Asus ROG Phone II review

10 Sept 2019

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Ok, 13 Sep 2019Nitpicking for the sake of winning. Your only valid complaint is... moreActually even last year and especially this year exynos still performed well. Just some cpu throttling and not as strong of gpu obviously.
But nobody complained about getting snapdragon like this when exynos was usually overall battery in most generations by efficiency, cpu, and dac. And even sometines gpu.
And next the will use mali g77 gpu. In fact they should have with the note 10. Maybe thinking can slightly be an excuse for the 9825... maybe. Huawei too.
But they will in the next one. Not amd as far as i know. But the g77 is still able to easily outpace adreno 640 now, match the a12 gpu, possibly give the adreno 650 a run for its money, even possibly be close to the new a chip. But probably only in a large set up and maybe not quite as efficient. But is also a large step in efficiency compared to current setups.

Ok, 13 Sep 2019Nitpicking for the sake of winning. Your only valid complaint is... moreNitpicking is good when its done wholesome, you know, for the betterment of people or a product. Constructive criticism rather than Destructive. That's what I have been doing.

I like the ASUS RoG Phone, and I like the ASUS RoG Phone 2.
But they are not as good as they can be. And I wish they can be better. I want better and more options on the market. For you to attack my position on this, or blindly support a brand or device, it's just unintelligent. It leads to herd mentality. I haven't dissed people for choosing this device and you can read the previous comments for proof, in fact, I was very upfront with why I thought this device wasn't good for me personally and how the company could make practical improvements.

Noone's talking about the Samsung Note 10, that's a strawman you've conjured up. I simply want Samsung to do a great job with the S11 Plus that will be released sooner rather than later, and offer a good competition against this device. And in turn, I wish ASUS have a look at the competition and the drawbacks here, and step up their game for next year. I also hope that Razer decides to join in with a belated Razer Phone 3, and maybe improving that line of devices. I also wish OnePlus would join its peers at the Luxury market proper for next year. We can't expect much from Apple or Google, they're arrogant and in their own mindframe, but the other OEMs are much more receptive to taking advice and improving their devices, for instance Lenovo (Z1, Z2, X3, Z5 Pro, Z6 Pro).

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Kangal, 13 Sep 2019Thanks for being civil. A lot of people are defensive about thi... moreNitpicking for the sake of winning. Your only valid complaint is that its oversized but I can argue that the battery and speakers justify that size and bezels are required to hold the phone in landscape properly. Go ahead and pick other phones but don't diss people or the ROG Phone 2 just because some people prefer this over everything else. ROG Phone 2 is better than Red Magic 3 or the S10+ in many aspects such as display, battery, camera, speakers, performance, better thermal throttling management.

Samsung could have released a higher refresh rate display for the Note 10+ but ended up using Dynamic AMOLED+ which adds HDR10+....and also there's a notch hole. Higher refresh rate is way way more noticeable than higher resolution. Ask PC gamers, its an easy decision. Exynos has been crappy for the last 2 years, even Kirin is better. People are complaining why Samsung is giving non-Americans an inferior SoC. Their throttling is very bad and performance isn't quite as expected. Next year might be different with AMD joining them. Oh and let's not forget the headphone jack.. and the microSD absence in Note10. That tells the future of Samsung phones.

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Anonymous, 12 Sep 2019You could say the same for many things , and in the end it just ... moreNo they made a valid point. Those are two very logical nit picks. No sd slot. Oh but it has lots of storage. Great. That helps make up for it yes. But it doesn't mean that it's still not a downside or that you and others should be attacking people for rightfully missing an important standard feature.

And 1440p is still an important nice feature. Again. All other aspects of the display are absolutely amazing. But just like any other phone you could always just revert the resolution to 1080p for battery and gaming.

  • DudeDude

Great phone but to address the elephant in the room:
We have all those gaming phones but didn't these companies get the memo that there are no good Android games.

There are easily 10+ must play games on the Switch and if you include indie titles easily 100+ games worth playing that are either made for Switch or ports from PS4/XOne/PC.
How many such ports on Android if you don't count nVidia Shield?

Recently Switch got Astral Chain which is an amazing Platinum Games title. And a new Fire Emblem. Not to even mention the behemoths like Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, two 10/10 titles in a single year. How many Android games released in the PAST TWO YEARS that even made you think "wow, I wanna play it". A mediocre Switch title that releases each month is miles ahead of anything Android gets, let alone the huge first party Nintendo hits that we get at least two a year.

Android gaming is a joke and always has been and seems like always will be. iPhone is in a bit better situation but still not even in the same league as a proper console like the Switch.

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thada2607, 12 Sep 2019they have their metrics, differs from reviewing a phone with feelingNo. It's feeling and lack of knowledge that switches deserved phone ratings around whether by reviewer or user

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Kangal, 13 Sep 2019Thanks for being civil. A lot of people are defensive about thi... moreAnd even with tighter jeans i was able to pocket my Sony xperia z ultra. That thing is huge in height and width. Even with short pockets. Of course i was afraid it could fall out more with the short pockets but it didn't happen.
So the pocket claim on any phone is purely bogus.

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Kangal, 13 Sep 2019Thanks for being civil. A lot of people are defensive about thi... moreWhat do you mean nobody can say why to get this part the red magic 3? It's essily superior in almost every single way and about the same price. And about similar in size and thickness.
A far superior display in brightness, refresh rate, latency, and accuracy. Bigger battery and better battery life. Much better ufs storage. Multiple ports. Better speakers and amps. Headphone jack with included headphones. The gaming triggers that are far better.
A much cooler box. Better camera performance.
And above all much more optimized software.

The only advantage the rm3 has is the fan built in. And whichever design someone might prefer between the two which is purely preference.

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What the hell is wrong with the reviewer?????
Not a good buy? Not sensible? Only for those specific people????
The regular one wich still has like 8gb of ram and 128gb ufs 3 storage is only like 500 bucks.

Its pretty much the most decked out high performance decice you can buy at such a low price.
Even if you are not into gaming or don't care about specs that it's still going to be the overall best device you can get and at a fraction of the cost of any other flagship.

And if you don't need any of those fancy features why would you pay double for another device that offers less?
It's display, speakers, connectivity, battery life, speed, and software optimizing put it right up there with the best of the best and even better than the best in some areas. The only area is a bit behind is camera. And that's not by much. It's still right up there with the rest and produces amazing shots still. And could easily be enhanced in updates.

It's one of the most sensible buys you can make. For 1k or more the only thing you get off the iphone is faster chip... barely noticeable in many real situations though.. especially if it comes with its usual ios bugs and slow downs or crashes. Slightly brighter display not necessarily better one. And slightly better camera. Everything else is superior at a fraction of the cost.
Note10? Spen and maybe slightly better display and camera in some aspects. That's it.

Not even devices that are double the price are objectively superior. Whether you use it for gaming or basic functions.

Love the Community, 12 Sep 2019Sure, get a Samsung S10+ if you're into 1440p 60hz 60fps gaming.... moreThanks for being civil.
A lot of people are defensive about this device, even though I'm doing rightly by nitpicking and pointing out it's flaws. If you noticed, noone in this thread could make a proper argument as to why someone should buy this instead of the Nubia RedMagic 3.

This device isn't for me, but that's because it is oversized. I have extra large hands, but my jeans pockets are standard size and it doesn't fit at all or properly. I'm currently rocking the OnePlus 7 Pro, and there are so many things I have complaints with. But I'm sticking with it because there's no Pixel/AndroidOne alternative.

I hate this new "dongle life" where you need to carry around spare cable, power bank, usb, thick cases, headphone charging box etc etc. That makes the phone, or at least the experience, a lot bulkier and less mobile than it was. Before we needed Slim cases, few microSD cards, spare battery...done.

Just imagine if they release in 6 months the Samsung S11+ Plus, where they keep the good properties but upgrade the flaws: Better Exynos SoC, No Notch/Hole, 120Hz AMOLED option. There would be little reason to get the ASUS. Because it would be a more compact phone capable of gaming, better overall, and you could void warranty/Knox/and tinker with the Exynos variant. The monospeaker would suck though, that's one area few have gotten right. However, I rather we have two phenomenal options to choose on the market than just one, which is why I plead for practicality, value, and improvements from a consumer-friendly perspective. We've lost some interesting designs over the years, click on My Devices, to take a trip down memory lane.

This is pretty amazing.

I wasn't too fond of the gaming theme before but seeing how much functionality they actually put in there (2 C ports AND the 3.5mm jack! I once thought they'd only come together with the kitchen sink!) through a comprehensive review like this, I really only have to overcome the tacky design of the back.

NEX 3 has the basics, but not the huge battery, not the DAC(probably), not the boosted speakers, button mapping or the tactile feedback shoulder buttons and all that control over SoC behavior. I'd miss the 2x as I have more use for a normal perspective than UWA with Ultra distortion (Gcam would somewhat make up for loss of 2x too), but not the over-curved screen, and I could live with bezels.

All the effort is even more impressive considering it's all gone into this no doubt small-volume device, and suggests that HTC not selling is rather them not trying hard enough.

Also, since the back is glass, there remains the possibility of removing most of the bling by removing the colored finish on the inner side of the glass, to make the back transparent, revealing the vapor chamber etc. which arguably look more sophisticated, like what some have done with Samsung devices.

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My only con is the lack of expandable storage. Still, it is one of the best phones I'm 2019 with a no-holding-back philosophy

If I were Asus, though, I'd make a $1000 "ROG Note" version that has a pen, just for fun ;)

  • Love the Community

Kangal, 12 Sep 2019This entire comment does my head in. It's poppycock to say Andr... moreSure, get a Samsung S10+ if you're into 1440p 60hz 60fps gaming. Surely, this phone is not for you so it's not for you and you don't have enough rights to call the shots for the RoG Phone 3 if they continue it. The features are fine as is.

First paragraph, OnePlus isn't Android One. OnePlus themselves has capable software devs to keep it updated as fast as possible. They're not even bankrupt as they are Silicon Valley's darlings (everyone in Silicon Valley, California buys these things) plus they're well known enough that they can settle with OnePlus's profits for years. Yeah, bootloaders. The bane of every warranties. Now going back, There isn't a single SD855 flagship phone on Android One this year. HMD Nokia did it with the SD845 flagship but they used last year's flagship chip so I got the impression that Google will never allow any latest flagship chipset powered phone to get Android One except themselves.

What? 1TB is already good enough and it's on UFS so I think I found no need for a microSD card. Can't you simply use the USB-C to USB 3.0 cord and connect it to your PC? Data transferring is much faster than doing it on a SD Card. Granted I never use SD cards of my previous phones that had SD card support so I'll never experience what the others are doing. Dude, if space is a concern, put what you need for that phone instead of putting it for collection but never played it. I don't seem to use Emulators as I only use it for Mobile Legends. Again, use the cord and put your stuff on your PC. Oh, just your wallet. Not everyone's.

But this is like an Anti-Flagship. It doesn't have the tropes of a flagship fashion device such as Samsung and Apple. Also who would even think of going to a beach or a swimming pool with that. Gamers like me are likely to be at bed or stay away from sandy beaches or pools to not only protect their phone from it but they're busy gaming anyway. It would be fun to have a Gaming IP68 phone when I'm gaming on the bathtub. You didn't read my point about IP68 where it muffled sound quality. Sony had an IP67/68 phone with stereo speakers and some complained that the sound is not good. If it's sealed, the output may not be good.

Swappable batteries in today's future is a pipe dream now. I sure wish the battery companies who provides batteries can make a lot of spares. I sure wish they can work on an IP68 and Removable battery with removable hard kevlar & carbon finish back.

Sadly, 16:9 is dead on a flagship. 120HZ IPS would sound much nicer; Heck a 120HZ Sharp IGZO LCD would've sealed the deal. I now seem to enjoy a bit of AMOLED (RoG Phone 2 is my first AMOLED phone) such as these (deep blacks, lower battery drain under Dark Mode, Always on Display/Notification Light, Underscreen properties) but I'm aware that it burns in easier and it's difficult to recover.

The bottom line is again, it's not for you in the end.

TechEnthusiast, 11 Sep 2019I dont understand how Rog Phone II got a rating of only 4.4 whil... morethey have their metrics, differs from reviewing a phone with feeling

  • Hijack49

Best stereo speakers on any smartphone to date..

  • Mediateksux

Whackcar, 11 Sep 2019You clearly haven't actually used a OP7 Pro. It is a brilliant p... moreJust get rid of your oneplus complex already.

  • Mediateksux

Kangal, 12 Sep 2019This entire comment does my head in. It's poppycock to say Andr... moreAh the guy who's never satisfied.

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Kangal, 12 Sep 2019This entire comment does my head in. It's poppycock to say Andr... moreYou could say the same for many things , and in the end it just boils down to one thing , this phone is not for you.

That's fine. Move on, nothing to see here.

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jamesabraham, 12 Sep 2019Can the accesorries be purchased separately? For example, if I w... moreYes, you generally buy them separately, as was the same for rog 1

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Take a look at the offical Asus form. There are a ton of problems with the first ROG phone and Asus refused to/cannot fix them. I used to have an Asus ZF3 and it was the only phone I ever had that cannot pair to my car's bluetooth and Asus's solution is for me to change my car! I had long given up on this crap company.