Sony Xperia Pro-I hands-on review

26 October 2021

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Tann Hauser, 28 Oct 2021Thats because real photographers and videographers only wer... moreI don't think Juan Bagnell is a real photographer.

Mike9625, 27 Oct 2021WTF are you even talking about... I haven't seen yet a... moreThats because real photographers and videographers only were sent the device for previews, as it is ment for them.

Wait till common smartphone revs get it, if they get it, (hopefully not the usual suspects), bet ya they ll complain, mostly bout the price, and the usual rants: aspect ratio, naming schemes, no night mode, etc...

TheGoldenMellifluous, 28 Oct 2021The pre-order of Xperia Pro-I starts on 28 October 2021 (to... moreThats a bit over a month away.
Glad to see them finally correcting their marketing to release time frame mistakes.

  • Lightning Mcqueen

How many times more will people say Sony Xperia phones are overpriced, how many times will people say, " Sony Xperia cameras suck!!!", and how many more times will they say, "You can buy iPhone or Samsung at a better price"!!!! ( 4 years already)

Sony is & will no longer listen to the average consumers. They have tried their best.

  • Alpha

I see the trolls are back....

PS: Sony is still alive and kicking, so please go cry now

It looks obsolete already.

Alpine21, 27 Oct 2021Does anyone know when the preorder starts? I want to get on... moreThe pre-order of Xperia Pro-I starts on 28 October 2021 (today in my timezone) and start delivering and selling on 10 December 2021.

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Anonymous, 27 Oct 2021" Just compare Sony's photos to ones from a recen... moreYour iPhone has a Sony camera.

  • pt020

I want one.

Better zoom, resolution and price from competition. Wonder what it is about.
Misinformation about active sensor size is quite bad too.
If they will price this 1IIIs for 3x it's value, there is no need more to say as what it is.

beep bop boop, 27 Oct 2021I assume you are one of the 5 people in the world that boug... moreHow can anyone buy it if it's not on sale yet? These pre production models that were given to reviewers and the likes are just that... Pre production models.

Tann Hauser, 27 Oct 2021" and make way...cause the salt must flow..." That salty cracker reference was on point

I am utterly shocked!! Its a great review, quite objective and the flaws pointed do look like they are genuine flaws. But guys, this is a GSMA review of a Sony!! It's meant to be full of complaints. But this? Full of praise? Guys something's amiss here. Did Sony finally play ball and give a free handset or something? I honestly don't get it. Trustworthy review though. Would be good to know what's changed because this is 100% turn for GSMA. And it's not that the phone is dramatically different and that price is borderline ridiculous.

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2021Same sensor as rx100, yet only uses 60% of the total area 😢... moreWTF are you even talking about... I haven't seen yet a single reviewer/Youtuber/Videographer complaining about this product. IT'S A GREAT PRODUCT indeed; expensive as it may be. Anyone with some knowledge or appreciation for art or technology should be happy of seeing the industry moving forward to this point. But you haters want everyone to use/like the same cr@p that you use, as it is the only good thing on earth. SMH

"The round key can be configured by your liking - Sony imagines photographers will assign a specific camera app or pre-configured shooting mode and parameters."

Is this really true? It's not just a Google Assistant button? I'm super disappointed that you can't reassign the GA button on the Xperia 1 iii.

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i0S.- Never.- Again, 27 Oct 2021"You can bet Dxo will also refuse to use any pro photo... moreDenial hurts.

  • Romanio0089

i0S.- Never.- Again, 27 Oct 2021That's all marketing, even professionals want nothing ... moreI very strongly disagree with that.

sohail shafayat, 26 Oct 2021since this is a phone, I just hate the narrow screen, so no... moreI find it pretty neat since it makes it really pocket-able. The only moment it bother me is when playing games and I would like something more like a 16/9. But in my pants, the 16/9 was just not possible with a screen that tall (lumia 1520 souvenirs)

I don't understand the bastard ratio tho, why some weird thing like 18 or 19 or 18.3/9? I guess it's just to compensate for selfy camera notch. In fine, you get black bar all the time, for series that are narrower in 16/9, and for movies that are wider in 21/9. Social media don't care since it's just vertical scrolling and the width is never used.

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Let's make a survey..if the phone price drops to $800 would you buy it?