Sony Xperia 5 II review

28 Sep 2020

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2020I love this phone as much as I hate it. Well, it's ... moreIt has 15,8cm, just like iphone 8+.

Pixel 5 will be at least $700 but you want this one to cost the same?
Please, let people know you were just joking.

  • Anonymous

I love this phone as much as I hate it.

Well, it's Sony - that's good and bad alike. You get all the stuff that makes you yell like a little Sony fanboy. Great Screen, great cameras, good build quality, no nonesense Punch holes or notches or mechanical moving cameras, aka a solid design. But then you get the other part of sony aswell: lacking updates (most likely), outdated cameras (at least frontwise), a plain design that looks like a 250$ xiaomi phone, no qi charging, fast charging that feels like 2017, a premium price tag that doesn't fit the hard or software.

There is simply no way I can recommend this phone to anyone, not even media/video students over a oneplus, samsung or iphone. This phone with 6" also is not at all compact! It's bigger than a Samsung S10+ with 6,4" and as big as an iphone11 pro max with 6,5"! So not even fans of small-er handsets will like or buy it.

Its sad sony still makes compromises to phones as expensive as they offer them. This phone would be a dealbreaker for 700$ but is a lame duck at 900$.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2020sadly no..... display mate has no credit at allSony jokers have no credibility at all.

  • Anonymous

VectorR, 30 Sep 2020By the way, Xperia 5 II is not about Wireless charging at a... moreLack of wireless charging is another compromise to get a lighter phone.

  • Anonymous

Haters dream of an Xperia with same design of phones like Pixel 5, S10e and Redmi Note 9.

I wonder why. Speaker beside usb is awful position ( my own experience), reason they moved back to front. Hole ruins screen and increases prices because supplier has to modify how organic compounds deposition is managed.

By the way, curves and ugly hole can increase price of screen up to $40.
They cost even more to be replaced.

Sheeesshh almost 300 comments already? 😂😂😂

Xperia 5ii is a great smartphone overall. You dont like it, dont buy. If you like, dont come out with nonsense comments defending everything what Sony have done, when the shortcomings are still there. There are no perfect smartphones. It all depends on your needs & budget.

  • Anonymous

Android.Master, 30 Sep 2020Blah.. Blah... Blah.... Nobody cares about your therotical ... morehaha display mate go brrrr is basically what you say

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2020Display Mate has more credibility than Sony jokers like you. sadly no..... display mate has no credit at all

  • pan

VectorR, 30 Sep 2020By the way, Xperia 5 II is not about Wireless charging at a... moretrue... i mean the 5 i, but 5 i doesnt have wireless charging too... i guess the only advantage of 5 i over 5 ii is the price... that is if he or she cant get 5 ii with the freebies... i think 5 i is still a good buy though...

Jovitoreya, 29 Sep 2020Doesn't make sense. Lol doesn't mean you turn of... moreYou don't have to keep your screen 24/7 to get burn ins. I clearly explained keeping same thing for long periods causes burn ins. Read my suggestion again.

pan, 30 Sep 2020it depends on your preference... audio jack, wireless charg... moreBy the way, Xperia 5 II is not about Wireless charging at all. You won't see it there.

  • Anonymous

Ubersonic, 29 Sep 2020Is the intro to this article a joke? How can you call a ph... moreThis website is just mirroring what Sony calls this phone, one that only Sony thinks is compact.

  • Anonymous

IpsDisplay, 30 Sep 2020LCD does NOT have to use a backlight How does it light up then without backlight?

My goodness the comments section for any Sony / Xperia related post is astonishingly active.

  • kretenallat

Which countries have the phone with an XM3/XM4 as the preorder headphones? All I could find was the XB900N...

Suza, 29 Sep 2020Preordered the Xperia 5 II on day one. To be honest I was t... moreThat would be a best deal. Lucky you. ;)

[deleted post]The Note 20 Ultra, launched at $1300 is also $400 more than this, so why don't you compare it with similarly priced devices, and try to use some grey matter

  • mixedfish

People are mad that this is the perfect phone in 2020. Unapologetically non-gimmicky.

So funny.

  • pan

[deleted post]yeah?
but not on all aspect...
at least give 5 ii a win for battery endurance...
note20 ultra got 500 more mah but short of 14 hours compared to 5 ii... at least give that to 5 ii... ha ha...

  • pan

Fearghast, 29 Sep 2020If I am not mistaken, on XDA there is workaround for that b... moresomebody added "files app" on it... i guess it is possible... that is one of the things i will do as my 1 ii arrives... i do a lot of online meetings since i am on wfh, so i have to include zoom and fb messenger on it... i want my phone to last a thousand meetings... ha ha...