Mi Note 10 vs. Galaxy Note10+: Do you really need 108MP in a phone?

03 Jan 2020

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Anonymous, 07 Jan 2020More than a billion people use YouTube. Are you telling me... moreHow do you even search for something you do not know, most of the users do not even know GCAM exist? LOL enjoy living in your own small world.

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2020May I ask which phone you use? Coz you seem salty I use K20P with Gcam. Please go do some research before stating false info. Maybe 70-80% , but only in your own tiny world.

AnonD-784107, 06 Jan 2020Its not about the pixel count. As this proves. Its about th... moreLow light pics still looks significantly better on Mi Note 10 especially when the night mode is enabled on both devices. Samsung is doing its usual oil painting job in higher ISO settings, and while Xiaomi also suffers the same processing issue in night mode, significantly larger MP count ensures that it will hold significant advantage at least in detail rendering.

"If the Huawei put this in the P40 pro"
Huawei would certainly do it *better* than either of Xiaomi and Samsung if they designed the lens for this 108MP sensor, but that doesn't mean they would be great at it. Designing quality optics for a large sensor out of plastic while keeping the height of the camera module relatively low is an extremely demanding job. Remember, the big part of the reason why the lens on Mate 30 Pro is so sharp and clear is due to its small (well, not really, but still smaller than Xiaomi's) sensor size. Also you should keep it in mind that phones never beats and never will DSLR in terms of overall capability as a camera.

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2020This proves that megapixel count is meaningless. If pixel ... more"why didn't this 108mp beat the 12mp camera?"
It clearly did though, except in dynamic range.

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To put it bluntly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is being annihilated by the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 in the photography department. Add to that the fact that the Xiaomi only costs 2/3 the price of the Samsung.

But the big question that begs to be answered is should you buy the Xiaomi over the Samsung?

If photography and low price is all you ever care in a smartphone, then yes, the Xiaomi is for you. Otherwise if you value many other features - 1 TB (soon 2TB) micro sd expansion, Widevine L1 support, wired USB-C to HDMI video output, bigger/better internal storage options, vastly better video options (4K 60fps main camera, 4K 30fps selfie camera), stylus/s-pen features beyond compare, a bigger, better amoled screen, fast wireless charging, IP68/dust/water proofing features, desktop (DEX mode) features, superior RAM (12GB) and superior processor and better software update support, then the Samsung Note 10+, all features and functionality considered (entire package) absolutely massacres the Xiaomi Mi Note 10.

Would I buy the Xiaomi? Even if I'm on a tight budget, NO. There's just too many compromises. There really is more to a phone than a topnotch camera whose photos only get viewed on Facebook mobile. The absence of Widevine L1 support, micro sd expansion, wired USB-C to HDMI video out options are enough deal breakers for me. I can forgo the absence of a headphone jack in the Samsung or the absence of an IR blaster in the same, but I can never love a phone that doesn't support my mobile movie viewing/screen sharing habits. Netflix/Google play movie watching offline, screen shared to a big TV or a pico/mobile projector or even just on the phone itself. It is just as important to me as high quality photography and 4K video recording - and 4K video recording needs HUGE STORAGE. A measly 128GB "internal storage - only" phone (no micro sd expansion) with a 108 megapixel camera sensor? What was Xiaomi thinking? The presence of an IR blaster, headphone jack or bigger 5260mAh battery in the Xiaomi will never compensate for that HUGE Widevine L1 and expandable storage oversight. Not to mention Xiaomi phones NEVER HAD OR HAVE options to ENCRYPT the expandable micro sd storage EVEN IF IT HAD ONE (MIUI limitation or government intervention?)

If I want 'cheap' I'd rather buy the Samsung M30s. It's got ALMOST everything the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has and a WHOLE LOT more AND at 40% LOWER price. Having had 6 Xiaomi phones and 1 Xiaomi tablet in our household, I feel sorry for Xiaomi. It has since deteriorated in the features, specs and phone selection it offers (goodbye ultra huge Mi Max series, welcome Mediatek processors) and yet the price has gone up. The last truly great Xiaomi phones were the Pocophone F1 (flagship grade) and Mi Max 3 (supersized midrange). Everything went downhill afterwards in terms of price:performance and price:features ratio.

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This proves that megapixel count is meaningless. If pixel count is what matters the most then why didn't this 108mp beat the 12mp camera? It's all about the sensor, processor, and the software.

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Mi Note 10 is just a good clone of Huawei P30 Pro. Anyway, I'd go for Galaxy Note 10+ which I actually did :). Galaxy Note 10+ is a better phone by all aspects.

I think that there's no need at all in adding more pixels in a mobile phone photo, because adding that will only increase the size of photos, thus we eat storage faster with fewer photos. Instead, what's really needed in my opinion is to add more zooming possibilities, and also more formats choices, like saving images as png or raw without needing to install 3rd party apps.

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vcihnecwe, 07 Jan 2020And how many people does that? you grossly overstating 70-8... moreMore than a billion people use YouTube.
Are you telling me they are all so technically challenged that they can't even search for a video on YouTube?
There are results right on the first page.

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vcihnecwe, 07 Jan 2020And how many people does that? you grossly overstating 70-8... moreMay I ask which phone you use? Coz you seem salty

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vcihnecwe, 07 Jan 2020If you want to really compare quality of the lenses, you sh... moreYour right exactly what i was thinking.

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vcihnecwe, 07 Jan 2020If you want to really compare quality of the lenses, you sh... moreEven that is not needed. Just looking at the corners and edges and comparing it to the center will reveal it. Moreover you cannot artificially create details and structures with a mushy lens even by processing it. That'll just be full oversharpening artifacts.

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2020Should be compared with Mi Note 10 Pro instead of regular M... moreAbsolutely correct, sir.

Prooves Samsung is on a downturn.. Huawei is so much better than the competiton the World started bannin it. USA banned them to work with US companies and the rest of the World said nothing to prove US wrong and make them unban, because all 7 billion of us suffer because of 300 mil US ppl decision to protect their worse product of been oversold by chineese mega tech named Huawei

One is the mother of all flagships...the other one is top midrange phone with midrange soc and midrange price.., also with hires camera. the two generaly very good, just not on the same level

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2020That's background blur, it's different from bokeh. You're r... moreThank you and other two people for pointing out my mistake. I learnt something new today.

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Nick Tagataka, 05 Jan 2020Bokeh is a term derived from Japanese that indicates blur p... moreThat's background blur, it's different from bokeh. You're right about the word bokeh deriving from Japanese word, but bokeh specifically means the artistic quality produced by shallow depth of field and not the shallow depth of field itself. In Japanese bokeh is 'Boke', whereas background blur in 'Bokashi', those two terms were derived from the same verb 'Bokasu', meaning 'To blur out', hence those two terms are much less distinguished from each other than in English. But we're speaking English here, so let's try not to confuse them.

AnonD-784107, 06 Jan 2020Its not about the pixel count. As this proves. Its about th... moreIf you want to really compare quality of the lenses, you should be comparing daylight and not low light shots in untouched RAW. Comparing jpg mean it is factoring heavily on the in-camera processing. You also need to have the lens on the same or at least similar MP sensor for fair comparison. The 108MP sensor will easily crush a 12MP sensor even on the same lens simply due to more MP, unless the lens is that bad to produce way less than 12MP resolution.

Smartphone camera can provide comparable result to dSLR with use of in-camera processing, faster aperture, better stabilization and so on. But at same ISO, no way they are even close to dSLR in terms of noise and details, even with the best gcam and lenses.

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2020Simple search on YouTube will give you step by step video i... moreAnd how many people does that? you grossly overstating 70-80%. Realistically its more like 20-30% of the user who use gcam. 70-80% means that are HUNDREDS of millions of people just from Xiaomi sales figure.

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Anonymous, 05 Jan 2020I have seen test done by a photographer. Gcam does not mak... moreWanna bet that i will crash you with Mi Note + gcam? get any phone that you prefer.

I already compared the Mi Note 10 with iPhone 11, S10, P30p, it kills them like np.