Google Pixel 5 long-term review

9 February 2021

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  • AnonD-961600

i0S.-.Never.-.Again, 10 Feb 2021At 700$ it shouldn't be shipping with mid range proces... moreLmao... true. Pixel are dead. They don't come with 8 series cpu.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Feb 2021features that keep you staring at a screen dealing with con... moreI've got 12gb ram, so bother me how many apps are running since you've got a trashhhyy slow medicore Snapdragon 7 series soc, it hasn't the power off Snapdragon 8 series, so you blame the apps indt5you couldn't afford to buy the 8 series, hypocrisy is showing than giving you credits or too the phone.

  • Anonymous

PapaGuinness, 10 Feb 2021Really great review, reviews like this are exacly the reaso... moreOne bad thing is the top speaker, while watching videos it sometimes decides to get a nap.

Apart from that go for it

I have the pixel 5 'round three months of use

  • Anonymous

Steven, 09 Feb 2021The s21 costs 100s more. Yeah but the S21 has a way better processor, better display, better storage, a comparable to better camera system and one extra year security update in comparision to Pixel.
I think that justifies the 100$ difference right?

  • Anonymous

Very expensive for Mid range phone, Battery for laughs, need more battery, No sd card, No audio Jack, Google wake up before lost the train.

  • Anonymous

Pixel 5 is a great phone, and I'm happy. I have personally not been experiencing the screen gap issue, and the speakers are absolutely fine. That is all.

  • bobby

ppczouz, 09 Feb 2021Been using the Pixel 5 for couple of months, and I whole he... moreWhat's it like making calls, is it loud enough?

SoundP, 09 Feb 202118+ months with my Snapdragon 670 Pixel 3a XL. Still going ... more18 months is barely 1.5 years which is okay for mid range chip.
But At 700$, one can buy Snapdragon 865 based phones which can handle anything you throw at them for the next 5 years aka 60 months. Let that sink in!!!
Pixel 5 will be outdated by that time.

Most of those Snapdragon 865 based phones have 120hz screen, ultra fast charging and other things that the Pixel lacks.
Now imagine how outdated the Pixel 5 would feel in the coming years.

Pixel User, 09 Feb 2021It is already outdated really and that is kind of the point... moreReally did they cut price?? No they didn't, they just cut the BOM cost by putting in a 765g.
Who's gonna buy this at 700$?? Snapdragon 865 flagships already available at that price.

Anonymous, 10 Feb 2021Does it stop working once it's "outdated" ? ... moreAt 700$ it shouldn't be shipping with mid range processor in the first place.

  • Anonymous

tbh a phone that is 100 dollars cheaper than the pixel 5, i'd opt for the $520 mi 10t pro. some folks here might call me an idiot, but c'mon man, you get a faster charging, better cameras (don't get me started on this one, the mi 10t pro scored 118 on dxo, but the pixel 5 did score 120, not that it matters) and overall better battery life. it even has a more powerful chipset than the pixel 5.

for around a hundred dollars cheaper, you'd be winning more than an overpriced pixel phone. you'd be losing quite for 100 dollars more.

  • Tom

The problem with gsmarena photo comparisons is that they don't compare the photos with a reference ( cpatured with a mirror less for example) . If you read the Anand tech review of iPhone 12, he has mentioned that Samsung is really above the curve in colour accuracy, white balance and exposure. Pixel shots have magenta warmth to them.

  • Toz

I'm more than happy with mine. All it needed was a third party messaging app as the default one was nothing but trouble. "Messages is working in the background" means someone sent you a message and it is now lost to the void. Have to restart the phone to open the app back up and your message is nowhere to be found.

  • Anonymous

SEUL8TR, 10 Feb 2021Why do you need to uninstall, why is it bothering you? You... moreif I didn't install it, I don't want it. Also I'm not a fan of blown out photos or redundant and superfluous apps filling up my drawer, and I'm certainly not shelling out hundreds of extra dollars for worse battery life and all of those things

  • Anonymous

Techie Guy, 10 Feb 2021$699.99 for a Cellphone that has quality control issues? ... moreScreen Gap is a feature, sponsored by Google Endorsed by YouTube ignoramuses

  • Anonymous

Simon, 09 Feb 2021Are you serious? Everyone hates the bloatware of other bran... morePixel has a buttload of Google bloatware include the music, Google movies cr@p etc.,

  • Anonymous

SEUL8TR, 10 Feb 2021It's called features, that's why S205g, and S21u... morefeatures that keep you staring at a screen dealing with convoluted programing rather than getting what you need out of your device... add consistently blown out photos. go ahead and 300 dollars extra for that crap but you're a sucker

  • Anonymous

Needs more battery power.

  • PapaGuinness

Really great review, reviews like this are exacly the reason I like to check GSM Arena when considering a smartphone. My current phone is a Xiaomi Mi 9 and when I bought it I was thinking like "I'm always using Nova Launcher anyways so that horrible MIUI won't bother me that much", but oh boy, was I wrong... Turns out I hate the software experience of the settings menu, the annoying habit of turning settings that I changed back to default at the most unexpected moments, the incosistent and unreliable notifications, the shitload of unwanted and lousy double apps etc. more than I could have imagined. I was just too much focussed on the "specs to price ratio", in which the Mi 9 excelled at that time. I'm getting myself a Pixel.

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2021In the S21 review you guys said the plastic back is a con, ... moreThe S21 is playing in another league, the premium high-end league while the Pixel in more travelling around in the premium midrange league. The Pixel is all aluminium with a thick layer of compound plastic and feels very sturdy without hollow feel while the S21 has a more common plastic cover on it's back feeling less sturdy and also sounding more hollow and fragile (while it isn't). So yes, give me this approach over any other.