Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro long-term review

27 August 2021

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  • Anonymous

Wait, where is the display issues? I loved this phone very much when it was launched. This could have been my phone if not for the display issues that I have read all over the internet back then. While my current phone is way superior compared to this RN10Pro because it's an ROG phone but I could have save a lot of money if I just bought this phone.

  • Tinted

Are all mid range phones reviewed while comparing them with flagships or is the reviewer that pessimistic? Felt like he was constantly comparing the phone but not giving any reference.

Would have been good if he could compare the features with other good options in this segment.

  • Tinted

I am actually fan of usb port flap because it protects the port from dirt while in pocket

The battery life is too short for a large battery phone.
Speakers very loud and clear.
Fast charging, good.
Camera slow.
Proximity sensor crazy. Very bad.

  • Anonymous

"The fingerprint sensor has been an issue for this reviewer, but do note that this has been true for all recent side-mounted scanners, and it seems like other people don't have the same problems."

I also had problems with side mounted fp scanners.
It is entirely upon the user. Most people register their thumbs.
In rear mounted and under the display fp scanners, your thumb is placed flush on the area which in turn provides easy recognition.
On side mounted ones, only part of your thumb makes contact.
Also curvature of thumb is slightly different from other fingers which means you have to place your thumb a little carefully unlike the other fp options to improve recognition

  • Anonymous

You guys didn't mention low light video recording. Performs below average 😕

  • Tom Grachak

You guys haven't even tried macro, what kind of crappy journalism is this? The macro camera on this phone is probably the best in any phone. Alo, fingerprint sensor for me works 10/10 times, it's just perfectly fast and accurate. You got weird fingers, lol

  • Anonymous

LG Superfan, 27 Aug 2021Can anyone recommend me a good phone I'm currently usi... morePoco F3

  • Anonymous

Duan, 27 Aug 2021LCD and camera on X3 pro is not inferior but better than th... more860 combined with ufs 3.1 will obviously perform smoother compared to to 732g combined with ufs 2.2

  • Anonymous

"This is life with MIUI - updates come slowly, and you're almost guaranteed to never be on the current security patch level."

Dont know why you people are obsessed with updates...
If it isn't broken, don't try to fix it (update it)

I always wait a few months before upgrading to newer software, irrespective of the brand. New updates usually roll out with bugs. It's better to to wait, hear the response of majority of people who updated their OS, then decide whether to update or not.

  • Rudra

During the entire review you mentioned Redmi note 10 Pro but it was actually the Redmi Note 10 Pro Max version.

Note 10 Pro gas a 64MP quad camera set up instead of the 108MP one.

Arif238, 27 Aug 2021Well, I always liked stock Android thats why choses Moto an... moreWell I'm not a stock android fan I like skinned better right now I'm waiting if Honor decided to enter Pakistan again if it does than probably I'll go with Honor or will check out Realme or maybe even a good Xiaomi but I'm in no hurry right now and thanks for sharing your experience

LG Superfan, 27 Aug 2021I'm not sure about Realme skin so I'm not conside... moreWell, I always liked stock Android thats why choses Moto and Asus. My last phone was LG G6 which got shut and never switched back ON (out of the blue) on August 12 so I didn't planned to buy a new phone so in emergency I had to buy Realme Narzo 30 (Mediatek G95 4G variant) and I have to say the UI is quite clean polished out of the box even icons follows pixel like material design pattern unlike Xiaomi phones. I would say this realme UI 2.0 is quite good and performs as it suppose to. And yes there were third party app pre-installed such as snapchat and booking.com etc which you gotta uninstall by yourself.

22niro, 27 Aug 2021Check out the Nord 2 or Realme x7 proI'm not sure about Realme skin so I'm not considering Realme because of that and Nord 2 isn't officially available here AFAIK

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2021Depends where you live. Motorola G60 (if you live in India)... moreNot sure about G60 I live in Pakistan but why I'm not considering Realme and Poco/Xiaomi/Redmi is cause of skin I keep hearing complain and issues with them and Samsung is way too expensive I also have option of Nova 7i which is one of the best mid range for the price but HMS is an issue to me

For me I found that the battery life is better if you charge the phone with a 5w or 13w charger, the fast charger is better left for emergencies

  • TheAverageConsumer

This long term review was okay-ish. Was expecting a bit more detailed review. It seemed more like an objective one with some issues being mentioned that looks most likely isolated to the review unit team has received. I have seen better long term reviews from GSMArena team, not gonna lie.

  • Prince Noel

Got a Xiaomi mi note 10 pro last year as my main phone, and I am in the process of getting Xiaomi Redmi note 10 as a secondary /holiday phone.

  • Duan

Chet, 27 Aug 2021I'm also having a WiFi issue where I get an alert that... moreYes, my wife using a note 10s also have bad WiFi coverage. Hers cannot connect while mine Poco X3 Pro can connect just fine.

  • Duan

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2021Xiaomi, just put inside of this device a better chip, like ... moreThere's Poco F3 and F3 GT if that what you're looking.