Asus ROG Phone II review

10 Sept 2019

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This phone clearly targets hardcore e-sport gamer, it's not meant to be a daily driver smartphone (doesn't mean it couldn't). Great job Asus !

On a side note, i hope GSMARENA do more long, detailed reviews like this from now on.

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Kangal, 12 Sep 2019Between the ASUS RoG Phone 2 and the Samsung S10+, I'd get the S... moreI think Samsung are ready for a good performance boost when they work with amd

Kangal, 12 Sep 2019Between the ASUS RoG Phone 2 and the Samsung S10+, I'd get the S... moreGeez shut up!

1TB is already big enough and you don't need MicroSD cards. You just have to connect your phone with a PC that has USB 3.0 and you're good to go. You're seriously overrating IP68 to the point that I don't want IP68. This phone isn't IP68 for thermal (Cooling Vents) and sound reasons (remember Sony Xperia? Their stereo speakers back then were muffled because of IP68) and sure Android One, okay but that would defeat the purpose of Google Pixel's existence. Only Google's flagships get Android One and no one else. The 2nd USB-C port is also important ESPECIALLY FOR PHONES WHO GOT RID OF THE HEADPHONE JACK! Samsung should see Asus as an example that Two USB-Cs are possible and DOABLE. I'm fine without a headphone jack as long as there's two USB-Cs for me to charge and listen at the same time.

Between the ASUS RoG Phone 2 and the Samsung S10+, I'd get the Samsung.
It's much more compact (hello pockets!), is waterproof (flagship feature), and offers a microSD (load up emulators). However, the ASUS blows it away in the speaker department. There's a noticeable improvement in the S10+ camera, but the difference isn't as large as last year's comparison. In terms of performance, battery life and screen, both are one of the best and are close enough.

So if ASUS can follow-up with an RoG Phone 3, that could be my next phone. Just make it compact enough for it to fit into my standard jean pockets (sorry, I won't carry a purse), then add in things like microSD, IP68 waterproofing, and maybe AndroidOne support. Or better yet, bring back the Removable Battery for us "gamers". If the cost for those improvements means losing the second USB-C port and Cooling vents, so be it.

Otherwise Samsung will beat them to the punch with their own 120Hz OLED display!

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This is the Future

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RhaegR, 11 Sep 2019Who else jumped straight to Battery Life section? Guilty. &#... moreMe me me me meeeeeeeee!!!!

I always jump to battery life section first on any phone :)

Who else jumped straight to Battery Life section? Guilty. 😅

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This phone makes me want to get rid of my S10+ and also jizz.
Great review

  • AnonD-819322 is the best when it comes to temperature recordings, been doing it since 2012.

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robdevil XI, 11 Sep 2019I will ignore this phone. Asus sucks with updates for ROG series... moreBro, it's mentioned that IT HAS VoLTE and VoWiFi! Plus RogUI for RoG Phone 2 is based on Stock like ZenUI 6 so it'll guarantee to have updates for sure.

Well deserve-praise device. Good job guys for the review!

Right now I have to give it up for the GSMARENA team, this is one of the best reviews I have ever read, it is well written and provides so much details.

I will ignore this phone. Asus sucks with updates for ROG series. No VoLTE no VoWiFi. Terrible.

I'm not into gaming at all but enjoyed every bit of this article.This was by far the most detailed,most thorough review I've read here..Great read,GSMA

Adding Thermal throttling and management is a great way to judge a phones gaming performance and other high cpu usage performance for long time. Please do this in all phones from now on. Pleasei beg you. I am sure other people would be happy as well. Also if there was this test before buying s10plus(eynos version) i would never buy it. Pubg lags like crazy after 1 hour of ganing. Throttling is so much worse in s10 plus

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Dishonored, 11 Sep 2019Just answer me gsmarena writter How do u want a phone who put ... moreBingo. Weight is the ONE compromise I'm ok with making when cramming a giant battery, headphone jack, and heat dissipation. I also agree that if it has a headphone jack, wireless charging is not necessary and IP rating would've been nice for an expensive phone but it's not a DEALBREAKER.

This is a freakin' solid phone and it pisses me off that the US version has garbage LTE bands in terms of coverage (no bands 25, 66, or 71 for T-Mobile; remembering that the T-Mobile and Sprint merger has been approved).

Whackcar, 11 Sep 2019You clearly haven't actually used a OP7 Pro. It is a brilliant p... moreAnd smaller. The 7 Pro is nice, but the size with the curves and weight is harder to use than others like the Mi 9 or S10.

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I dont understand how Rog Phone II got a rating of only 4.4 while phones like Note 10 are getting 4.7 even when Rog offers more than the other phones at same price!

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Dishonored, 11 Sep 2019Just answer me gsmarena writter How do u want a phone who put ... moreIP rating is to protect against dust too, not just water.
6 means level of dust protection.

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DrakeX, 11 Sep 2019Best phone of the year easily goes to Asus ROG Phone II. This th... moreNope. The phone of the year is xperia 5 and I know sony fanboys will agree with me.