Honor 50 review

19 November 2021

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SpiritWolf, 19 Nov 2021Hm, ghosting in broad daylight? Check the pedestrian on sam... moreThe entire right side of the first sample suffer from slight ghosting, probably caused by a camera shake.

Overall this seems like a very solid product but the price is way too high for what it offers. Sure, you get GMS (duh) and a decent main camera, but its performance falls well behind its competitors at a similar price range. I'll wait and see what Honor 60 series will bring to the table in a few days.

"The so-called Hi-res mode shoots in 108MP, but those photos are hard to recommend. You do get plenty of detail, but the loss of sharpness and the increased noise are not worth it."

Sometimes I really wonder if GSMArena staffs look at those images at 100% magnification on a decently large monitor then somehow reach this kind of conclusion. Increased noise becomes fairly ignorable if you downscale them to lower resolution (12-27MP) and you will end up getting significantly better details and sharpness compared to the regular 12MP shots.

There's clearly some sort of multi-frame stacking going on, too, as artifacts seen in most full resolution images from Nonacell sensors are largely absent on Honor 50's. The images are genuinely good quality and definitely worth using for landscape shots.

  • factcat

bulbulito.bayagbag, 20 Nov 2021On paper, Huawei sold Honor, but looking deep, you can stil... more I agree with you!

  • JustAThought

bulbulito.bayagbag, 20 Nov 2021On paper, Huawei sold Honor, but looking deep, you can stil... moreHonor was asked why have so many similarities with Huawei. They replied the phones were developed earlier before the sale of Honor. Unfortunately, that excuse can only work for a limited time. If next year's Honor phones still same like Huawei's, there is a risk Honor might get the ban too.

On paper, Huawei sold Honor, but looking deep, you can still see Huawei all over. Even the man running Honor is still the same, George Zhao. They just did that to be able to get much needed components that Huawei couldn't.

Wait, this s**t does not even has Gorilla Glass screen protection?

Hm, ghosting in broad daylight? Check the pedestrian on sample one.

The design bears a passing resemblance to the poco F3. At least that's what I think, seeing that, at the moment, that phone's long term review link sits exactly below this review at the main page on mobile.

The price is just to high. Two years ago Honor had a good fan base, becouse they had a good value for the money, just like Xiaomi and Realme today. Even Samsung. And that's the point. Their fans went to Xiaomi, lately to Realme and Samsung and they won't be coming back just like that. Honor is basicly a new player on the market and they have to start all over again. From the beginning.

Is anyone here actually surprised?
Honor is not huawei and they should not behave like they have the software capabilities and the brand name of huawei. Let's hope honor 60 will fix the issues because I don't see them as a popular choice globaly

  • Kiza

At the end, you don't give us so many minuses for such a low score. My thoughts are that Honor 50 isn't so much bad phone. For 7 days, while I was using it, only minus is not supported dual app.