Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro long-term review

27 August 2021

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sagor, 29 Aug 2021I use the mobile.. But It's not a good mobile phone. This mobile price only 18 thousand, this is not 50 thousand mobile. because don't compare to RS 50 thousand mobile............

  • Anonymous

You're better off buying the Samsung S10 for that price, you get 845,S855 which blows this phone out off water. You would be a fool too buy this.

  • Vijay Gawande

Ready is very good company and it looks at customer satisfaction and give fabulous features in less cost.. thank you for that๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’–

  • sagor

I use the mobile.. But It's not a good mobile phone.

  • TheAverageConsumer

Redmi Note 10 ProMax, 29 Aug 2021Wow so many bad comments abt the note 10 pro or Max in Indi... moreTotally agree with this. Xiaomi is doing a great job and with the recent updates, nearly all the issues have been fixed. Those who are complaining are either jealous of the product or are Samsung Fan Squad members (looking at you A52 guys; just look at your phone: overpriced, inferior SoC, poor stabilization even with OIS. You guys do get that shiny Samsung logo though(you did buy it for that only right? Gotcha!))

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I haven't seen anything like that. No need to spread lies. Better work on your photography skills.

  • Aung kaung pai

AK, 28 Aug 2021Where 350. More like 400 or more including taxes. Bruh I got one for 250 a week a ago

AK, 28 Aug 2021Where 350. More like 400 or more including taxes. More than 400 including taxes? Bro poco f3 isn't China only. In ur country its probably not released but its released globally otherwise and u can order it from ur country to get the phone without any taxes or anything

  • Redmi Note 10 ProMax

Wow so many bad comments abt the note 10 pro or Max in India...

I bought the phone in April 2021, so far I am starting to like this phone even more than before, all bugs have been ironed out, xiaomi really listens.. Paid a quick visit to the service center to install a tempered glass and the proximity issue and guess what they gave me a free drink..
Cheers.. They let me play games on their other phones..

They applied the guard nicely, and also kinda fixed the proximity issue that used to happen more frequently...

After miui 12.5.4 things have gotten a lot more stable, runs smooth, gives a decent battery back, I just have to charge once a day, sometimes it's forgiving and skip charging it all together for the day(I can be lazy sometimes)...

Plus they gave DOLBY ATMOS after 5months of release 0_0 I mean no brand does that, they gave this feature and I'm so impressed, Video watching is now that much more better... (It was good before, now it's just phenomenol) kudos to xiaomi for this...

Now I do have a constant worry before every update that rolls out, so I am very careful before proceeding with any...

So far so good... Idk why people complain so much, either they didn't buy the phone or they just have a jealous hatred towards them... Just visit a xiaomi service center once... Ull see how much better it is than Samsung, Vivo, Oppo... They really care about their customers just like oneplus... They treat u like family and everyone working there use a xiaomi phone expect one guy who had an apple iPhone 8...

Really nice to be a part of xiaomi, I just hope the future updates don't spoil anything, I just want this to work just the way it it's... If they decide to enhance Miui performance I whd really like that, Miui still does feel heavier than most other UIs like Oxygen UI, MyUX, Realme UI... If Xiaomi released the Miui 12.5 EE as promised, I wud be the happiest

Really guys don't spew hatred towards Xiaomi, they are doing good work now, just hope they stay like this.. And they will stand No. 1 like this for a while then...

No doubt, this phone deserve called the king midrange phone for $250 only with good super amoled and 120 Hz screen, good 108 MP camera, stereo speakers, IP58, premium look and efficient midrange chipset ever for this price. MIUI 12.5 bring more smoother than before. Slow proximity sensor is a minor issue and hope xiaomi took a lesson for the next phone. Beside there are no perfect smartphone ever for any brands, even for flagship series.

  • Anonymous

WhatsApp video call voice is not audible to receipt compare to other phones

Pre-ordered this phone when it was announced. I got the MFF version. No issues so far! Camera's great. Screen's great (I came from an LCD screen so this was an obvious upgrade.) It was a little laggy at first, especially when you pull down the notification shade/control center but they've already fixed it through updates. For gaming, CoD Mobile is 100% great. Genshin Impact at medium settings so still ok. Emulators run well too. Speakers are loud and not tinny.

My only issue is actually something that all new Xiaomi phones have and it's the default google apps. I still prefer the Xiaomi messging and phone app over Google. When you pull down on the messaging app to open a floating window, the entire app opens up with it so it's annoying especially when you're using other apps. But I'm slowly getting used to the bubble features.

  • NiaziKhan

I think you gave the review unit to an Iphone user who is ready to find bundle of faults

  • James

Why is only three notifications icons in the top left display? Because, if you set display clock on the top left, set daily alarm and silent mode on, you will see there is no much room for other notifications icons

  • bye Redmi Note10 pro

It's pretty sure GSM arena didn't use Redmi note 10 pro for the whole day .. he just look spec sheet and talk ... I have Redmi note 10 pro and it has many issue so that I need to sell back ..
1... screen scrolling lag often ..just ask around your friends or search Google , many similar problems
2... Phone is still a little warm with normal usage .. not obvious unless you compare Samsung a52 on the other hand
3... Battery screen on time average is 7 HR 30 min while a52 is 8 hr 30 min despite larger battery in Redmi

My main issue being screen scrolling lag .. I bought both Redmi note 10 pro and Samsung a52 to compare side by side of almost similar specs .. it either you choose Xiaomi with about 150$ cheaper but lots of ads ,Heavy MIUI and unqualified system apps with ads OR.. you pay extra 150$ with very much integrated one hand operation+ and smooth UI with no ads

  • Anonymous

snapdragon midrange nowadays is just not enough

please go for sd 8xxx, but avoid sd 888 from scamsung

I'm really surprised at this review. It doesn't add up with the initial review done. As a user of this device, I strongly disagree with a num of issues that were raised. Yes, it does have its downsides but not as bad as the reviewer paints it. Does it therefore mean that we cannot rely on the credibility of initial reviews anymore?

  • S

Why gsmarena continues to say that this phone has a proximity sensor when even Xiaomi confirmed that it doesn't have a physical sensor, just a virtual one. Using this phone for calls is very excruciating and bad experience. Avoid it.

  • Roseyma

Anonymous, 28 Aug 2021Micro phone quality is very bad. On speaker mode cannot pic... moreI'm having the same issues with my calls on watsap u can't move around and speak.the person can't hear u... purchased it's yesterday loss the hype coz every u try to open tells u about data usage...

  • Anonymous

Why did GSMArena give this phone's haptic a meh score? They're excellent in this price range!