Mi Note 10 vs. Galaxy Note10+: Do you really need 108MP in a phone?

03 Jan 2020

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  • Rdmkr

Couldn't care less about the megapixel count, but that almost 1 inch sensor (75% to be exact) has to be a pretty big deal. That's close to the size of the sensor in the Sony RX-100. Just hard to believe Xiaomi could squeeze that into a smartphone without major compromises in other areas.

  • Anonymous

NeonHD, 10 Jan 2020Nope. I thought it was already established in 2015 that... moreBUY xiaomi mi note 10 first, then you can say the experience, not bullshit opinion dude!
Hahahaaa....i have 108mp from xiaomi, and i can say you are dont know anything, this is awsome pixel 😌

  • Anonymous

The software and the mid-range cpu are what's holding back the potential of the camera. The Mi10 will use this same camera and would produce better results simply because they will use a flagship cpu to processs the image.

wow, noise performance of the 108mp sensor turned out to be really good, lets see what samsung can offer using the same sensor but with f1.5 aperture

NeonHD, 10 Jan 2020Nope. I thought it was already established in 2015 that... moreMega-pickles?
Like for real!


I thought it was already established in 2015 that megapickles don't matter!

Stupid companies like Xiaomi are simply trying to get consumers hyped by showing off big numbers. I'd rather take a 12MP camera with a good CMOS sensor and good software processing than a 314MP camera that produces mediocre color reproduction and dynamic range. I mean, my Nexus 6P still takes one of the best photos IMHO and it uses a 12 MP camera.

Large MP is only used for certain purposes for certain individuals, the average snapchat user wouldn't give a dime about high MP count.

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2020Yes.. and also about camera software. And here Xiaomi has a... more I do believe all of the concepts you've presented for your post. I really impressed with this article

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2020They were right. These situations? Yes some but not all. Th... moreI would be glad even if I didn't needed 108mpx if the quality was better. Looks like it'll be super rare to come across an ideal scenario when it's not better to use the 5X zoom instead of the 108mpx from the main camera.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-784107, 06 Jan 2020Its not about the pixel count. As this proves. Its about th... moreYes.. and also about camera software. And here Xiaomi has a long way to go.
Looked at some samples comparing Mi 9T (Sony 586 sensor) and Mi Note 1 (108 mpix Samsung sensor).
Looking at images without zooming or cropping (which is after all what most people do), you really have to make an effort to spot the differences. Even for low light shots.

  • Anonymous

phone cameras are for point, shoot, and upload. it should be judge based on that. if you want to zoom, crop, and edit, then get a real camera.

  • Osxholuman

Forget about those resulotion, pixel number, sensor size, the biggest pixel um is always the winner, you dont have to read million of review to understand this

Anything larger than 2 um has good enough sharpness and dynamic range. Most full frame dslr are over 4 - 10 um

  • Anonymous

Panino Manino, 08 Jan 2020Usually in these cases the full resolution is inferior in q... moreYou clearly missed the point and don't understand it all.
It's still part of the point of the article, there were plenty of scenes where you might have seen some advantage, and even in scenes where it would be worse would have been a useful it informative contrast.

  • Anonymous

So basically yes. Bigger sensor!!
In the past 8 years cameras have degraded in actual quality. Faster focus, better hdr, better low light.
But we have been ripped off while 12mp have been recycled for years now and were barely acceptable when they started.
But thanks to corporate greed and the average Joe thinking yes all I want is a skinny fashion phone.... It's what we got.

And what most people are not getting is you are comparing mid level quad Bayer's to flagship sensors. They tend to lack OIS, they don't have dual pixel focus, maybe not the same sensor quality, processing, etc.
And they are newer.
Now take the 48-108mp ones add better focus, ois, brighter or dual lender like Samsung, higher end processing, more control over depth, etc. And you got yourself a camera that would probably destroy any 12mp around right now.

  • Anonymous

Panino Manino, 08 Jan 2020Usually in these cases the full resolution is inferior in q... moreThey were right. These situations? Yes some but not all. The article specifically says do you need 108mp. And in many daylight scenes would have been the perfect time to throw it in just for contrast.
Of course sticking to the 27mp mode in most cases and areas of this test made sense. But completely leaving the full res shots out altogether was a mistake

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2020I am sorry to say this, but as an owner of a 48mpx camera w... moreUsually in these cases the full resolution is inferior in quality. This is specially apparent with 48mpx sensors, but how worse can vary, your tolerance can vary to make it usable to crop, which is a bit redundant when you have 5x physical zoom.
Yes, the 27mpx uses the full 108mpx of the sensor, it was made to work this way.

  • BigDon

Is absolutely essential for the main camera and the front camera have the Mi Note 10. But especially for the front camera. I regretted switching from the Huawei P20 Pro to the Samsung S10 5G. Samsung make great photo but the others makes better.

  • Anonymous

I will wait for K30 review and see how the IMX686 plays out.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2020To put it bluntly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is being ann... more"But the big question that begs to be answered is should you buy the Xiaomi over the Samsung?"
No you shouldn't buy anyone of these. Mi 10 and samsjng s20 will be launched soon.

  • Anonymous

I am sorry to say this, but as an owner of a 48mpx camera with a Sony IMX586 sensor, having done some extensive testing, I can tell you this:
This article is gaslighting you.

The problem - they only used the 27mpx mode of the sensor, and not the the full 108mpx, which works just fine in good lighting conditions.
My camera, in full 48mpx mode and good lighting conditions, captures incredibly more detailed shots (twice more detail) than the best Samsung 12mpx cameras.

In good lighting conditions, 108mpx camera will get 3 times more detail than 12mpx camera. That is to say 3 times more in horizontal and 3 times more in vertical direction - 3x3 = 9, which exactly what 108/12=9 is.

The article language of
"The Mi Note 10 takes 27MP photos so the resolution difference is 2.25 times instead of 9."
is double-talk, and it makes no actual physical sense aside from trying to convince the reader that 108mpx is not that special.

Well, sorry. In my testing of 48mpx sensor, it is.

  • Anonymous

vcihnecwe, 08 Jan 2020I use K20P with Gcam. Please go do some research before sta... moreMost of the people I came across who have a Budget device use gcam.
You are clearly surrounded by clueless zombies