Samsung Galaxy Watch4 review

09 Sept 2021

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  • Q1

I want to see Garmin watches with Wear OS / or apps from Android store eg, a new Vivoactive.
Someone can say Garmin is for sport - so...why they put Spotify, Garmin pay etc. ?
I miss the LTE version and the battery for two days the most. Connected with access to applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal - but straight from the watch. I go out for a run and don't take the phone at all.

  • Anonymous

Have an Active Watch 2 which is the right size and works wellwith great battery life. Not interested in any Google shyte or bigger watches with worse battery life, Wear OS sucks.

Fearghast, 09 Sep 2021Laughable battery life.Compared to WatchOS and other WearOS devices it's still good.

Enanemes, 10 Sep 2021I have the Watch 4 44mm and still have the Watch 2 Active a... morePeople seems to disagree a lot with you on the Reddit about the accuracy of the Watch 4. They generally seems to say it's surprisingly accurate for a device that fits on your arm compared to a big device that's really impractical to bring anywhere.

Anyhoo, replying to texts isn't the only thing Garmins are bad at. Generally anything you'd get a smartwatch for is impossible on a Garmin, because it's a glorified fitness tracker.

yalim, 10 Sep 2021smart watches' common problem is you have to charge an... moreSure, that is true.

But just like the difference between an old landline telephonic apparatus and a smartphone, the smartwatch does things a dumbwatch can't do.

smart watches' common problem is you have to charge another device every 1-2 days next to your phone.that is need to forget your wearable on your wrist.

  • Kuba

bought second hand amazfit gts2e for like 40USD. 2 weeks battery life. i would never never buy a watch that needs charging every day LOL

I'm pretty much done with smartwatches. Sold my Apple Watch Series 2 and no regrets. Just grew tired having to charge another device every other day next to my phones and AirPods. And it took like 2 hours to fully recharge. I went back using my phone to go Apple or Google Pay.

this looks like a watch made for kids 😐

I have the Watch 4 44mm and still have the Watch 2 Active and the only thing that I don't like from Wear OS is battery life, I charge every time I wake up in the morning.
I don't even use app like Google Maps, the only app that I need is Spotify which is already available on Tizen.
What I like having a smartwatch is that I can reply messages/whatsapp directly on it and track my sleep.
I'm considering switching to Garmin because the battery life and advanced fitness tracking but Garmin smartwatch can only quick reply messages, you can't type on it.
And I have smart body scale and I compare it with Watch 4, I think Watch 4 body composition measurement is inaccurate.

  • ME

Very nice but the battery ..
My Gear S3 is still good for 3 days and the Galaxy watch 4 days.
will wait for the next generation when they will fix it.

GregLu, 10 Sep 2021I'm totally agreeing with you, I purchased it to use m... moreSame here. Samsung made a few interesting offers here which would get the price to upgrade from my Watch³ to the Watch⁴ Classic only cost 100$ but I do not want to drop my watch on its charger every day or worry about its endurance on a daily basis.

  • Hkr

This watch is not good for the the price. No fast charging and battery will be emptied with in 1 and half day with no activity. In Canada we have to spend nearly 450$ but not worth as it doesn't have ECG and Blood Pressure due to approval pending. Samsung should follow the galaxy watch first version battery capacity(I own it and still satisfied). If anyone has this version and not looking Spo2 then no need to upgrade. I bought watch 4 and due to above reason I am planning to return it.

  • Erik

For now, all fine, and the worst thing is having Samsung Pay installed and set up, it requieres a pin or drawing to start using the screen for ANYTHING.

My Active2 only demands pin or drawing to use solely Samsung Pay, not for using the interface.


« The metal casing itself feels quality made. It has a two-toned finish - the round part of the casing is always glossy black, while the outer part of the casing and the lugs are matte. You have a choice of Black, Silver and Pink Gold.

Some people might like this dual-tone design, but we think that the glossy finish really lets it down. It looks a bit cheap and gets smudged up fast. And while we haven't had any scratches on the polished surface since we took the watch out of the box, it makes the impression that it would get scuffed easier than an anodized finish. »

THANK YOU for pointoing that out! The glossy that way seems toy-ish and doesn't do honnor to the look. Notice too that in the render, the outer is ... matte black ? That's why I've pre-ordered and why I'm left down again.

Anon, 09 Sep 2021Sorry Samsung, but if I wanted bad battery life + tons of a... moreI'm totally agreeing with you, I purchased it to use mainly in pool, then the new sensor that add 2 or 3% fat compared to monitored devices, battery life that pains to exceed one day, no frankly, I'll keep my Galaxy Watch 3 Titanium.

  • Anon

Sorry Samsung, but if I wanted bad battery life + tons of apps, there's the Apple Watch.

The main appeal of Samsung Galaxy Watch, was that they had equal features (hardware wise) as the Apple Watch, but with better battery life. No one needs a shit ton of apps on a watch either way, and specially, not the clumsy mess Google Apps are.

  • Chixby

I wish better battery life...

  • Atars

My unit reported heart rate over 160 at night, but it is only because it lost heart rate due to weakened fit and started approximating pulse from who knows which values.
That happened only once tho.

A week later I’ve found pulse 30 on the watches. It’s been happening for several days already. When I’m checking the pulse it’s fine, but watches may not pick correct reading in 15 seconds after I’ve opened heart rate app.

There is a serious issues with these pulse approximations.

As for other cons
There is a need for more bands and smaller bands.
Watches collect dust between band connection and main body.

Laughable battery life.