Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro long-term review

27 August 2021

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  • Saqib

Kirti, 27 Aug 2021But redmi note 10 pro have only 64mp camera, not 108mp10 Pro international is 10 Pro Max Indian

  • Kirti

But redmi note 10 pro have only 64mp camera, not 108mp

  • Anonymous

LG Superfan, 27 Aug 2021Can you tell me how well MIUI worksMiui works great. Everything is customisable. There's a toggle for almost every setting. Performance is snappy. You won't have any problems using it.

  • Bunny

What sucks the most is the delayed Google security updates compared to stock android phones and one plus

  • Pakarati

I've been using the phone for 3 months now and I notice that sometime the screen display flickers and the speakers volume decreases while Im in a zoom meeting. The battery life does last long in a day even if the phone is on power saving mode. And lastly when receiving phone calls the screen suddenly turns off.

Good thing I have an insurance on my phone, so definitely they can replace it for a new brand. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2021make sure to install gcamfrom where can i download g cam ?

Rudra, 27 Aug 2021During the entire review you mentioned Redmi note 10 Pro bu... moreNote 10 pro max Indian version is basically the same as international Note 10 pro. Only minor difference like NFC or network bands.

  • Optimus

This mobile are to bad ..to much problem this phone .verry bad quality

Can anyone tell me about MIUI and Realme UI on mid range phones like Realme 8 Pro and Redmi Note 10 Pro and how it compares to EMUI and how these phones compare to Huawei mid range (currently using Y9 Prime 2019)
My priority is decent camera, good battery life (atleast a day of moderate to heavy usage), good performance (something which can play Genshin without stutters even at lowest resolution) and a smooth UI and two major OS updates (don't care about security patches) and price around $350-400

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2021Poco F3 Can you tell me how well MIUI works

  • Anonymous

TheFalseShepherd, 27 Aug 2021Note 10 Pro does not have a proximity sensor! It uses so ca... moreagree with you dear!i feel same too...

i leave mine on 60hz all the time cause for the life of me i can't tell the damn difference between 120hz and 60hz and even at 60hz the battery is somewhat terrible for a phone with +5000mah battery
the camera is great, the screen is awesome even tho i rarely watch movies or videos on my phone cause i've a laptop for that but its brightness is amazing cause i live in city that is sunny most of the year (even during winter)
and the best of things, i managed to delete pretty much all the google apps (like ytb, chrome, google search and many other useless ones) unlike many other companies that allow you a damn thing (looking at you scammy)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2021Poco F3 make sure to install gcam

  • Dc

Having had this phone for nearly 6 months the proximity sensor is terrible! The above review doesn't really tell you how poor it is! When you place the phone to your ear/side of your face, it constantly clicks on the mute button. To say this is frustrating is an understatement. As mentioned, placing the phone between your ear and shoulder is a no go!

Personally this is a massive issue for me. Also when on a call trying to get the screen to turn on can be a nightmare. If you need to press a number, hang up or use any of the screen functions then good luck!

The delay on the screen sensor is appalling.

  • Anonymous

Wait, where is the display issues? I loved this phone very much when it was launched. This could have been my phone if not for the display issues that I have read all over the internet back then. While my current phone is way superior compared to this RN10Pro because it's an ROG phone but I could have save a lot of money if I just bought this phone.

  • Tinted

Are all mid range phones reviewed while comparing them with flagships or is the reviewer that pessimistic? Felt like he was constantly comparing the phone but not giving any reference.

Would have been good if he could compare the features with other good options in this segment.

  • Tinted

I am actually fan of usb port flap because it protects the port from dirt while in pocket

The battery life is too short for a large battery phone.
Speakers very loud and clear.
Fast charging, good.
Camera slow.
Proximity sensor crazy. Very bad.

  • Anonymous

"The fingerprint sensor has been an issue for this reviewer, but do note that this has been true for all recent side-mounted scanners, and it seems like other people don't have the same problems."

I also had problems with side mounted fp scanners.
It is entirely upon the user. Most people register their thumbs.
In rear mounted and under the display fp scanners, your thumb is placed flush on the area which in turn provides easy recognition.
On side mounted ones, only part of your thumb makes contact.
Also curvature of thumb is slightly different from other fingers which means you have to place your thumb a little carefully unlike the other fp options to improve recognition

  • Anonymous

You guys didn't mention low light video recording. Performs below average 😕