LG's or ZTE's?And what about those audio output issues?It seems those won't be fixed with some upcoming updates..crappy hardware cannot be updated..it's a pitty..

When you keep the price of this phone in mind, the cons list seem almost like nit-picking. This phone is excellent. No two ways about it. Good to see it come outside of China.

[deleted post]You're correct. Which is one of the two primary reasons that make the Lenovo phone more attractive than the Zenfone IMO. (the other being more versatile camera setup)

The Zenfone & this phone are at least equal once you balance things out with each's advantages over the other. IMO It's unfair to give the Zenfone 4.5/5 while give this only 4/5.

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a regular decent flagship

  • Anonymous

Too big and its using crappy amoled, burned out colours with any option, also expensive to replace.