Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro long-term review

27 August 2021

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Anonymous, 27 Aug 2021Every ad can be disabled within the settings menu of stock ... morei thought so too, but apparently not. Mind you this comes from someone going through note4, pocof1, nfc, x3 pro, note8pro, and note 9 normal.

in all, the ads were virtually nonexistent if you set them off right from the get go after a factory reset.

the exception was the x3 pro for me, where despite going through all the same processes the themeing app for example would always display ads if you chose a premium theme, no matter if you've used the same app version as on other devices.

as that was my most recent device try out i can only assume that's their way of "moving forward" albeit i hope they will not continue this trend on the 10 pro

This phone is quite fantastic, from I heard. Also, for the guy that keeps recommending the Galaxy S10, it's kinda hard to find a used Galaxy S10 for the same price as the Redmi Note 10 Pro here in Indonesia. For the price of a used Galaxy S10, I would rather pick the Poco F3 (if I needed better performance and 5G) or the Galaxy A52 4G (if I needed a better camera)

  • Naval128

AnonD-1014095, 30 Aug 2021Should've buy the Samsung S10, you get snapdragon 855,... moreWell, I guess you could do that in your country, but I can't do that in my country. On average, a used Galaxy S10 costs around 5.000.000 IDR and can cost even more. On the other hand, the Redmi Note 10 Pro costs around 4.000.000 IDR (for the variant with 8GB RAM). At that price, I would rather pick the Galaxy A52 4G than the Galaxy S10.

  • AnonD-1014095

Roy akash, 29 Aug 2021Worst phone I've ever used. Bought it by 339$. And s... moreShould've buy the Samsung S10, you get snapdragon 855, than this budget mid specs.

  • Manish

A hyped mobile.not worth the price.

  • oliver

love the camera stabilization ..

  • kk2021

I own and like Redmi Note 8 Pro and use only 64mpx mode. I really wanted to see how Note 10 Pro 108Mpx pictures look to decide if quality is improved. I think that adding a few daytime farfield pictures would not be a problem. Also please include all tested by you 108Mpx cell phones test pattern photos in your data base. For some reason only maximum 64Mpx are currently available. Let users see for themself and compare all diffrent cellphone cameras . Also please add test pattern pictures of a few good high quality dedicated cameras such as Fujifilm GFX-100S (108Mpx) and Nikon Z7(46Mpx). THANX!!!

this is a fantastic phone for the price ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • Amargrng

AOD should timed out should be longer about 10 minutes.

  • Anonymous

User, 29 Aug 2021This mobile price only 18 thousand, this is not 50 thousand... morehey I'm from Bangladesh,, so itโ€™s 29000 BDT.. It's a big cost!

  • Roy akash

Worst phone I've ever used.
Bought it by 339$.
And sold it by 270$ after only 34days
Im fedup with this device

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2021WhatsApp video call voice is not audible to receipt compare... moreNot true

  • Luigi

No good buy, no 5G

  • I am

bye Redmi Note10 pro, 29 Aug 2021It's pretty sure GSM arena didn't use Redmi note ... moreGsmarena only actually uses only the top tier flagships the rest they just spew out the specs. And your problems might of that particular model I haven't seen worse battery life than Sammy and scrolling lag

  • User

sagor, 29 Aug 2021I use the mobile.. But It's not a good mobile phone. This mobile price only 18 thousand, this is not 50 thousand mobile. because don't compare to RS 50 thousand mobile............

  • Anonymous

You're better off buying the Samsung S10 for that price, you get 845,S855 which blows this phone out off water. You would be a fool too buy this.

  • Vijay Gawande

Ready is very good company and it looks at customer satisfaction and give fabulous features in less cost.. thank you for that๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’–

  • sagor

I use the mobile.. But It's not a good mobile phone.

  • TheAverageConsumer

Redmi Note 10 ProMax, 29 Aug 2021Wow so many bad comments abt the note 10 pro or Max in Indi... moreTotally agree with this. Xiaomi is doing a great job and with the recent updates, nearly all the issues have been fixed. Those who are complaining are either jealous of the product or are Samsung Fan Squad members (looking at you A52 guys; just look at your phone: overpriced, inferior SoC, poor stabilization even with OIS. You guys do get that shiny Samsung logo though(you did buy it for that only right? Gotcha!))

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I haven't seen anything like that. No need to spread lies. Better work on your photography skills.