Poco X3 NFC review

15 September 2020

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  • Patoilo

ErceylanS, 16 Sep 2020One of the most Annoying issues Im facing in MIUI is that y... moreYou can actually change it. Go to apps > manage apps > three dots > default apps > video. There you go :)

ErceylanS, 16 Sep 2020One of the most Annoying issues Im facing in MIUI is that y... moreI completely agree with you!

Sasha0703, 16 Sep 2020Hello all. I've been debating to myself which is bette... moreNote 9 Pro can game but it was never meant for that. It has no dedicated passive cooling on a plastic frame with glass sandwich design. I have bought the Note 9 Pro for my GF and she loves it and she plays MLBB from time to time without issue. I bought her that phone since X3 is non-existent, now that it exist, there's no point choosing the RN9Pro over the X3 unless you really require having macro with AF.

  • DIscoverdose

Well I received my X3 yesterday... I switch phone every 2 months and I come from MI10.
And for 169€ (launch price in france) it's amazing.
Can't see ghosting, and speakers are on the same level as Zenfone 7.
Was worried about IPS (my last IPS was on Zenfone 6) and, well that's an ok display. Not amazing, but fine with it.
I can't understand the price difference between X3 and MI10 or even Galaxy 20 lineup.
You can go with the x3, ok camera, ok screen, ok speakers, ok performance, and good battery (~ 10hrs sot on 4G)

  • MrMing

Shanti Dope, 16 Sep 2020Ghosting isn't even a big problem on phones like this.... moreMany OLED panels (depending on quality of course) are brighter than an IPS LCS panel. You are also likely to use the phone outdoors, but not a monitor or laptop. Probably this is why smartphone users tend to favor OLED than LCD. Touchscreen works better in an OLED panel than LCD panel. I think it's quite rare to find a laptop with touchscreen LCD panel (one of the most popular OLED touchscreen laptops, for example, the HP Spectre x360).

One of the most Annoying issues Im facing in MIUI is that you cannot change the video player from the default MiVideo player (in both MIUI 11 and 12)... Im using Note 8 Pro and love the device overall but this is one of the most annoying things for me due to which Im thinking to switch brand.... Sadly back to the less value for money Samsung or OnePlus phones lol.

Hello all. I've been debating to myself which is better to get. Redmi 9 pro or poco x3 nfc. It would really help me to decide if any one can tell me their experience about the battery, is there any heating issues? What about gaming? i usually just game for 2 straight hours.. And mostly i like to listen to music. Thanks.

Ghosting isn't even a big problem on phones like this. Especially not for the price.
I now currently use a K30 5G with the same 120Hz panel, and coming from someone who have used a Galaxy S20 Ultra in 120Hz mode, there's absolutely no visible difference in terms of motion or fluidity of the panel when scrolling.
Maybe I can see them sometimes, but that's only because I'm specifically looking for them.
About the uneven backlighting, I can't tell that it's so severe because I only see halos on my screen around the two punch hole cameras and a little bit on the bottom, which aren't any big of a deal considering it's still a great panel otherwise, with support for HDR10+ and HLG formats. One thing's for sure is, this IPS panel would certainly last longer than an OLED panel, with low risk of burn ins, and is also much cheaper to replace in comparison.

Come on! We're still using IPS PC monitors with high refresh rate for even the most expensive PC sets today, and even the most expensive luxurious cars today still use LCD screens on their dashboards and function screen, so I don't see the reason for the hate for IPS screens when, in fact, they're much more economical and practical in real world usage.
Of course OLEDs have many advantages to IPS screens, but it's not like it's no longer a usable technology. You guys are foolishly crying for every bit of details on something that's actually trying to offer a great value device that many, if not all can afford.
This is NOT a high end phone, so don't treat it like one, and definitely use a more appropriate standard to rate it.

  • Anonymous

Basically one problem is suddenly "so many", my favourite. Anyway I want something else.

Thinking and reading it here, ghosting should better be expected on most current HRR IPS. Are there even any IPS HRR ghosting-free panels around? Sorry Idk any and was never looking up.

About phone. When exactly is 120Hz being used? No manual switching I assume.

Seems the best way is to check phone out in person if possible. (which prevents from quick purchase)

vk, 16 Sep 2020the Realme 7 pro is a better alternative featuring Amoled s... moreRealme 7 pro is much more expensive than Poco X3. Realme 7 will be more acceptable in pricing when compared to Poco X3

  • BS

Livius, 16 Sep 2020Because the screen has so many problems, it's one of t... moreI am willing to bet that you read until the 'Ghosting' part and straight away commented to condemn the phone without even getting to the end of the review. I didn't see the reviewer complaining about the display 'has so many problems', just some minor issues.

I know you must have never used a Xiaomi phone before when you exaggerated about 'ads everywhere'. Ads only appear in small banners when using Mi Apps and can be disabled. Software is trash? Yet, the Poco scored higher than the Oneplus Nord. You are the classic hater stereotype!

  • Anonymous

vk, 16 Sep 2020the Realme 7 pro is a better alternative featuring Amoled s... moreIt's really not a better phone due to one huge downfall. Barely any supported 4G network bands.

Here in the UK it's next to useless.

Arebx, 16 Sep 2020I have the phone and the display is really good , balanced ... moreYeah, citing "ghosting" on HFR IPS panel would simply just go into the nitpicking section. It's not a big deal actually. I mean it's an IPS. lol.

s-pen pusher, 16 Sep 2020it has been a week now and my order has not been delivered.... moreWow, you had a good deal. I just bought mine at 11,990Php for the 6/128GB as my secondary phone (next to my F1). Ghosting is common on HFR IPS since they're not that fast enough from flipping compared to OLED's. I have 120Hz IPS 1440p monitor and even it is not free from Ghosting. You should have search more about High refresh rate IPS panels just to see that ghosting happens. You might need to buy 20 to 30k high refresh rate IPS monitor just to get into highly-binned panels but that won't guarantee you from being free from ghosting at 120Hz.

  • vk

the Realme 7 pro is a better alternative featuring Amoled screen faster charging equally good SOC

aReefer, 16 Sep 2020I think that if this had a Snapdragon 865 it would have mad... moreIt would probably cost about 150 € more

  • MrMing

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2020Ghosting issue is minor. Doesn't take away from user e... moreVerdict is written by a reviewer and in his/her opinions.

I suggest you try the handset itself in a phone store to be sure and decide yourself if it's a nice handset or not.

People say the Samsung GS20, Oppo Find X2 is a nice phone etc. but I found nothing special except the display. I did try the phone in a hifi store.

  • Arebx

Livius, 16 Sep 2020Because the screen has so many problems, it's one of t... moreI have the phone and the display is really good , balanced colours, bright and the ghosting is unnoticeable and it's coming from someone with a 144hz monitor

And I forgot to add:
Software workaround solutions can't ever appear for ghosting because that's slow pixel response time of some LCD panel and it's hardware limitation that can't be fixed with software. So please don't write something that's not true.

  • Sattar

Poco x3 was 5g phone