Sony Xperia 5 II review

28 Sep 2020

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  • pan

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2020The bastards... I bought the "1 II" a month ag... moreha ha... you can choose to sell your 1 ii...
but if you are only concerned about the size... 5 ii is over 90% of the size of 1 ii... so i guess it is not that significant... previous compacts are less than 90% of their bigger sibling...
also, before you sell your 1 ii, just in case you are taking my advice seriously, think about what you are going to lose...
me... i prefer 1 ii, so i still pushed for the import...
rumors say, 1 ii will get some software improvements on 5 ii... btw i also need a compact one, since my z1 compact is aging... that is why i got me a used xz2 compact...

  • pan

SM25, 29 Sep 2020Is it worth waiting 5mk ii or to go now with 5 from 2019?it depends on your preference... audio jack, wireless charging, high refresh rates...
as for the price, any will do...
5 i has significantly settled the price down...
5 ii has obviously high price but if you preorder with the freebies, that isnt bad...
if you want the 5 ii but missed the freebies, you have to wait for a year for the price to settle down... its what i do... i even bought one of my xperias two years after release... but recently i bought a used xz2 compact, first time to do it... fortunately it works great and at prestine condition...
compare the specs and review of both and see which fits you...

  • pad

L.O.R.D, 29 Sep 2020LOL. Well that's good your phones haven't had thi... moresad about hmd phones, then...
i remember, though it is not usd port, but the charging port of n8 by other users... at my end, the charger are the ones breaking... ha ha... the part where my n8 is deteriorating is the card ports cover... just need to put a clear tape, my case is open on that area so no chance of holding it...
hopefully hmd use more rigid parts if they want to continue holding on to the "rigid phone status"

  • pan

Suza, 29 Sep 2020Preordered the Xperia 5 II on day one. To be honest I was t... morethat is a good move i guess, esp if the freebies do not depreciate faster than smartphones... with that i can still say that 1 ii is a bit better with freebies, headphones or earphones on or near flagship...
the next second best time is to wait for a year or two if you are really into getting it at a good price...
so yeah, preorder it with the freebies or wait for a significant price drop...
sadly i dont get a freebie with an import from hongkong (no official xperia store in the philippines)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2020Display Mate has credibility? Even lower than dxomark. No... moreDisplay Mate has more credibility than Sony jokers like you.

  • Arte8800

Ugly phone. Ugly curves
Bring back the boxy sharp edges rectangular looks like Sony XZP, XZ1C, Z5 Design. Monolithic

  • Anonymous

Just as curiosity ....

Do ppl here know that screen colour accuracy decreases as brightness rises or goes down?
For example, any screen will show better accuracy at 340 nits than 800 or 100, by huge margin.

  • Anonymous

Android.Master, 30 Sep 2020Blah.. Blah... Blah.... Nobody cares about your therotical ... moreDisplay Mate has credibility? Even lower than dxomark.
No phones from Sharp, LG or Sony there.
Even Apple gets high score, I have ipad and can say I expected much better screen.

By the way, how many phones have got A+ from them lately? All tested since 2018.
What a coincidence.
I wonder how Samsung gets A+ when since S7 all them have same issues with white, red, gray and green. The warm tones that you cannot get rid even setting cool colour profile.

He is display expert. He could force delta below 0.8 on Xperia 1.
Feel free to watch.

  • SunnyEric

AnonD-954200, 29 Sep 2020We'll never understand how Sony names their products LolI really think people are nit picking Sony:

many, including reviews, nit pick on the naming. Xperia 5 II, what is so difficult about this? Queen Elizabeth II you have no problem with? A7s iii no problem? Iphone 12 max pro is a mouthful too.

nit pick on a 21:9 screen is too tall. most samsung phones are 20:9 and that's not a big difference and most are equally tall as the 1 ii or 5 ii in length. Yet no one ever said they are too tall or too big.

I think they have almost got everything right with the 5 II, for me it could be smaller, with a true dual sim instead of hybrid. I applaud them for keeping the headphone 3.5mm, no notch, no curved screen, sim and SD tray open with fingernails only (i never understood why sim eject tool is invented, imagine the metal wasted in the world), integrated fingerprint and power button (since 2015, now other brands do it) I wish the lanyard holes are still there.

What I wish Sony could do is: real dual sim, free bumper, UI software support for dual accounts for Whatsapp etc (a la Samsung), option for a sub 6 in screen.

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2020- Sony 4K + delta 0.7 + 100% usable surface + can upscale S... moreBlah.. Blah... Blah.... Nobody cares about your therotical analysis.
Find X2 pro has an A+ rating from DisplayMate.
They called it Indistinguishable from perfect.

I trust DisplayMate over some delusional Sony fan.
Find X2 pro display won more awards than the amount of Sony sales this year.

  • joe75

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2020Juan Bagnell showed on 1ii that there are other apps that c... moreH.S power mode is not new but implementation varies but the goal remains the same charging the phone while not charging the battery to avoid further degradation.

Apple has it and Samsung has it but works in different way than Samsung

  • Anonymous

Android.Master, 30 Sep 2020Chinese flagships don't need HS tech. They(phones fro... moreYou still do not understand.

H.S works like laptop when user removes battery.
You can use phone for 20, 40, 100, 240, 500 min etc ..
Not single 1% is used.

If battery is 100%, it will remain 100% as long H.S is working. Battery temperature decreases about 8 Celsius compared to H.S off.
And it is not just for games, a list of apps that can use it show up there.
Few days after phone was released in Japan, a guy posted the test.
34 Celsius only after playing games for a while.

Oppo about 39 Celsius while charging and OnePlus even passes 40. And he did not even used the phone for games while charging. Otherwise both would pass 50 Celsius easily.
Not even phones with SD810 reach this while charging.

BBk tech is just to make sure it is safe against explosions while charging at this high voltage.
It will still get hot.

  • Anonymous

Android.Master, 30 Sep 2020First of all I am not using the Find X2 pro personally as a... more- Sony 4K + delta 0.7 + 100% usable surface + can upscale SDR to HDR

- Oppo QHD + delta 0.8 + piece is missing + stupid useless curved sides (unwanted touches, glare, fragility and different colour tones compared to centre)

- Both 8bit + 2 (samsung does not make 10bit, only LG, Boe and China Star).

* Industry stardards are Full HD and 4K. QHD is useless. Nothing is recorded in this resolution.

If you do not use find x2 pro, you would not come here make all these advertisement. Not even tech sotes care about this phone. Oppo is lucky Southeast Asia still fall for their bad phones. Western world gives s**** to them.

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2020LCD still use led as backlit............LCD does NOT have to use a backlight

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2020Juan Bagnell showed on 1ii that there are other apps that c... moreChinese flagships don't need HS tech.
They(phones from BBK electronics) have much superior VOOC or equivalently named technology that keeps the phone cool even while charging and using the phone.
Sony will take 2-3 more years to reach that level in fast charging tech.

  • Anonymous

About the screen, it goes brighter with creator mode.
Data is not included, but it was for Xperia 5 (631).

Using the R-G-B controls, you can lower delta to 0.7.

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2020Of course, speaker beside usb has more space. They are al... moreFirst of all I am not using the Find X2 pro personally as a driver.
Don't know where you got that idea from.
But I know people who are using it as daily driver.

I praise phones which are great. Find X2 pro is an awesome phone with a much better display than Xperia 5 II.
Hahhah You simply can't handle a Chinese flagship being better than Sony.

Anonymous, 29 Sep 20205 inch and it would be as narrow as iphone 5. Impossible ... moreYep, but it'd make for one helluva device, less wide and more tall while being compact too, under 150 mm

  • Anonymous

L.O.R.D, 29 Sep 2020If the Xperia 5 II had a five inch screen and Gorilla Glass... more5 inch and it would be as narrow as iphone 5.
Impossible to use cinema pro this way.

  • Anonymous

Stanley Kubrick, 29 Sep 2020Well, upon further research it appears as if the fancy Batt... moreJuan Bagnell showed on 1ii that there are other apps that can use H.S.
At least phone has this.
I am sure it will become "must have" as soon any chinese or samsung copies. 10000% sure.
Like everything else previously called gimmick before they had.