nubia Red Magic 5G review

3 April 2020

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  • 26 Jul 2020

Wargodz, 22 Jul 2020bs3 or nubia rm 5g? is there any issues on nubia 5g like so... moreI have bought one from AliExpress and they send me the 55w charger and an uk adapter and came quite fast in 8 days got it in my hand,i have been using the phone for 2 weeks and honestly i can't find any bugs no flickering,got caller id,got battery percentage even the fingerprint works fine even so i got screen protector over plus few more that i have also read about like everywhere but can't really remember right now.
Overall it does worth the money for a gaming phone.

    Abhinil2009, 04 Apr 2020Don't rely on this brand you won't get any software updates... morethanks, i think i will buy bs3 non pro instead of nubia 5g

      bs3 or nubia rm 5g? is there any issues on nubia 5g like software issue, heating issue, flickering blackscreen. can someone please help me whats the best gaming phone to buy 😭 i really want nubia but i read the review so many negative comments.

        Weebs, 13 Jul 2020Does Nubia Red Magic support Google App?Of Coures Android 10

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          • 16 Jul 2020

          You can show the battery percentage. I have it showing on mine. I can send a screenshot to prove it. XDA Developers has a walkthrough if you need it.

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            • 13 Jul 2020

            Does Nubia Red Magic support Google App?

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              • 25 Jun 2020

              I don't care about gaming but I want a big AMOLED screen with 90Hz+ refresh rate and paying 900 EUR for S20+ or OP8 Pro just doesn't sit right with me. I was about to get the OnePlus 7 Pro (currently a deal for 8/256GB version for 578.55 EUR) but then I found this for 580 EUR on their website and it has 144Hz instead of 90Hz, Snapdragon 865 instead of 855 and a bigger battery not to mention faster fast charging. The curved QHD screen is nice but imho not worth it because the SoC and 144Hz are more important.

              So I'm one of those people who don't have a single game installed on their phones and I'm looking at a gaming phone.

                Nik, 19 Jun 2020Will red magic 5G come to Singapore It's here mate, i just got mine today! Bought it from Shopee

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                  • 19 Jun 2020

                  Will red magic 5G come to Singapore

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                    • 14 Jun 2020

                    Thise is available.......?

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                      • AnonD-935752
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                      • 27 May 2020

                      pro :
                      fast smoothing silk system
                      clear gaming less lag
                      supported all app
                      good camera & video
                      overcharge protection power cut

                      cons :
                      feels Hot after 1 hour gaming ( cooling effect take times to cooldown the phone around 30 minutes )
                      software updates problem
                      alot system bugs (freeze etc etc )
                      forum support for ZTE very slow from customer service takes around 2-4 weeks to reply.
                      battery discharging very fast when gaming
                      low battery input

                      recommended ?

                      NO. not future proof.
                      the system still new to phone industries.
                      the cooling system might be a problem someday after 1-2 years.
                      very hard to get components service because not all countries have the spare parts if the things brokenn down.

                      If cooling system broken or faulty issue , might be major issue for the phone , the heat cannt be transfer out , and mighht blow up thhe phhone without our cautious.

                      wait unntil they release the proper versionn of this new setup in 5 yearss for stable version.

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                        • 22 May 2020

                        Will red magic 5g will release in egypt

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                          • 13 May 2020

                          So I accidentally posted the comment before finishing it so I will continue here:

                          Another thing is I hope you gonna continue doing these tests and benchmarks because I really appreciate it because these tests are very helpful for heavy users/mobile players like me, its gonna help us a lot finding the best device that suits our needs.

                          Lastly, why not doing these test and benchmarks (CPU throttling test and gaming performance) to every phone and tablet you review? It's gonna enable you to build a big database of the sustained performance of every device and thermal throttling and gaming performance then after that add a thermal throttling option in the phone/tablet finder so we can sort the search results based on the CPU thermal throttling results.

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                            • 06 May 2020

                            Joker, 05 May 2020It will come in July or August.No it already went out 21 april

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                              • 05 May 2020

                              Anonymous, 21 Apr 2020Will red magic 5g will release in INDIA? It will come in July or August.

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                                • 04 May 2020

                                can someone answer me if this has a dust filter inside the grills? i was planning to but one but now that ive seen some comments im thinking of an alternative

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                                  • 04 May 2020

                                  Does the red magic 5g support SIM cards from Holland?

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                                    • 28 Apr 2020

                                    Does have trigger buttons?

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                                      • 25 Apr 2020

                                      How are the OS updates of this phone? Does it have one?

                                        Yesterday I received my RedMagic 5G Black and within 6 hours the screen started flickering, the total system started stuttering and I ended up with the screen flashing on and off, a totally garbled screen turned black many times, and after resetting it in the system menu the phone screen turned black and died on me. Could not see what I was doing.
                                        😤😠😡🤬😈 I want my money back, never ever experienced something like this with any of my previous phones 😤😠😡🤬😈