Asus ROG Phone II review

10 Sept 2019

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  • Hijack49

Best stereo speakers on any smartphone to date..

  • Mediateksux

Whackcar, 11 Sep 2019You clearly haven't actually used a OP7 Pro. It is a brilli... moreJust get rid of your oneplus complex already.

  • Mediateksux

Kangal, 12 Sep 2019This entire comment does my head in. It's poppycock to say... moreAh the guy who's never satisfied.

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 12 Sep 2019This entire comment does my head in. It's poppycock to say... moreYou could say the same for many things , and in the end it just boils down to one thing , this phone is not for you.

That's fine. Move on, nothing to see here.

  • Anonymous

jamesabraham, 12 Sep 2019Can the accesorries be purchased separately? For example, i... moreYes, you generally buy them separately, as was the same for rog 1

  • Anonymous

Take a look at the offical Asus form. There are a ton of problems with the first ROG phone and Asus refused to/cannot fix them. I used to have an Asus ZF3 and it was the only phone I ever had that cannot pair to my car's bluetooth and Asus's solution is for me to change my car! I had long given up on this crap company.

Can the accesorries be purchased separately? For example, if I want to buy kunai gamepad, then can I buy the kunai gamepad only instead of buying the whole briefcase?

  • zZz

Kangal, 12 Sep 2019This entire comment does my head in. It's poppycock to say... morehey there pal

as you know OnePlus is not running on AndroidOne! and oneplus in not bankrupt, because of the great value for money the phones have + updates
i also believe big os updates is overrated. security updates are far more important.
LG, Sony, htc ... are out there with awful os AND security updates, and giving up hopes on asus for that is not fair. big names have problem with this matter and lots of articles in gsmarena about it.
(Some of my phones: htc hd2, GS3, GS4, GNote edge, htc one m8, lg v20, had bad update history but i didnt have any problems with them and they worked great.)

next is SD card. wellllllll. one TB of storage is pretty hard to fill! i mean having a 128gb phone right now I don't have any problem with memory.
how big are game roms? 1GB? well you can have 1000 games! come on. ITS 1TB! i have 1tb external hard drive and i cant fill it. now having that on my phone and on the go?!?!
and having not enough storage while taking pictures? how many pictures do you want to take to be able to fill that gigantic memory??????? if you are a picoholic, a DSLR would be a better option! and worst case scenario, you can always use usb otg. dont be nitpicking.

about IP vs swappable battery i'm with you. LG V20 is an example, no IP cert but removable battery. but again this phone is giving so much that i can live on with not having them.
plus i have a 20000ma power bank and solar charger bag sooooo... not an issue per se for me.

LCDs have burn in too. go look for v20 in the forums. other than that i have no comment on LCD vs LED or 60 vs 90 vs 120. not my area of expertise

the last paragraph you wrote was very rude so i'd rather not say anything about it.

on one hand was mobile device which I talked about above. OS update, LED, Storage and etc...
on the other hand, we are talking about gaming on the go.
big name here is nintendo switch and thats it! (for me, its obvious that psp or vita and other android devices are out of the discussion, if you have other opinion tell me and we will talk about that)

does it have IP cart? replaceable battery? Os updates???!?!?! 1TB of memory?
i'm not sure about refresh rate or touch response or ... but i'm pretty sure they fell behind ROG 2.
beside game support, what does switch have over ROG 2?
that is BUILT FOR GAMERS and no gamer has any issue with what you said above with switch. so why should we have these issues with ROG 2?????!!!!!!! its like saying why isn't gsmarena saying anything about new movies (like Joker!) some may say that would be a great addition to the site, but thats not why we are gathered here! thats not the concept! we dont want that! we dont need that!

the only down part for gamers is lack of games for android. and i believe with services like steam link it will be fixed and this phone can be a monster gaming device.

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2019AMAZING review, guys. The only one I've reas that does t... morethe most impressive pair of smartphone speakers we have heard. Failing that, they are definitely somewhere in the Top 5
GSMArena review

Are they kidding right? This expensive gaming device only 5th place

And what are the top 4 please enlighten we

  • Anonymous

AMAZING review, guys.

The only one I've reas that does this device justice.

  • Tom

Splendid review GSMarena, you did great this time. The article is well through and details. I especially love the part you included the touch response time. Now please make a comparison table (similar to battery life) for the rest of 2019 phones (or at least what you have atm)

  • Anonymous

If it wasn't a must-buy for the 120 Hz panel alone, the whole phone seems to be a really good package. Very good. Review got it right; once you try a faster display, you're not going to downgrade back to 60 Hz anymore.

  • Shubham joshi

This phone is Waterproof ???

I don't care about what android version is running on my phone. Seriously I used apple till 5, then HTC and Moto and Samsung, now it's Xiaomi. I never brought a phone based on which android version or what happens in future. I only care great battery life and good voice clarity. Once in a while camera and music. Every thing else is gimmicks to me.

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2019Me me me me meeeeeeeee!!!! I always jump to battery life... moreSame here

Such a great and detailed review by GSMArena, touching all the aspects that people could possibly want to know.

Great job team!!!

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 12 Sep 2019This entire comment does my head in. It's poppycock to say... moreI shall rest my case with the "all-knowing" maybe you want to check 2hich manufacturer provides warranty for any of their flagship against water damages.

  • singanada

superb phone

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 12 Sep 2019This entire comment does my head in. It's poppycock to say... moreWell said buddy! In the name of practicality, I agree with the points you mentioned. Moreover, sd855 is plenty enough for the majority of games, and I would opt for lower thermal sustenance(like nubia red) rather than a sustained performance at 51degrees even with the fan.

Love the Community, 12 Sep 2019Geez shut up! 1TB is already big enough and you don't ne... moreThis entire comment does my head in.
It's poppycock to say AndroidOne is only for Google Pixel. That's just plain wrong. The entire reason why OnePlus is not bankrupt is because people buy it for the software support. Even better if the bootloader can be unlocked, so that people can keep their device alive long after it's been abandoned by the OEM.

Adding microSD does not mean removing 1TB option. You're just strawmanning there. And it's so much of an improvement to have the microSD slot, then you can switch cards easily to watch movies on the go, or as I said, switch to different emulator roms (PSP, PS2, 3DS, GameCube, Wii require a decent amount of storage). My wallet even has a nifty compartment to store two cards, which is great for traveling so that I can store more photos.

Also IP67/68/69K is no small matter. This is a standard feature when it comes to Flagship devices. For ASUS to omit this again is utter nonsense at this price. But I would gladly give up ingress protection, if they instead put a Removable Battery.

That way I can ensure my device lasts longer. I can slow charge a spare battery and the phone, extending the battery health. And when out and about, I can hot-swap in a fresh battery, to easily double the battery life. In fact, if I'm a gamer and I'm playing a demanding game (eg Basara 3) and I can only squeeze out 5 hours of gaming from the battery... I don't have to think twice. I can game at my leasure, then swap out batteries. That's so handy when on a long journey in a car, bus, train, plane, or camping.

In fact, I'd also love to downgrade the screen... to a compact 16:9 unit, using a 120Hz IPS like the Razer Phone 2, that way the device lasts longer (like a console) since there won't be burn-in from the OLED. I'd like to see you reply to my comment and say all these changes won't make the device better for your use, with the screen being the one difference I can understand for OLED (deep blacks, lower battery drain under Dark Mode, Always on Display/Notification Light, Underscreen properties, etc).

But then again I am an individual that likes actual practicality, value, and longevity from my tools/devices... so I'm not your mainstream sheep that falls for hype, jargon, feature-cutting, and price-pumping. If you are one, that's okay, we're just different people with different personalities.