OnePlus Nord hands-on review

21 July 2020

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Is the frame is made of plastic or metal

  • Anonymous

Notesh, 22 Jul 2020Hey,vyou guys should check out the Oneplus website inn Neth... moreThe phone has all the features listed, but choosing one decides which free gift you receive.

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2020Does it support HDR10+ and widevineL1 for full potential of... moreYes.

Hey,vyou guys should check out the Oneplus website inn Netherlands/Germany etc. The features of the phone are listed as free add on gifts to be selected in the cart. Is it just me, or is this hype way too much? Come on. The 90hz display is already an advertised feature, why make it a selectable item in the cart? Weird

  • LilDragon

By when can we expect a full detailed review...??

  • Anonymous

Does it support HDR10+ and widevineL1 for full potential of viewing experience of High quality contents. And please do detail review of its screen quality and its pro's and con's

Diwakar G, 22 Jul 2020It has aluminium frame ? Also other initial hands on review... moreThe frame is indeed made out of plastic, as was confirmed by OnePlus to one of the reviewers. In our defense, it just feels really sturdy and dense in hand so we assumed it was metal that was painted over to hide the antenna lines.

As for the HDR, as we mentioned in the article, the phone does indeed support HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG. This was confirmed by DRM Info app as well as Netflix and YouTube apps. We don't know why OnePlus doesn't market this.

We will be discussing these things and other doubts that we have with the company over the coming days. If you guys have any questions of your own, you can leave them here. The full review will be coming later when that embargo lifts, so questions regarding battery life, camera quality, etc. will naturally be answered then.

  • Anonymous

Li, 22 Jul 2020What else do you need when you have 256 GB, I am not complaining and I was replying to other person question

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2020All that hype and this is the best they can come up with? A... moreYes I agree with you..
All that hype and this is the best they can come up with?

I know it's midrange smartphone not flagship. But still they can made better one with same budget range.

Ultimate Reviewer, 22 Jul 2020Have you felt or saw this phone in person. You OnePlus hate... moreYou done riding oneplus? Felt good?
Now go watch frankietech's review on YouTube. Nord is a glass sandwich with a plastic frame in between and he's proved it.
Oneplus fooled everyone with thinking it's an aluminum frame. I'm surprised as to how could gsmarena miss out on that, took them for professionals.

  • Yaduraj

Is it alluminium frame

  • Anonymous

All that hype and this is the best they can come up with? A phone physically identical to Realme?

There's no need for a dual selfie camera. Just use 1 selfie camera but with a more wide angle lens than usual. If everybody has 26mm, put in 20mm or 22mm with AF. People can just crop the sides you know?

Why remove 3.5mm jack? It's a middle-range phone!

Remove the 2 gimmick (macro and depth) cameras but put AF to a brighter F2/F2.1 wide-angle camera. Telephoto can be omitted.

Side-mounted or rear-mounted fingerprint sensor would have not been a deal breaker.

This phone is like the Mi A3, a lot of potential but ended up as a disappointment.


It looks like Realme 6 pro ?
Why not UFS 3.0 ? No Stereo Speaker ?

  • abc4bbc

Mannz, 22 Jul 2020How did you guys post a review within minutes of the launch... moreAll prominent YouTubers and Tech reviewers receive Review models before public availability.
They will receive in advance and they publish review when the device available public.

How did you guys post a review within minutes of the launch event when just one day again, you were not sure of many details? Surely you must have had the phone with you for quite some time before posting the review. Did you get a review unit of the phone beforehand itself?

  • Lefteris

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2020Sorry, but this article is completely off on the OnePlus X.... moreAmen !

Tony, 22 Jul 2020The cameras are not better on the 7 seriesReally?These cameras on Nord are almost identical like the ones on Realme 6 Pro(250euro),plus added OIS.
With OP 7 Pro you get good telephoto cam with 3x optical zoom and OIS, plus ultrawide cam with twice the resolution and autofocus..and no useless depth sensor..

  • Anonym

In Europe, where there are less offers than in Asia, having:
- OIS in the main camera
- wideangle selfie alongside a regular selfie cam
- 90hz AMOLED

All at 400€ is a really good buy.
The closest thing is the Mi Note 10, which has a better main camera, but worse SoC and far worse software -- not to mention the other concessions. The Poco F2 Pro is great for those that value SoC over everything, but the cameras are not in the same league -- OIS does make the difference, a shame that Xiaomi chose the wrong K30 to rebrand, the K30 Pro Zoom Edition was *the* one (and they blew it).

  • Jojo

Overhyped phone.... Nothing special

Djinnho, 22 Jul 2020Even if the 855 does not come with an integrated 5G modem, ... moreThat is one phone you pointed out. None of the other 855 chipset phones support 5g or can be retrofitted to fit 5g.