Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G review

08 October 2020

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2020Great result for a 120hz display with 4500mah battery. Whe... moreBecause it is 1080p.
Those lower resolution modes exist just to fool ppl. They never save power.
They just run apps at lower resolution and less stress on GPU.
Screen is still QHD.

Check the tests of S20/Plus/Ultra.
All them have much worse numbers when 120Hz mode is on.
Few tech sites even claim 20-25% more power used.

  • Anonymous

Same extreme blue sky.
Courtesy of excess of HDR.
And innocents still think you get correct photos using HDR.

  • Anonymous

The most unnecessary Galaxy phone ever

More and more Fragmentation Flgship , rather than reducing the lineup

That is honestly a great deal for the price. Yes the plastic back is disappointing, but you do get IP certification & wireless charging. Camera result is decent, and can be improved upon with gcam. Performance & battery life are impressive as well.

I'm not a Samsung fan, but I appreciate what they've done here. Giving credit where due.

  • Usman

80% of the world is getting 4G Exynos version and ur doing review of 5G Snapdragon is absolutely Nuts!

Samsung just dropped a bomb here by offering a great alternative to Chinese flagships in this price range.

Especially in the US, where Apple and Samsung are dominating the market, this phone has already started to eat up the sales of the upcoming iPhone 12 series with better display, faster charging, and early availability.

IPhone 12 (5.4" variant) will be for 650-700$ w
ithout a charger and lack a lot of other things.
IPhone 12 (6.1" variant) will be even more expensive.
So the choice is easy for a lot of users.

  • Sean

I returned my S20FE found the screen to be not usual Samsung standard really cold colours. And performance when turning off 120hz to save battery was rather stuttery

  • Joakim

I noticed that in the review screenshots you are shooting photos in the 4:3 aspect ratio (probably is the aspect ratio of the sensor).

What aspect ratios can you take photos with? (1:1, 20:9, 4:3, 16:9 ?)
Is 16:9 supported on all cameras?

16:9 is good if you want to show your photos on a TV and having such a mode in the camera app means that you will frame the photo correctly when taking it, which you are not likely to do if cropping afterwards.

  • Anonymous

Great result for a 120hz display with 4500mah battery.
Where are all those guys who were running a crusade on HRR display citing battery life problems?

  • me

i dont know if you just took bad photos or that camera is just that bad. all daylight photos looks washed out, overexposed and slightly out of focus. my old a6+ had better photos on the review page which was more than half the price.

  • Anonymous

Donbenie, 08 Oct 2020Another day,another Galaxy.. With same Exynos

  • Anonymous

SadSoul, 08 Oct 2020It feels like a scam that Exynos 990 powered S20 FE is also... moreThat FE stands for Fraud Edition

It feels like a scam that Exynos 990 powered S20 FE is also the "Fan Edition" as per Samsung.


Another day,another Galaxy..