Oppo Find N hands-on review

15 December 2021

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Anonymous , 18 Dec 2021A little information, a Wacom pen is only in Note phones of... moreThat is factually wrong. The Wacom digitizer is also in the Fold3 and even in the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It will also exist in the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The latter will have a built-in pen slot like the old Galaxy Note phones.

Anonymous, 18 Dec 2021Just keep the phone away from water. How hard is that? Peop... moreIn the city where I live we have on average over 270 rainy days per year. Rain is quite common, so if you want to be able to use your phone any time it has to be able to survive rain.

  • Anonymous

Easily looks the best so far from me. Robust, with solid hardware, a good looking design and no noticeable crease. Well done Oppo!

  • Anonymous

Duck of death, 16 Dec 2021Cry me a river. Just make sure you don't cry on this O... moreJust keep the phone away from water. How hard is that? People should do that even for phones with certified ingress protection because the warranty does not cover water damage. The phone can still get water damage despite the ip rating.

  • Anonymous

Duck of death, 16 Dec 2021The Fold3 is water resistant to 1.5 metres. It has Wacom pe... moreA little information, a Wacom pen is only in Note phones officially, unfortunately Samsung stop producing Note series to push S series that sucks and people start moving to Apple after that, Samsung is paying too much for merchandise and showing the best of the best even when this is not true. How long people will continue feeding Samsung? Need to check the other brands and what they can give you even for less money.

  • Omkar

It would've been great to see Oxygen OS on these devices. Minimal,clean and functional.

  • Anonymous

bj80sbaby, 16 Dec 2021Foldable phones are gimmicky, period.Either foldables or rollables are going to be the future of smartphones.

People just want bigger screen which they can fit on their pocket/purse and normal phones cannot get any bigger without being too big for pocket/purse.

Durability is great on foldables(because that fragile screen is protected most of the time) and with new tech durability of the screen will be much better eventually so we could have rollables which are lighter, thinner and cheaper(because less components) than foldables.

Every year foldable components prices have dropped and the prices are already dropping there was sale on black friday galaxy z flip 3 for 850 euros which is cheaper than some iphones.

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Rakesh, 17 Dec 2021True that. We used phone 10 years and they were folds, flip... moreDifference was that in those days there were no touch screen and screens was much more durable.

Thought i had my Nokia flip phone screen broke when it was on my cargo shorts pocket and opened(it had that stupid button for easy opening but when i was working it had pushed it open)

I am using my og galaxy fold for over a year and it is good as new but i am pretty careful with my phones.

  • Wow


Rakesh, 17 Dec 2021I confirm as xuser of fold1/2/3 and flip 1. Fold is nice on... moreThe half-open features can be useful. They are not quite gimmicks. For instance, if you fold it 90' halfway, then you can prop it up portrait-mode on a desktop without needing a case or a kickstand. Great for video conferences. Or you can fold it into a 110' Tent shape, and play a game against an opponent like Battleships or Guess Who, since neither side can see their opponents screen. You can open it full 180' and hold it flat on a desk. Or close it to 1' and just use it in one hand.

I agree, that the battery life aspect CAN be solved in the future with better software, better processor, better screen, and newer lithium technology. However, the weight issue is something that may not be solved. Small tablets are usually around 350g, and these devices are closer to 300g, and its a challenge to get them to 250g. Which sucks, having a phone that is actually pocketable is nice but at those weights it becomes noticeable and uncomfortable. I think bringing the weight down to 200g will be acceptable, but that goal is probably not going to be possible. Unless we compromise the device, and are okay with an all-plastic construction (will get scratched and cracked quickly) with a smaller battery inside (3000mAh instead of 5000mAh) which generally isn't acceptable since the large screen demands more energy anyway.

...with that said, when we went from Note 4 to the S10+, we traded in the very useful feature of removable battery for instead making it waterproof. That seems fair/reasonable. But if we go from S10+ to Huawei Fold, we will be gaining the "tablet/large screen" feature and what we will be trading for that is to go up to 250g weight wise. And to me, that is understandable and still a reasonable trade-off. What is absolutely not a reasonable trade-off is if such devices take a huge downgrade to their durability in terms of scratch resistance, squish resistance, drop resistance, dust and water resistance. If it cannot survive your typical day-to-day life, then it has no business existing since it is not a viable product, or fit for purpose.

Remember phones used to be thicker, and had less digital components and battery inside. That is the main reason those Nokia phones were so durable. Because they were more simple, it was less likely that something would break, and if it did it was always easier to replace. Plastic construction also helped a lot, unlike fragile glass materials.

I say that, because you cannot compare these "new" fold phones with the "old" fold phones. It is not a proper Apples-to-Apples comparison. Instead, you have to compare these smartphones with their contemporary options. For instance, compare the Samsung Z3 (foldable), to the Samsung S10+ (waterproof glass), to the Samsung Note 4 (removable battery).

  • Rakesh

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2021You worry too much about the lack of water resistance. Old ... moreTrue that. We used phone 10 years and they were folds, flips, sliders, rotators and all were fine. People are just carless now.

  • Rakesh

Kangal, 17 Dec 2021As a concept, foldables are "cool". But they are... moreI confirm as xuser of fold1/2/3 and flip 1. Fold is nice on the sofa, but go out and u will drop it in no time. Each time i hoped ill get used and each time sold it within a month or two. Flip was lovely i had i for 5 months. But again its thick and like 5-6cm shorter only, no much of space benefit that they market. And those gimmick half open features are good for insta post nothing else. Unfortunately. U put the case, it has 0 pleasure both types. So will be the oppo. I gave up on foldables until they reach 180-190g weight and become slim without sacrificing battery. Which is probably in another 5-6 years or so.

  • Anonymous

AnonF-1009694, 17 Dec 2021This is just my prediction but I think this might be the sa... moreYou worry too much about the lack of water resistance. Old phones don't have water resistance, and it's rare to have issues related to water. Water resistance is indeed useful, but in practical, it's not very important.

  • AnonF-1009694

K, 17 Dec 2021By more advanced I meant low/no gap between the two halfs a... moreThis is just my prediction but I think this might be the same scenario where most people nowadays are buying bigger phones even though back then they thought samsung was crazy for making big phones, they would also want to buy a bigger foldable. With a bigger foldable that is atleast pocket able you'd be able to fit bigger content on the screen and do better multitasking which is some of the main selling or advantage of a foldable in the first place. This is also just my personal opinion but I'd rather choose a foldable that has a crease but has a IP rating than a foldable that has no IP rating but a non visible crease because I do want to be constantly protecting the foldable from rain, nearby beverages, kitchen and bathroom and beaches and pools those stuff would give someone daily driving a foldable anxiety.

As a concept, foldables are "cool".
But they are NOT practical, and not ready for real-world use. I say this because we have already sacrificed User Removable Battery, in order to get IP68 Waterproofing. And so foldables need to be ingress protected in order to overtake traditional "candybar" formfactor. Samsung somewhat solved this with their Fold3, but they still have problems, like using a Plastic Screen.

The best foldable was the Huawei Mate Fold (the original).
The thin section only housed the display and battery. Having a bumper side helps with ergonomics, and can cram everything in there like the SoC, Cameras, and ports. No notches/holes. The Rear Cameras themselves double as Selfies. The Yoga-like style can be used in a few ways, especially for video conference calls. And the display wrapping around the outside means the fold/crease is much lighter and better for longevity. It also means you don't need a second or third display. Essentially you get a large phone for regular use, some neat features, and a small tablet for alternative use.

....BUT! The display is exposed on the outside, which means it needs to be made of a material that is as durable as current displays, with the ability to be bent in the middle. If it is the case that we currently don't have that material/technology, then that's that. We will merely have to be patient, and wait until the time when that tech is properly developed. I as a consumer would not like to participate in an expensive and paid Beta trial for any company.

  • K

Duck of death, 16 Dec 2021The Fold3 is water resistant to 1.5 metres. It has Wacom pe... moreBy more advanced I meant low/no gap between the two halfs and a virtually invisible crease. Advanced engineering.

Sure the fold 3 is water resistant but that still wont help save it from this as most people will look at the price and how easy or hard it will be to hold/use in the hand, when making a purchase decision.

I an talking about the fold not the flip.

This Oppo Find N looks interesting but the Huawei P50 Pocket does not.

Oppo nailed it with the book-type foldable. Huawei didn't it with the clamshell.

Foldable phones are gimmicky, period.

  • Anonymous

Yeah, the lack of ANY ingress protection rating is a huge red flag for me. And before any of you say "they skipped the IP rating to save on the costs", that's a bullcrap mainly created by OnePlus, the truth is that even sub-100$ chinese ruged phones have IP rating so the cost increase would be negligible.

The problem is that it will sell like hot cakes today but people will only start experiencing the issues 1 or 2 years from now...

  • Anonymous

The night shots are pretty bad, with blown highlights and crushed dark areas. White balance is off, too.