Asus ROG Phone II review

10 Sept 2019

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  • s-pen pusher

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2019And with people like you to accept that then they can conti... morecan you please cite possible hardware solutions to the limitations set by physics to the ever-thinning smartphones?

Yetanotheronlineuser, 14 Sep 2019Ladies & Gents, I bought the 8GB/128GB verison, and I d... moreIf you got the Chinese Tencent version, then the less obvious difference is the lack of WiFi ad (short range / high bandwidth)... You also won't get the fan accessory, and the charger will be a regular one instead of the fast 25 watt

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2019And that some people would be you no wonder you don't complain. always suave.

  • Anonymous

s-pen pusher, 14 Sep 2019i don't think there is not that much more that can be done ... moreAnd with people like you to accept that then they can continue to hold back hardwwre, over boost software, and over charge us

  • knaven

The only thing that attaches me to this phone is the battery.
I dont know, whats the difference in playing games on this device, and for example samsung galaxy s10? FPS? refresh rate?
However I dont know if I buy this phone - it isn't waterproof right? Many times I had to make a phone call in bad weather - rainy day.

RhaegR, 11 Sep 2019Who else jumped straight to Battery Life section? Guilty. 😅I bought the phone because of the battery...

  • Yetanotheronlineuser

Ladies & Gents, I bought the 8GB/128GB verison, and I don't game on a phone.

I just had to have a modern phone with such a large battery.

I noticed there is an LTE difference between models, so is anyone aware if they have cut anything else out for the 8G/128GB model?

"We also tried other ambiguous setups, so you don't really have to, like hooking up to separate power sources to the two USB-C ports as well as two other smartphones. Also a combination of the two. We even threw in a PC conection, to see just how the whole Type-C host/client negotiation works while having to manage two ports at once. Long story short - nothing bad happened."

I take it this means the phone can't daisy chain another phone and receive a PD3.0 current from the bottom port while charging the other phone through the side at 5W like powering an accessory?

  • s-pen pusher

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2019We are nowhere near the peak of cameras. On fact we've been... morei don't think there is not that much more that can be done with regard to the hardware for smartphone cameras that deals with physics (or lights for that matter). so, the only way to move further up with image quality is software. there still may be some innovations available to the hardware, but that would be pretty limited.

  • Anonymous

zZz, 14 Sep 2019Hi again well you didnt answer my first comment but anywa... moreGood for you

  • zZz

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2019What the hell is wrong with the reviewer????? Not a good b... moreHi again
well you didnt answer my first comment
but anyways

one thing to have in mind is that there are always flaws. in every thing. and there is room for improvement so that manufacturers can persuade people to buy new generation products.
cars, home appliances, laptops and etc...
so there will never be a wholesome anything!
we can choose something with most features...
pointing out flaws is ok, BUT ignoring benefits is not ok and thats what we feel from your comments
the easiest question is what phone do you prefer to ROG 2 today??? what are other options out there and which one do you prefer and why?

you named nubia red magic. what does it have over ROG2?
in this exact review the wrighter said the benefits of ROG2 over RM3. didn't you read that part?

now. we are talking about a 1.gaming
the only rival for gaming centric device (non-android) is Nintendo Switch

you said this phone is big for you. ok. that can be an issue for some people.
1. Gaming. can you put switch in your pocket???
2. phone. you said you have OP7Pro. which is less than 9mm shorter. less than 1cm is dealbreaker for you?????????

Well, i for one cant accept this from you, to me it seems like you are just trying to be ignorant. maybe others can accept it. not me.
(again calling OnePlus os android one is wrong. its Oxygen OS. so correct your wrong instead of insisting on them)

you hate dongle life. yet have a wallet with 2 MicroSD compartment??? and tiny usb otgs we have these days or not good enough for you?
you want to carry an external battery with you, but PowerBank is a NO GO??? how can that be a good option but PowerBank makes your phone less mobile??

you want to have external storage, carry usb otg instead of MicroSD
you want to have extended battery life, carry powerbank instead of external battery!

and put all that aside, you hate dongles, yet you are talking about a phone which has A F*#@#$ BRIEFCASE OF ACCESSORIES AND DONGLES?!?!?!?!?! come on... what is wrong with you?

and comparing an existing phone with a hallucination and imagination of what could be is wrong on lots of level. samsung announced GN10+ later than this phone and yet you want to compare it to what may come in the future? is that logical?

you plead for practicality. ok. i think i have shown you that your errors for this phone are in fact unpractical

you plead for value yet you are waiting for a phone that will come in 6month and IF it has the things you said you are going to have to pay much more...

you plead for consumer friendly but this device has a different target than you in mind and for its target, its pretty much friendly

instead of just showing flaws, name a comparison phone that EXISTS so we can talk.

  • Anonymous

s-pen pusher, 14 Sep 2019i am not a big gamer (mobile, pc, nor consoles), but eversi... moreWe are nowhere near the peak of cameras. On fact we've been held back on them for quite some time

  • s-pen pusher

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2019I can think of several reasons to get this over "XYZ" phone... morei am not a big gamer (mobile, pc, nor consoles), but eversince having the razer phone 1 then later on the 2 i have noticed that the 120Hz display and the front facing stereo and individually amplified speakers make these gaming centric phones also good for media consumption. on both the razer phone 1 and 2, the speakers are so good that it actually can fill our main bedroom. because they have bigger drivers than most other flagship phones can afford within those anorexic top and bottom bezels, the dynamic range is excellent that you even can hear the low ends. moreover, because of the dynamic range and loudness it can offer, surround sound (dolby atmos with the razers) can actually be projected properly; games like those of alto's, which are dolby atmos compatible can be really immersive. the same thing with other contents encoded with dolby atmos. on the other hand, the 120Hz is not a gimmick as some people see it- whenever i use my razer phone 2 and then switch back to xperia 1, it really is noticeable how smooth motion was on the razer. even as simple as browsing the web is quite pleasing to the eyes.

i guess this will have to be the way forward instead of foldables- higher screen refresh rates, better loudspeakers, and higher touch samping rates (perhaps we can add also higher and higher resolution, and content friendly aspect ratio). the camera has been the focus of oems of late, and i think we are nearing the peak for that.

  • Anonymous

Kriegsherr, 14 Sep 2019Yeah. Some people just love to complain.And that some people would be you

How long does it take to fully charge this phone from 0 to 100?

Mediateksux, 12 Sep 2019Ah the guy who's never satisfied.Yeah. Some people just love to complain.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Sep 20199825 is 9820........... its just a overclocked chip .Wow......

  • TimApple

Anonymous, 13 Sep 20199825 is 9820........... its just a overclocked chip .It's not just an o overclocked 9820. 9825 is on a newer, more efficient process node. The actual clocks are the same and are variable anyway because of how the scheduler works so you'll see it boosting to max frequency very rarely anyway, whatever it may say on the specs sheet. Please learn the difference before posting.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2019You either don't know anything about current or past exynos... more9825 is 9820........... its just a overclocked chip .

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 13 Sep 2019Thanks for being civil. A lot of people are defensive abou... moreI can think of several reasons to get this over "XYZ" phone (be it a red mars 3 or a Note 10, or whatever). Some of which may apply to my own preferences, some which may apply to other people's preferences

120Hz panel + great color accuracy + Improved touch latency
6.6" size - great huge panel
6000mAh battery
Front facing stereo speakers
Great haptics
Side-usb for gaming/usage when in landscape mode
Expanded and far more granular control of performance
Awesome cooling
RGB light (not a big thing..but hey, some might like it)
Camera is great (maybe not better than Note 10 but for sure better than Nubia)
Headphone jack
Stockish UI option
Ultrasonic triggers for use in games and outside of games
The accessories

Are these items worth the trade-offs or the higher price (depending on which other device you would compare to) ?

Up to each and every one to decide for themselves.