Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro long-term review

27 August 2021

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  • 04 Sep 2021

It doesn't have NFC

    AresinUAE, 31 Aug 2021Camera is a little bit overhyped, shots have a lot of noise... moreAll smartphone cameras seem over hyped. In poor lighting conditions, they all perform poorly. So different from the standard professional cameras. Fast charging is forgivable for the "small" battery size, of only 5020 mAh. There are heavier, bulkier smartphones for those who want man size units.
    Previously did buy the top line of Samsung smartphones. They did not have 3.5 mm audio hardware (speaker, microphone, etc), triple slot for external cards, nor 105 megapixel main camera.
    On all our Android devices, we use AdShield blocker, "1dm+" web browser, Microsoft Launcher, Open Camera, & Google Gboard. Having 8 GB of main memory is another fringe benefit on my Redmi Note 10 Pro. Want to upscale to a more expensive smartphone, but none exist, ATM.

      Jack, 31 Aug 2021I own this phone. The display is not as good as Samsung ph... moreAndroid it's much better than Apple, in this regard. OEM hardware manufacturers are not that skilled in software development, as you may know. Google GBOARD had much better swipe & voice input, with word prediction spelling & grammar correction, and custom dictionaries.
      OPEN CAMERA can sometimes be better, with electronic image stabilization & electronic zoom on all cameras, front & back. Microsoft Launcher is better for my use than my second favorite, Nova Launcher. All these necessary improvements are unknown to Apple users. So don't tell them, otherwise they might leave Apple.

        Agree with the reviewer. Comments published so far disagree with both the reviewer & myself. Latest ROM version is 12.5.4 dated August 1st. Camera has inbuilt 5x zoom on the main 105 megapixel camera. Using Open Camera, inbuilt electronic image stabilization is possible on all cameras, as well as continuous electronic zoom.
        Gboard keyboard allows accurate voice typing & swipe typing, with grammar & spelling correction & prediction. Custom dictionaries, translations are also possible.
        My version of the Redmi Note 10 Pro has 8 MB of main memory. Unique for all smartphones, it also has triple card slots: two SIM cards and one mSD card.
        The hardened glass screen protector is necessary, as well as a custom 3rd party external case. Adding non slip self adhesive tape to the sides, used on shower floors, adds non slip gripping. The magnetic 3rd party charging cable allows very easy charging. Rapid charging means that my QI remote charging add on card was not needed.

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          • Greg Zeng
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          • 04 Sep 2021

          Anonymous, 31 Aug 2021Just enjoying the set .miui after update is quite ... moreJust check for latest update. 12.5.4, dated August 1st. No further update available, it seems.

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            • 04 Sep 2021

            Dextro, 03 Sep 2021Thank you for your you saved alot of lives. Bought mine as soon as released. None of them problems you described, muffins is better than the reviewer's report in the main article.

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              • 03 Sep 2021

              Mukesh Malhotra, 31 Aug 2021I bought MI Note 10 Pro in Apr'21, Just at the first d... moreThank you for your you saved alot of lives.

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                • 02 Sep 2021

                Bakhtiar Ahmed, 01 Sep 2021Whenever someone picks up my mobile and steals it, that per... moreWTF r u trying to say ?

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                  • 01 Sep 2021

                  Salman, 31 Aug 2021i wanted to buy this device but when i checked reviews of v... morei'm using this device and its quite goood actually. your gameplay will run smoothly without any lag. there is just one issue with this model is heating. btw this phone is a decent choice.

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                    • Bakhtiar Ahmed
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                    • 01 Sep 2021

                    Whenever someone picks up my mobile and steals it, that person can easily turn off the mobile, but realme mobile is not easily turned off, while redmi's mobile is easily powered off.

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                      • 31 Aug 2021

                      Just enjoying the set .miui after update is quite better. Not premium but very close by

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                        • Salman
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                        • 31 Aug 2021

                        i wanted to buy this device but when i checked reviews of various people.. On youtube.. I am little bit confused. and i have some concerned about the Camera.. and it is also a reason to not buy this device.. BCz it lags after 5 6 rounds of Codmobile Or Pubg. And Camera definitely not 108..

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                          • Mukesh Malhotra
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                          • 31 Aug 2021

                          I bought MI Note 10 Pro in Apr'21, Just at the first day I face issue in camera, it was showing zebra lines. I went to shop keeper and he format the phone, re install updates and problem was resolved, from next week lockdown started in Delhi. At the starting of May'21 I found that whenever I put my phone on speaker listeners were continuously complaining that my voice is breaking. Post lockdown in June, I visited the service center and they format my phone and install the updated after 1 week of this I am facing various issue on this MI note 10pro.

                          MI Note 10 Pro, new problems.

                          1. Overheating
                          2. Some time speaker doesn't support on call
                          3. Voice breaking complaint by listener still there
                          4. We Can't use another app while on whtsapp call.
                          5. Some time screen display so many lines on screen.
                          6. Battery drains in a single day without use of much apps.

                          Later on I came to know that these are common problems and many users have reposted same issues.

                          I am very much fed up from this phone.
                          I was planning to sale this phone but resale value is less than 50% just in 5 months.
                          If I visit service center they will again wipeout all the data and it will be again waste of huge time.

                          AFTER THIS PURCHASE IT HAS BECOME A NEW TASK OF DATA BACK UP, service center visit, Reinstallation , check for 2 weeks and repeat.

                          It was my last purchase from MI.

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                            • Jack
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                            • 31 Aug 2021

                            I own this phone. The display is not as good as Samsung phones in this price range, like the A71. That's my biggest gripe. Also, the Xiaomi software isn't great.

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                              • 31 Aug 2021

                              Naval128, 30 Aug 2021Well, I guess you could do that in your country, but I can&... moreOk I see.. you have a point.

                                Camera is a little bit overhyped, shots have a lot of noise and certainly not as sharp as expected - certainly not a worthy 108MP it is being advertised.

                                Overall its a good phone, however, you can see it lagging when a few apps are already open, i noticed it especially when the Chrome browser is open. I am neither a power user nor a power gamer so that was a surprise.

                                Screen, although advertised as AMOLED is not comparable with flagships.

                                Everything else works good. Ads can be turned off too. However my biggest problem is the weight, because it is a bit lighter than what i wanted my phone to be - using it felt like playing with a toy, but for about 300 dollars thats pretty understandable.

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                                  • 31 Aug 2021

                                  Anonymous, 30 Aug 2021hey I'm from Bangladesh,, so it’s 29000 BDT.. It'... morewhats the reason behind it?

                                    Chet, 27 Aug 2021I'm also having a WiFi issue where I get an alert that... morei have yet to look-up the developer settings/wifi throttling's behaviour

                                    my guess it also affects your connectivity

                                    i set mine off and since have less issues but might only be coincidental

                                      Anonymous, 27 Aug 2021Every ad can be disabled within the settings menu of stock ... morei thought so too, but apparently not. Mind you this comes from someone going through note4, pocof1, nfc, x3 pro, note8pro, and note 9 normal.

                                      in all, the ads were virtually nonexistent if you set them off right from the get go after a factory reset.

                                      the exception was the x3 pro for me, where despite going through all the same processes the themeing app for example would always display ads if you chose a premium theme, no matter if you've used the same app version as on other devices.

                                      as that was my most recent device try out i can only assume that's their way of "moving forward" albeit i hope they will not continue this trend on the 10 pro

                                        This phone is quite fantastic, from I heard. Also, for the guy that keeps recommending the Galaxy S10, it's kinda hard to find a used Galaxy S10 for the same price as the Redmi Note 10 Pro here in Indonesia. For the price of a used Galaxy S10, I would rather pick the Poco F3 (if I needed better performance and 5G) or the Galaxy A52 4G (if I needed a better camera)