Poco X3 NFC review

15 Sep 2020

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Anonymous, 19 Sep 2020I wanna know if this has dual-app. Or allows u to clone ins... moreYes, there is Dual Apps function in the phone.

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2020Go to developer options>bluetooth audio codec. There you... moreno need to go there. bluetooth works so that it uses the codec that the bluetooth device is configured for. like our home hifi system is sony and by default it is set to prioritize ldac since it is their own codec, but on the app to control the system (music center) it has an option to change priority to aptx-hd, aptx, aptx-variable, and sbc. whichever codec i switch the system to, that's what our devices will prioritize to use whenever streaming through bluetooth.

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Yonkouandy, 19 Sep 2020Poco x3 has interested me. I have a oneplus 6 looking to up... moreGo for Mi 10 ultra

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does this have autocall recording???

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aReefer, 19 Sep 2020Thanks for the update. Happy to be proven wrong about the B... moreOf course RN10 is different phone and may have nothing to do with Mi so you may be right. I replied cause lately read about some possibilities of releasing same phone as Mi and RN10 on different markets (a mess). Just to explain.

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aReefer, 19 Sep 2020Thanks for the update. Happy to be proven wrong about the B... moreReally? That adds a tiny bit of confusion coz I've not heard of it exactly this way though some link to Redmi is a part of that mess either. What's for sure, there's another device coming. (except 2 Mi 10Ts) According to earlier Xiaomi's hint it's new 5G SD7xx SoC Mi 10 family member priced under €300. It's mostly expected to be Mi 10T Lite. Though I see 5G itself far from necessary in current phone a look at this new device should be taken.

s-pen pusher, 18 Sep 2020My Poco X3 was delivered earlier today and as promised I wa... moreThanks for the update. Happy to be proven wrong about the BT CODEC's. Maybe I'll get one after all as the X3 does seem like a spiritual successor to the F1 on many parameters.

That said, I also read somewhere that the link between Poco and Redmi has not yet been entirely severed and that this device, plus 5G, will be launched soon under the branding of Redmi Note 10 Pro (5G).

If this is true, and if 5G is important to you, and if Poco branding isn't important to you, then it may be worth waiting a short time for that version.

It looks like Xiaomi have simply moved from selling rebranded Redmi's as Pocos, to selling rebranded Poco's as Redmi's. *Sigh*

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aReefer, 17 Sep 2020Upon further investigation, this phone does not support eit... moreGo to developer options>bluetooth audio codec. There you can choose between 11 audio codecs including LDAC and aptX HD.

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4RedPanda, 18 Sep 2020I'm interested whether the screen is smoother than the... moreDon't see any ghosting issue on my K30 5G speed no matter how hard I tried.

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They should give two varients. One cheaper but with ads and the other, a little expensive without ads and bloatware.
The no ads version gets an update to remove all ads and bloat.

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I wanna know if this has dual-app. Or allows u to clone installed app?

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s-pen pusher, 18 Sep 2020My Poco X3 was delivered earlier today and as promised I wa... moreThank you for your personal early take on the device. It is very insightful for would be buyers.

  • Yonkouandy

Poco x3 has interested me. I have a oneplus 6 looking to upgrade to a new phone. I was 95% set on getting the Poco f2 pro as my next one but would Poco x3 be a better alternative? Poco f2 pro vs Poco x3. I'm looking for a long battery life, fast charging and decent camera. I play games frequently and take photos

MrPaco, 18 Sep 2020How on earth can we eat this? ----------------3G-------W... moreDid you read the article? The values are not related and separate independent measurements.

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2020Well it sounds (little too) good thanks for writing this an... morehi. i did check the cameras and as the review here- it is good enough but not quite like the flagships, of course. i did try to look hard for the ghosting being reported, but i simply cannot find it. for the bluetooth codecs, i am pretty sure as well that i did show those codecs when i connected my twses and our home hifi system (it showed the codec being used on the bluetooth connection for each of the devices i connected it with). i in fact just now also tried my old bluetooth headset that uses sbc. i am very particular on the bluetooth codecs as well because i am after the utilization of my deezer hifi subscription (that's the only music streaming service here in the philippines that offers lossless quality).

4RedPanda, 18 Sep 2020I'm interested whether the screen is smoother than the... moreI think it is a mistake because you have better SOC on the K30 5G, as well as better graphics processor. The only thing I see you're getting more from Poco X3 is the stereo speakers. You're downgrading o

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2020I have a mi note 10 lite and I'm thinking of I want to... moreThe stereo speaker is good. The sound from the earpiece and the bottom firing speaker is almost balanced; it looks like they have used pretty similar size speaker units. Loudness is almost the same but the earpiece unit has a bit lesser bass in it. It doesn't seem to support surround sound though (Dolby ATMOS or DTS X). Stereo separation is greatt. I am thinking if they have made the speakers front firing like the ones in Black Sharks and Asus ROGs, it could have been alot better. Loudness is a bit lesser compared to Black Shark 3 and Asus ROG 3 to my memory.

Only thing I don't like with its sound through the speakers is vibration on the plastic back. I am not sure as of now if the phone uses its vibration motor to project an effect of low frequencies, but the vibration is a bit distracting when gaming or when watching content. I have tried to dig into the settings if it uses the vibration motor but I am not finding anything.

I guess if you can live with that and the fact that it is not that big in boost in performance compared to Mi 10 Lite's SD730G, the Poco X3 is a worthy upgrade if you want the stereo speakers.

  • 4RedPanda

I'm interested whether the screen is smoother than the K30 5g. According to some reviews pixel response isn't the fastest there either (normal story for most IPS)

Because I ordered it a while ago and wonder whether it wasn't a mistake :)

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s-pen pusher, 18 Sep 2020My Poco X3 was delivered earlier today and as promised I wa... moreWell it sounds (little too) good thanks for writing this and letting us know your findings.

I assume you checked camera and no unpleasant surprise there. BT codecs surprise me a little since by quick check even Xiaomi doesn't mention it (unlike other phones which have it), either way it's better to be wrong this way and then learn good news than opposite. (sorry guys) I honestly still don't believe ghosting is not there, maybe its intensity is not same on all devices. It must be seen at least a little (HRR in action+black text like fast scrolling this forum I guess) but well I respect your finding. And usual SOT reports are 7-8 hours max. Maybe it's really slightly various quality of particular units (??) Phone lmay be worth of try in midrange and (I'll say it again) for a price of course. I yet miss SAR info around.

My Poco X3 was delivered earlier today and as promised I was going to comment my own take about the device. For start, let me just inform you that I blog about phones but because I am not popular I buy my own review units and just resell it a few weeks after. Then again there some devices I hold on to a bit longer if I like it that much. My biggest reason for getting the Poco X3 is because I was very much impressed by the Pocophone F1 and the Poco X2. Second is that the X3 is pretty much like the F1- a device designed by the Poco team and not just a rebranded Redmi model. Lastly, I was curious about the SD 732G.

Let me just go through those issues being thrown at the X3 that had me think twice about proceeding with the order. Firstly, the ghosting- I am not sure if I just got a good unit, but I don't see it at all. I have compared it side by side with the Poco X2 as it is the only other smartphone I have that has fast refresh rate (I had the Black Shark 3 at the beginning of the month but I had since resold it). I still have my old Razer Phone 1, but its screen keeps malfunctioning. I know about ghosting on the screen as I have seen it in the Realme 6, but it really os not present on my X3.

MrWhoseTheBoss told of copious amount of ads in the UI, but per GSMArena they did not see any ads. I had no ads as well on the Pocophone F1 and Poco X2, but I have seen some amount of ads in Redmi devices I have reviewed before. Well, GSMArena is right, I did not see an ad as well with the 6 hours I was using the phone. It gave me an option to turn off "personalized ads" when I was setting it up, but the device went on to warn anyway that there still will be ads in the UI, and then again I did not see any ads.

Cellular reception was great. Calls were never dropped and text messages were promptly delivered (the SMS may be due to that I was using the RCS feature of Google Messages in the devices I was sending test messages with). WiFi is good as well and it was my first time to witness being able to connect to 2.4GHz and 5GHz simultaneously. Bluetooth, for one of the commenters in this article, supports LDAC, AptX HD, and AAC. I guess the reason you were not finding documentation about this is because the SD732G is being highlighted for supporting the AptX Adaptive CODEC. I used AptX HD on 2 of my TWSes, and another prioritizes AAC, while our home HiFi system prioritizes LDAC- all 3 CODECS connected well and good.

The battery, oh God. The device came with 64% battery and I got through a little more than 6 hours of screen on time before I plugged it in with 10% left. With that in mind it could easily attain 11 hours of screen on time. This is with about 45% brightness, mostly connected to WiFi, on adaptive 120Hz refresh rate, and light gaming. Then for the charging it did top up the battery from 10% in an hour and 17 minutes. The bottom part got a bit warm while I played PUBG for about an hour, but not so hot to scald you. I have not thoroughly tested it for gaming, but so far with the 1 hour I played PUBG on high graphics setting I did not see the X3 stutter nor drop framerates.

I just have to mention the speaker here- it almost is like the Black Sharks and the Asus ROG.