Apple iPhone 12 mini review

17 November 2020

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- Google Nest Mini
- Apple 12 Mini

Apple are in the copying of names now too. Sad!

  • Anonymous

Wily2020, 17 Nov 2020Then this phone is not for you, this clearly is not heavy u... moreU expected?

  • Anonymous

Kek, 17 Nov 2020Tbh, Sony managed to put 2700 mah on the XZ1 Compact, and s... moreSony compact phones are thicker, that’s why they can hold bigger batteries. TBH, I would have preferred if the iPhone 12 mini was a bit thicker with a larger capacity battery. But Apple have a certain manufacturing standard when it comes to their different models.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2020You could put xperia 5 II as an alternative because it'... moreIt's not funny.

  • Anonymous

You mean to tell me that the box no longer includes the pin for the sim tray?!!...
This is the perfect phone for me. I can’t handle phones larger than my iPhone 7. Only one black spot. The iPhone 12 is three millimetres narrower than the iPhone 7. Which means that the keyboard will be even smaller since the bezels are similar in portrait orientation.

  • Anonymous

You could put xperia 5 II as an alternative because it's narrower than the iphone 12

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2020It is no mini. It is bigger than iphone 8. Looks like sim... moreIt is smaller than Iphone 8, do your research first.

  • Shiny Dave

The most interesting comment of this review is the observation even the vanilla 12 now feels like a "mini" in this era of Absolute Units on the Android side of the ledger.

I've been Team Phablet since before it was cool (my first touchscreen phone was a Dell Streak!) but they genuinely aren't accessible to some people. (And conversely I boarded the phablet train at the first stop because of *my* accessibility issues - the old 3.5" iPhone displays were literally unusable for me due to dyspraxia.) I'm not going to be buying one of these but I've already told two friends that they should consider it, and neither have had an iPhone in a long time. One of them is a long-time Xperia Compact loyalist and I don't know if she'd be OK with the 5 II given its length...

checho, 17 Nov 2020Got my mini yesterday, charged it to 100% last night and un... moreWhat normal daily use is that? You should mention Screen on Time instead of bragging of your lies.

  • Anonymous

that battery endurance rating is n i c e.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2020Smaller size? Did you see photo of both side by side and ... moreThe picture shows the first gen iPhone SE, which is smaller. The SE 2020 is larger.

  • Arte8800

Ugly hideous big notch and get rid off those P o s curves on the corners and make it more rectangular.
No pro camera and a s h t y low battery.

Epic fail
But i F anatics will still buy it.

  • Essen

Heavy user, light user... I believe a person need not have to choose between size and battery life. 5 inch Redmi 3 and 4 packed in 4100mah. A Droid Maxx had 3800mah. Agreed they had fewer components to pack in. Still, if Apple increased thickness by a couple of mm, made the back flush with the protruding lens, there would be room for another 800 to 1000mah in there. That thickness would have increased weight to perhaps 150gms at the max, but the phone would still be usable one handed.

  • Anonymous

Even worse than Iphone SE (2020) according to review score !
12 mini is not for me.

  • Anonymous

I find it very odd that the iPhone 11 gets zero mention on the alternatives page. For anyone who has a 11 version, why not give some sound advice to hold onto your phone until they Finally give VRR screens, which is a make or break deal for so many who have used a 90 Hz+ screen? Or give that as an alternative to new buyers, since it's supposed to be a decent last year phone of this ecosystem by itself?

Legit came here to see if I wanted to plonk for a 12 mini or pick up a 11 after whittling my android phone down to a toothpick after 4 years of usage. I did not find this review too useful for my purpose.

This review gushed over the mini far too much and give a wide pass to the substantial throttling during extended gaming (who does that?!? no seriously, how the hell is that acceptable so easily on a phone of this price point??).
The previous iPhone review (photo comparison iirc) was done far more professionally. This review looks like chump bait. Let the other team do the phone reviews please.

  • Anonymous

Android Authority, 18 Nov 2020Yes they could've easily fit a 2800-3000mah battery wh... morethe 20% extra battery drain caused by 5g since Apple lacks the necessary expertise to bake 5g in the form of a internal modem with their A14 chip.
Even Mediatek has baked in 5g without having to resort to external modem.
Another failure from trillion dollar company.

  • Anonymous

JES, 17 Nov 202025% larger battery than the iPhone SE 2020 in a smaller-siz... moreSmaller size?
Did you see photo of both side by side and 12 Mini is bigger?

MrHong, 17 Nov 2020Cute little phone....yeah the battery life is poor, the not... moreThere is nothing innovative about this.
They just crammed in old hardware parts like camera inside a smaller chassis.

  • lool

Apple's 20W charger will set you back €25.. actually in my country - 18W will set you back 50euros

Kek, 17 Nov 2020Tbh, Sony managed to put 2700 mah on the XZ1 Compact, and s... moreYes they could've easily fit a 2800-3000mah battery which would have pushed the endurance rating beyond 90hr, which is fairly acceptable.
Using external 5g modem cost them that extra percentage in terms of battery life.
69hr endurance in 2020 is not acceptable for a "flagship phone" especially when it is running at low end 60hz.