Realme 7 hands-on review

3 September 2020

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  • Anonym

r31ya, 03 Sep 2020Would you rather prefer slightly more powerful G95 or the m... moreFor me it depends on the price.
If they have the same price then the SD one is king.

  • Just a stranger

r31ya, 03 Sep 2020Would you rather prefer slightly more powerful G95 or the m... moreI will choose one if and only if they have 5gconnectivity

"...there's also the TÜV Rheinland Smartphone Reliability Verification. The Realme 7 is the first smartphone to have it, but it's still unclear what this certification serves to confirm."

Same story as Xiaomi's DxOMark or OnePlus' DisplayMate - it's just some tech company that gets its pockets filled by Realme to give them some meaningless awards and certifications... It's probably some sort of "won't randomly engage in violent self-destruction" testing, aka every phone in past 20 years would pass it.

  • rish

Great phone

  • Anonymous

Not much but this is much better jump than 6 Pro to 7 Pro. I have Asus Max Pro M1 with 5000 mAh so I will upgrade to this.

Would you rather prefer slightly more powerful G95 or the more efficient SD720?

The new camera configuration looks awesome!

  • sepluv

TÜV Rheinland seems to be a German smartphone research lab who run which verifies the privacy credentials of apps. I don't know if they would be testing the built-in software similarly or also doing hardware tests.

  • Essa

eh it's alright. It will rival the redmi note 9 pro obviously and I'm glad they're using mediatek for it's soc

  • Anonymous

I've been looking for a mid range phone with a magnetometer.
Any good reason why even the Realme 7 PRO, costing Rs 20,000+, would not have one?
When are we going to see magnetometers in mid-range phones? I've posted similar comments here before. Hoping 'someone' would notice.
Realme 7 and 7 PRO :
"Magnetic induction sensor / Light sensor / Proximity sensor / Gyro-meter / Acceleration sensor"

Smartphone reliability certification on it? So it won't blow up? Ok this is actually the best deal