Huawei P40 Pro review

26 Mar 2020

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  • Anonymous

The image quality of the P40 Pro 125mm camera is really impressive in good light conditions. Better than the P30 Pro 135mm camera due to the higher megapixel count.

  • Gerald Butler

Wow, I didn't expect last year's P30 pro to perform better in low light than this year's phones. I agree with everyone here that p40 pro is a downgrade in photo quality as well as its looks.

  • Anonymous

S Yu, 26 Mar 2020So, while they boasted about a bigger sensor than the Samsung, i... moreWell said!

The s20 ultra just took way better shots and I'm proud

  • Marcel

GSMArena, why no audio quality lab tests?

Emeline Shaw, 26 Mar 2020Extremely disappointing phone: - sh*tty low-res display - ve... more- very bad cameras (all the other phones take better photos, except with the ultra wide cam)
- last year, sh*tty chipset

And there goes all your credibility. Bet you never even touched Huawei flagship or else you wouldn't spew such a 'sh*t'.

Whats interesting is that patterns shot with its 9.1mp(down from mate30 10mp) still looks better than on iphone/galaxy's 12mp. They are getting better.

Ok,judging by the sample pics here,I think Huawei easily beats S20Ultra in both ultrawide and telephoto mode,zoomed photos are much better,Night mode obviously needs some upgrades,but this is a brand new device,surely an update will make things a lot does look kinda ugly with that hole in display...

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2020It's very surprising that Huawei is doing that. So the super lar... moreI was wondering how is it less sharp than mate30, also did some calculation with the same result: It uses about 9.1mp and upscale it to 12.5mp . Thats almost 1/3 of the sensor being useless. If its just error, output might be way way better, but who knows?

  • Coron19

There's no originality when it comes to the design. LOL

As P30Pro owner I must admit that all three cameras are better than on P30Pro. I don't give rats ass about UWA (as I never use it) but first time I see UWA camera putting out pictures that are extremely detailed.
Just one hope that my eyes will see a say when full res pics are worth pixel count. Like my still unbeaten Nokia 808.

well , i still like my P30 Pro and i don't see a reason for upgrade and pay all of this much , if only it had Kirin 990 it would be perfect for me :'"

So, while they boasted about a bigger sensor than the Samsung, it actually shoots cropped by default, and in non-cropped mode provides good as useless quality, so the effective imaging area is in fact smaller.
Also, from the studio shots it's pretty clear that the texture is getting waxy again just when they came close to fixing it in P30P, in many areas of the studio shots P40P exhibited a regression compared to its predecessor, and both are generally inferior to the GS20U, which itself has yet to entirely sort out its processing algorithm.
Bravo. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That software does not do the hardware justice at all.

With such a large sensor and pixels you would expect the main camera to be leaps ahead of competition, but they are pretty similar.

Since camera is only on par with the other flagships at best,
There is literally no point buying this phone without Google.

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2020Best phone on the market ,def my next phoneNot better than my mi mix alpha 5g 12gb/512gb with ceramic , titanium and wrap-around display

Xperia now will have the final hit!

Camera hardware is just mindblowing, software not make use most of it. Ultrawide photos are just excellent.

But without google store people won't buy it. And for me it lacks good stereo speakers too.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2020The S10+ didn't have a faceid sensor in its pill hole. This one... more"Looks like" being th eoperative words doesnt matter whats inside its the design thats copied
Good try tho

  • StevY

Same problem as P30 with same RYYB sensor replacing green pixel with yellow pixel : yellowish pictures even in day time....bad.

  • Anonymous

without GMS+RYYB sensor for a little bit better(?) in low light?