Honor 9X review

24 Oct 2019

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Why do you keep saying that the honor 8x has Kirin 810 and that its the same as the Kirin 710? Don't you proof read? I mean one can pass a typo but not the same misleading information over and over again through the article.

This is not the Honor 9X and Huawei/honor are doing harm to themselves marketing it as such. As far as I remember the true honor 9X and 9X pro have a bunch of advantages over the rest of the midrange market, starting with the Kirin 810 supposedly being 30% more powerful than the SD730, and the back cameras being better.

Last three GSMA reviews:Moto One Zoom,Nokia 7.2 and Honor 9x...three companies who said-let's massively overprice cheap budget phones,sell them for twice the price and call them midrangers...maybe some people will fall for that BS..Xiaomi and Realme are having a laugh..

Honor 8X came with Kirin 710. So technically this device has a newer chipset - 710F. Not the latest one found in China, but still.

8X never has Kirin 810.

  • Anonymous

15 Million Honor 9X buyers cant be wrong..

Cons: It uses the Huawei P Smart Z model identifier as a workaround to get Google Play certification.

Why is that written off as a "con"? How does that in ANY way affect the user experience? I'm sure you'd still write it as a con if the phone didn't come with gapps, so why make it a lose-lose situation without any reason.

The other cons are valid though. So it's certainly not one of the better Huawei/Honor midrangers.

  • AnonD-706668

Gsmarena should not review such a useless camera phone

  • Diego

This phone is dead, there are a lot of better options for the same price and even lower

  • Kick

What is the point of back glass? Phone case will cover it anyway