Huawei Mate X2 review

05 April 2021

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  • 08 Apr 2021

joe nodden, 07 Apr 2021Way worse design than the X and Xs.Lol it is a lot better, outer screen is usable and the hinge is sturdier

    Way worse design than the X and Xs.

      why is the mi mix fold not listed as competition for the X2?

        I think review should be what a phone can do and what it cannot do, why is it that Gsmarena is like debunking This phone you guys should be polite about Huawei phones please don't forget that Huawei still got fans even with or without Google Services they are still going to survive and your best phone brand camera list Huawei is not on the list why? Is it because of no Google Services am just tired of this shit what does Google Services has to do with top phone camera or are you guys trying to tell us that Samsung has better camera than Huawei please we Huawei fans have bear this enough let there be a change please!!!

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          • 07 Apr 2021

          Awesome phone. I actually prefer the outward folding of the Xs

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            • 07 Apr 2021

            Just needs a stylus, best use of that unfolded screen. Why else is it useful? For videos you need wide screen, so best shut and use front screen. For maps you will be driving or walking so need a compact form factor, so best shut too. But for sketching and CAD the big unfolded screen be ideal. Am sure Samsung will do this with a future Note.

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              • 07 Apr 2021

              Whackcar, 07 Apr 2021So it's not same? Yeah, that's what i said. BT... moreYou are so fun my friend.
              Do you know how looks a display? It's just display without any additional parts :D

                Anonymous, 07 Apr 2021lol! S21 Ultra already has much better 108mp sensor and bea... moreHow on earth is S21U's 108MP mode supposed to compete with Mate X2's AI 50MP mode when it can't even resolve as much details as the regular S21's 64MP mode due to Nonacell pixel arrangement? You clearly haven't looked at samples from any of those phones, have you?

                Not to mention the 108MP image is extremely noisy because of the tiny pixel size and artifacts introduced from remosaicing process (neither of which is an issue for an AI 50MP image). Huawei's noise reduction algorithms are more effective, too, so as a result Mate will hold up better under less than ideal lighting conditions as well.

                  Nick Tegrataker, 07 Apr 2021Actually, Huawei is still one of the executive members of S... moreDepends how up to date that list is but if they are, they are.
                  Still safer to have their own format to work with.

                    Anonymous, 07 Apr 2021lol! S21 Ultra already has much better 108mp sensor and bea... moreSamsung's 108mp sensor is the epitome of a gimmick, it is configured to combine 9 cells to make one decent sized one so you have to ask why they even bothered to make it 108mp.
                    Oh right, for marketing to the numbers crowd.

                      wongwatt, 07 Apr 2021You need permission from the SD Association to use their ca... moreThat's not the reason. Huawei's low & mid-end phones still use SD card slots instead of NM slots. NM slots are only present in their flagships.

                      SD slot is better than NM slot (due to availability & pricing), but NM slot is better than no slot at all. Other companies are slowly getting rid of the SD slot on their flagships, so I prefer Huawei sticking to their NM slot instead of getting rid of it altogether.

                        Anonymous, 07 Apr 2021I don't understand why people keep hysterically critic... moreThe Nano memory card format isn't proprietary - Huawei gave the ip away for free.
                        Everybody just chooses to give us no expansion instead.

                          Dometalican, 06 Apr 2021But Lexar also makes them. Huawei was even willing to give ... moreYeah, I'm using a Lexar card in my P40 Pro+ - half the price of the Huawei branded one.
                          I suspect Lexar, who are now owned by the Chinese brand Longsys, make them all anyway.

                            wongwatt, 07 Apr 2021You need permission from the SD Association to use their ca... moreActually, Huawei is still one of the executive members of SD Association. So obviously they aren't banned from using SD cards.

                              Dometalican, 06 Apr 2021"Con: Huawei insists on using Nano Memory format"... moreYou need permission from the SD Association to use their cards don't you.
                              I suspect Huawei are delighted they created their own format because they're probably banned from using SD cards anyway.

                                The Huawei Fold 1, is actually much better than this Fold 2.
                                I commend Huawei on their innovation of the outward-folding phone, it makes Samsung's attempts look like a joke. Well, unfortunately the idiots have decided to copy Samsungs flaws here.

                                All they needed to do, was to make the Fold 1 ever so slightly smaller, so that it is comfortable in a pocket. Then upgrade the specifications (software, processor, display, camera, etc). Price it fairly. And call it a day.

                                Sucks you can't get GMS services on it, but they could make it easier for enthusiasts to do so by allowing us to get root access, and an unlockable bootloader.

                                  orgasmic, 07 Apr 2021You can try to find more information instead of to read jus... moreSo it's not same? Yeah, that's what i said.

                                  BTW, Learn the meaning of the word "Same". I'm done arguing with you.

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                                    • 07 Apr 2021

                                    Nick Tegrataker, 07 Apr 2021It's extremely weird to see that this FOLDABLE TABLET ... morelol! S21 Ultra already has much better 108mp sensor and beats the c*ap out of Huawai 50mp super duper gimmick ai mode! Samsung doesn't have to take note of anything, most reviewers agree S21 Ultra is already the best smartphone camera til this date. Gsmarena doesn't have the 108mp photo in the comparison but I'm sure if there was it would be more detailed than Huawai 50mp XD

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                                      • 07 Apr 2021

                                      Anonymous, 07 Apr 2021How can anyone claim a 720p display is better than a 1080p ... moreI don’t think so. The iPhone Xr screen is far superior. The Poco F1 suffered from the famous ghost touch issues like the Mi A1/A2, and the screen brightness is also lower. But I would prefer a 1080p OLED at least.

                                        Probably the best cameras in foldable space. 50mp AI is ,finally, like 50mp, otherworldly good.